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  1. GaryB added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Truly speechless, so sorry to hear this
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  2. GaryB added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Thanks, I never did get on with the Alde heating in the two years we had that caravan!  It is a good system but confused me no end.........
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  3. GaryB added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    I've just had a look and it doesn't appear to get caught, if anything it sticks out a bit at the top.

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  4. GaryB added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    It is basically a parking fee disguised as an entrance fee to the village, £7.50 each for adults and £4.50 for children, but as there's nowhere else to park you have no choice.
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  5. GaryB added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Blown air heating does/can give problems warming the back of a long caravan.  We had a 2014 Swift Challenger 586 with a rear bedroom/fixed bunks and it was like a fridge in there.  That model didn't have (and you weren't supposed to install) butterfly valves to allow you to reduce the air flow from the front and force it to the back.  The pipe also ran underneath the caravan towards the rear, I lagged this with waterproof insulation which helped, but only marginally.
    In 2016 we swapped it for a new Swift Challenger 580 with the Alde wet heating system.  Now that was good, giving an even heat throughout the caravan BUT if you put the water on as well as the heating when arriving on site it would prioritise the water so no heating until the water was warm.  The fluid also needs changing at 2 years old (not cheap) and I always found the system a bit temperamental, sometimes it seemed to take a while to come on.  Once working it was great, but I just didn't get on with it.
    This year we bought a new Sprite Quattro EB with blown air heating so back to the problem of not much heat to the rear bedroom, BUT this system now does have butterfly valves at the front, allowing you to reduce the output at the front and force it to the rear.  It still isn't brilliant, but I still have yet to lag the pipe as it runs under the caravan with insulation.  We'll be away third week of October so it'll get a good test then. 
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  6. GaryB added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    I'm a bit late to this thread, BUT we did 8 nights in Cornwall (Wooda in Bude) late July and 6 nights at Daleacres CC site two weeks after Bude and I feel like someones helped themselves to everything that was in my account!  We noticed that everywhere we went we (or more often than not, I) were putting hands into pockets to pay for something.  I know some of it hinges around trying to keep a perpetually bored teenager entertained, but having holidayed in the UK exclusively for 20 years, this year just seems to have been more expensive than ever before?  Entrance fees to any attractions are often £20-odd for an adult, we went to Clovelly on July and after paying my entrance fee I expected to be handed the deeds to one of the houses.  Even a pub lunch now seems to be the same cost as a previous evening meal.........
    With a phobia of foreign travel it's unlikely I'll ever take the caravan abroad, but I do look at some lovely sites in France that are extremely tempting financially!  
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  7. GaryB added a post in a topic EASTER   

    Manuals are for swatting flies and resting cups of tea on while you sit there trying to fathom out how to sort a problem out (that will be described in the manual!).
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  8. GaryB added a post in a topic Sad Sight   

    For the last 14 years I've driven from Leicestershire to Witham, essex (M1, A14, M11, A120) and back weekly, in that time I've seen one caravan accident (Land Rover Freelander with a single axle Swift).  I was only talking to someone at work that a few years back it seemed as though every summer you'd see at least one accident, now, covering around 20,000 miles a year I see very few?  We wondered whether it was improved caravan stability or just a fluke?
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  9. GaryB added a post in a topic Tables in awnings   

    We have a small foldable one (for cups of coffee) about 12” x 24” that we always use. We only use the large table if we’re eating outside otherwise it just gets used by my daughter to put things onto rather than put them away!
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  10. GaryB added a post in a topic Where do you like to pitch ?   

    With some of the pitches being quite cramped I just look for one with the easiest access!  I've never considered where the sun is etc but often wished I had after a couple of days.  I also don't like pitching under trees simply because of the mess that any birds in it make on the awning and the dripping of rain off them onto the caravan roof.  Again, there has been times where I've not noticed how close we've been to a tree until it's been too late.................
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  11. GaryB added a post in a topic EASTER   

    I thought it might be, the damage looked severe. I hope they cough up the money quickly so you can at least start to look for a replacement.
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  12. GaryB added a post in a topic CMC rolling 12 month booking   

    My car is useless in the snow on its own, never mind with a caravan on the back!
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  13. GaryB added a post in a topic CMC rolling 12 month booking   

    Give me chance to catch up, I still haven’t put the clock in my car an hour forward yet! 
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  14. GaryB added a post in a topic CMC rolling 12 month booking   

    Correction, Chatsworth is closed for a refurb
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  15. GaryB added a post in a topic CMC rolling 12 month booking   

    .........just tried to book Chatsworth or Castleton for next Easter & they're booked up already!
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