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  1. John Wr added a post in a topic Some new ideas needed   

    Definitely worth joining English Heritage.
    As far as walks are concerned maybe look up the Local Authority websites. A Google of "ERYC walks" takes you to my LA site, not necessarily guided walks, but most do include a map.
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  2. John Wr added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    Easier for me to spend a few €'s for a windscreen sticker and have the knowledge I can drive into any city in France, just as an Umwelt Plaquette allows the same in Germany (vehicle emissions permitting of course).
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  3. John Wr added a post in a topic White knuckle trips   

    Driving a hired US motorhome out of Yosemite park over a 6000 ft pass on a slush covered road. Driving uphill on the M&S tyres wasn't so bad, going downhill just wished I could have been somewhere else.
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  4. John Wr added a post in a topic Pompeii, Sorrento and Rome   

    Hi mattandkirsty.
    We camped at Spartacus 4 years ago. It's not the most wonderful site, but the staff are very welcoming and its situation across the road from the entrance to the Pompeii ruins does allow you to visit in the morning as soon as they open and before a multitude of coach visitors arrive. It's also only a few yards walk to the train station to take you to Herculaneum, which is in the direction of Napoli, and as the site is more complete we think it allows you a better experience of life in Roman times.  
    We also caught the train to travel in the opposite direction to Sorrento.  
    When we drove south to Pompeii on the Autostrada, there were kms of roadworks and reconstruction taking place near Napoli and with narrow lanes in places the driving was not a pleasant experience, but that was 4 years ago. 
    If you go to the area, do visit the Grecian ruins at Paestum to the south of Salerno. There is an excellent museum of pottery and other artefacts and the temple ruins are simply stunning.
    We found the DK Eyewitness Guide to "Naples and the Amalfi coast" to be very useful.
    Do ask if you need any more help.
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  5. John Wr added a post in a topic DSG experiences sought   

    Do you have a parking brake lever to pull, or is it electronic? If the latter, get the hang of it before you tow. Friends of mine with a Tiguan and electronic p. b. had the car roll back onto the caravan hitch at their first disconnect.

    The handbook for my Audi says to disable stop/start when towing.

    Happy towing.

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  6. John Wr added a post in a topic DSG experiences sought   

    No problems towing with my Audi A6 3.0 litre Tdi Quattro S tronic 7 speed (DSG).

    I changed my car car last year from an A6 with a 6 speed torque converter automatic. To me the DSG gearbox is equally an automatic, because if you put it into Drive and accelerate it changes gear automatically, it's just different in the drive train to a torque converter drive set-up. On the road it is very stable in keeping in the same gear and tows well in 7th gear. If you can it is worth having paddles on the steering wheel, to over-ride the automatic should you wish. The system will return to automatic within a minute or so unless you continue to use the paddles for other gear changes. Sport mode on mine holds onto to gear changes for longer and cuts out the use of 7th gear. I very rarely use it when towing. My fuel consumption figures for the two cars are not comparable, as my previous car had a petrol engine, but with this car I tow a 1500 kg caravan and get about 27 mpg.

    I wouldn't often mention the Caravan Club magazine, but in the current issue there is a test of the latest Passat with 4 Motion and DSG gearbox. The tester was highly impressed with the gearbox and its 2 litre twin turbo engine has about the same output figures as my 3.0 litre.

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  7. John Wr added a post in a topic Ferry and Tunnel prices   

    If you are a member of one of the clubs or booking through Alan Rogers, it is worth asking about the cost of the ferry along with some accommodation, either at a campsite, for Camping Cheques or in some cases the purchase of ACSI Camping Card books. In these cases you are seen as purchasing a "package holiday" and this may result in cheaper ferry charges.

    I live in East Yorkshire and my default crossing to the continent is from Hull to the Netherlands or Belgium and there has always been some benefit from buying a "package", but I have no experience of short sea crossings.

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  8. John Wr added an answer to a question 1995 Conway Cruiser folding camper - canvas - proper cotton or synthet   

    We had a Conway Cardinal folding camper from 1992 to 2000 and as far as I can remember the canvas was made by Cabanon in France. I was always under the impression it was cotton. In the time we owned it I cannot remember re-proofing it, but I always carried some Nikwax TX 10, which you could apply to wet canvas, in case we did have any leaks.

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  9. John Wr added a post in a topic Windows 8   

    I had to buy a new laptop which came with Windows 8 and just found out my 6 year old Canon scanner will not work with Windows 8 and Canon are not upgrading the drivers for this machine to work with Windows 8. Canon's explanation is a "commercial decision". I am making a commercial decision not to buy any product with the name Canon on it, if at all possible.

    Question, will more drivers be made out of date with Windows 9?

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  10. John Wr added an answer to a question Weight of Motor mover   

    A Truma SE has a quoted weight of approx 33kg.

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  11. John Wr added a post in a topic Zone Bleu   

    Something similar has been in use in Scarborough for many years.


    Will carry on looking for a picture of a disc clock.

    Obviously not many people on here have been to Italy, as I got a parking ticket in Riva del Garda in 1989 for not using one in a Blue Disc Zone.

    I've always used my Scarborough one in any Zone Bleu parking area or similar, but maybe will look for a French one now with the info in this thread.

    Here's a link to the disc for Ambleside.

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  12. John Wr added a post in a topic Modified and pure sine wave inverters   

    I have a 350w Sterling inverter in my caravan which can supply mains through the consumer unit. To my knowledge it has a modified sine wave, but I have never had any issues with charging phones, laptops, ipads and use with a Panasonic mains TV, Humax Freesat box and Sony Bluray player. Maybe I am lucky.

    Quote from Sterling " Quasisinewave output satisfies the needs of all but the most sophisticated appliance".

    See here for info

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  13. John Wr added a post in a topic Which Movies are you looking for in 2014?   

    GG it's not really in your neck of the woods, but the City Screen in York has just been fully refurbished and has some of the most comfortable cinema seats I have sat in. Lots of leg room as well.

    For anyone at CC Rowntree Park the City Screen is in the city centre and an easy walk from the site.

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  14. John Wr added a post in a topic Which Movies are you looking for in 2014?   

    Don't know about movies coming up, but I would thoroughly recommend Captain Phillips as a must see movie.

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  15. John Wr added a post in a topic Summer 2014, is it with the caravan?   

    Croatia with the caravan.

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