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  1. fishman added a post in a topic Caravan Vs another HGV   

    I must have missed something, In the clip I saw the car ran into the wagon! I would bet a lifes saving that the SIDE of the wagon shows damage from the car and van, The wagon driver did not have a chance to press his side shift booster button, I can't help wondering what the difference in comments would have been if, instead of a wagon it had been say a young mother with a car full of kids?
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  2. fishman added a post in a topic Caravan Vs another HGV   

    TOTALY idiot in caravan! Makes my blood boil how often people have this I have the right to be at the front of the que attitude, the caravan er should have been in the LH lane at least a mile before junction. There must be half a dozen signs, There are white lines, There is slow traffic, But still he demands the right to be in front, Got just what he asked for, If I had been in wagon I would have dropped a gear or two and shoved him down to hard shoulder to keep road clear, I am afraid in this day and age if we let EVERY idiot like that in we would spend all our time parked, I do use my manners as much as poss but often wonder how these people carry on in say supermarkets or fish shops do they simply push to the front of the que ??? Why is it any difference in a car, Maybe it's because it's not face to face, But it is certainly ignorance at its worst.
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  3. fishman added a post in a topic Slight instability at speed , any suggestions   

    I have seen worse matches!
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  4. fishman added a post in a topic For life Garmin updates...can't do!   

    Mine downloads direct to satnav, So nothing mentioned about OS, But now I think about it I did have to download Garmin comunicator ??
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  5. fishman added a post in a topic For life Garmin updates...can't do!   

    I would have thought it was poss to update device on anyone's computer if you have an account and password, ??? I update mine without app just by going to
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  6. fishman added a post in a topic Maurice says thanks   

    Really sorry to hear that Maurice, As you say forums become a place for good friends to meet, Often not met or personal but nevertheless GOOD friends and always ready to help even if it's only a soothing comment, I too suffer from ill health and find it so hard to suffer the ups and downs, I have just about got up and about again after four weeks in bed and am looking forward to returning to my caravan, I can only say this ----- I know it's not easy but it is far better to be upbeat about illness as giving it too much thought only drags you down further! My own help consists of making goals however simple , Getting back to van, Taking dog for walk, mowing lawn, or any menial event, I then try to concentrate on nothing but this aim, Once achieved it is on to next! Last visit to my consultant he tried to explain my situation by drawing something like a dinosaurs back going downhill with steps on it, He explained the steps as symptoms and said as it got lower down the steps would get nearer together, However I instantly found a miracle cure, By simply turning the page 180*deg all the steps go uphill getting easier! It's all how you look at it mate, And ALWAYS remember there are many more worse off, Take care and best wishes.
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  7. fishman added an answer to a question Thetford fridge door.   

    I would think if you can remove panel and take it to any decent car body repair shop they would be able to re paint in any colour. Prob a lot cheaper than new,
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  8. fishman added an answer to a question Looking for new window luner ariva 2004   

    Have you looked in to having it tinted ??? Not too difficult or expensive, As to replacing there are probably loads of vans with same size window, The tinted bit might prove difficult. There is a company in Halifax called EEC ( exhaust ejector company) or something like that that will make to order, Although a long time since I dealt with them.
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  9. fishman added a post in a topic Touareg First Tow   

    Might be worth noting some of the wide Hobby vans are still not legal to tow with normal vehicle because of length.
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  10. fishman added an answer to a question Oversealing?   

    If it's REALLY grotty get a piece of plastic and sharpen an edge about an inch wide, leave yourself a bit to hold on to,, ( old plastic number plate great) using this carefully scrape along edge of strip removing the old squeezed out mastic, Wipe clean with white spirit, If not to bad try a nail brush and white spirit without scraping old mastic, It can be well worth while to pull out center infill strip and give all screws a little nip, Wash removed infill in VERY hot water and washing up liquid, Re fitt while soft, Your home made scraper will help again tucking it in!
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  11. fishman added an answer to a question Caravan Reseal Project   

    For seized screws sometimes it is not worth all the hassle of drilling the heads Etc, You also need to be very carefull not to kink the strip.Ebay or a car bodyshop supplier sell spot weld removal drills, They have a spring loaded pointed center pin, and an outer cutter circular bit, locate the sprung point in the center of screw head and it will cut the alluminium trim round the head of screw very neatly, When re fitting strips simply re drill and screw just to one side, I never nip the screws tight for a week or two, This avoids just squeezing all your new mastic out, Leave it to dry a while then just a gentle nip, maybe after say a year go round them again.I used to use a lot of double sided adhesive sponge tape, Availlable at commercial vehicle body builders, this can be stuck along the strip (using width to match) then as you go along re fitting stip peel other paper off and stick stip on, re fit screws, This is better than mastic in many cases as it will move a little and lasts for years, Many alluminium vehicle body's are built with this method,
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  12. fishman added an answer to a question Oversealing?   

    Bodging of the first order, Channeling ??? How on earth can that be done without damaging the paint under the trim?? The cover strips don't seal much at the edges and rely more on a good bed of sealant over the whole width of the strip, If the old sealer has dried wich is usuall then it will leak, The strips move with heat and cold , I can't see how doing a little each side once in the sun and dry will last a season.
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  13. fishman added a post in a topic Jeep Cherokees & Grand Cherokee recalls   

    My point exactly, Long gone are the days of tracing owners and being informed, If you don't say use main dealer servicing or buy s/h you Probably would not hear of them, And some manufacturers are better than other about keeping them quiet, VOSA or whatever they may be called today! Or ministry or whatever you would like to call them are the last people on gods earth to be having anything to do with vehicle safety they have the knowledge of a peanut between them, Over the years I have had many battles with so called officers! Who did not have a clue what they were talking about, Including a big court case involving a coach braking system I designed and fitted, Their so called expert admitted he was really previously a plumber ??? another issued a HGV a GV9 ( immediate ban from use ) because he did not know if a king pin thrust should be fitted at top or bottom of pin! Or how about a test failure for an upside down split pin, ( in a spinning prop shaft) Most manufacturers just announce them VERY quietly. In the case of the cherokee the recall was on the go at least twenty years ago. The post above gives an excellent link to check for recalls (there are many) and probably every car ever made has dozens of modifications no one has heard of.
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  14. fishman added a post in a topic Jeep Cherokees & Grand Cherokee recalls   

    This has been going years, I remember same thing in the Nineties but think that was California, Rules are bought out after vehicles are built and MANY vehicles fail to meet them some public some not, How many remember all the Range Rovers rolling over! Hillman imps lifting up at the front, British Leyland princess with a dozen tries at getting front suspension right, Corvette instability problems, Mercedes A class rolling over, As has been said there are hundreds of thousands of cars on the road with rear or plastic fuel tanks, But don't get a mention, There are thousands of recalls we never hear of far more serious.
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  15. fishman added an answer to a question Fleetwood Garland Paintwork   

    Try and find an easilly removable bit of your van Example toilet cassette door, Take this to a GOOD car bodyshop supplier, They will mix you a colour to match, Most will fill an aerosol for you,
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