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  1. Ocsid added a post in a topic GVW   

    Unless I am mistaken, the chassis maker's plate is what everything will be judged by during any roadside check.
    The V5 could be useful "evidence" in getting it replated.
    Could be interesting what the insurers think they are insuring, particularly so if facing a claim and running over the plated weight?
    With few exceptions I believe the vehicle chassis maker is the only one able to issue a new chassis plate, so Renault could still be the supplier of the new plate, even post the chassis leaving their factory. So the HM maker could have got the new plate to market it as a 3500 kg MH, or a previous owner could have ordered it themselves.
    But presently IMO from the figures provided you are running just a 3500 kgs MH, ( with a 2000 kgs towing limit), albeit one that could be up rated back to 3850 kgs.
    What were you sold by the dealer, that could be your route to getting it back to 3850 kgs if that is what they sold.
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  2. Ocsid added a post in a topic ELECTRIC BIKES IN FRANCE AND SPAIN   

    A 125 cc Scooter!   On your GVW thread it looks if that will not be going with you, even if you get the MH replated to 3850 KGs.
    Assuming the scooter is going on the back rather than in the middle of the MH, ie forward of the rear axle, that axle is not going to take the load. Unless of course a great deal is coming out from the figures you quoted.
    The MH's rear overhang means a lot more than the scooters  + racks weight will be acting onto the rear axle; levers and all that multiply weights seen by the rear axle, And even without the multiplier effect there is only a 80 kg margin now.
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  3. Ocsid added a post in a topic GVW   

    That is correct, you retain the B + E even without a medical, other than self certification to a number of specific questions.
    The post 70 limit unless you do otherwise allows you to drive a vehicle up to 3500 kgs, and if you previously had B + E tow whatever that can vehicle can tow. So us caravanners have no real issue in ageing, however MHers may well want to drive a vehicle over 3500 kgs, there post 70 they need to pass the medical to retain the appropriate licence.
    The OPs MH might well be a vehicle capable of being rated at 3850 kgs, but I suspect a previous owner had to have it downplated to 3500 kgs because they for whatever reason had not the C1 licence. This is very common, but often puts immense challenges on the owner keeping within that 3500 kgs in a vehicle designed for 350 kgs more. Three hundred and fifty off the originally intended payload is a huge amount requiring a lot of discipline and a light weight partner for those lucky enough to travel with company, as they are "payload".
    It will not be legal over 3500 kgs till officially replated.
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  4. Ocsid added a post in a topic ELECTRIC BIKES IN FRANCE AND SPAIN   

    I believe under EU/British regs you still can have the throttle function if that is limited to 6 kph, for that very task of getting moving before the pedlec feature is used.
    So, is your throttle just that or a full throttle? Post 2016 it should never have been retailed as a pedlec if fitted with a full throttle.
    Ours, a 2015 is even by today's regs fully legal with no throttle at all and I have never had or even thought of issues using it in France, though have a lot.
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  5. Ocsid added a post in a topic French toll roads   

    I doubt they will worry, know or think about the weight aspect, IMO for motorhomes it is all focused on what the height sensors detect.
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  6. Ocsid added a post in a topic French toll roads   

    I think the issue they will concentrate on is the height, pity it is 90 mm over the trigger point. I believe it is the basic height they use, allowing a bit of extra if things like aerials.
    See this, it is in French but reasonably understandable:
    https://www.autoroutes.fr/FCKeditor/UserFiles/File/ASFA CLASSE VEHICULE BD.pdf
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  7. Ocsid added a post in a topic New-look Club magazines from January   

    Well as ralliers for all our 40 plus years membership we personally will keep ourselves infomed but I have grave concerns that element of the club's activities will slip even further off the radar of new members, so never be a camping option that crosses their minds. 
    The ramifications being the demise of new blood rallying, something even now without moving to push Out & About well out of sight is a problem enough.
    I doubt it will impact us, we will carry on till we fall off the perch but as a camping option that was the very root of the club's formation, that will go and with it the opportunity for a budget family break with like minded members. I feel that will be a shame though seems to reflect the trend of minimal direct physical social involvement we see over a wide field of things, replaced by any social interaction requiring being glued to a screen.
    All that said the magazine has huge potential to improve over the near comic 20 minute read that leaves you unable to recall reading anything worth remembering. As other say, so superficial reviews, far from worthy of a "club" just an extension of an advert deliberately avoiding criticism, no doubt not to upset their true paymasters. Now if that changed for the better I would be really impressed, but hold out zero expectations.
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  8. Ocsid added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    There could well be a link between all those aspects!
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  9. Ocsid added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    As it would be a "modification" that you would be obligated to advise your vehicle insurer about, before going the DIY route I would speak with them first. The legal twists and the incredible compensation and litigation costs faced could be " life changing", should any third party get injured and your insurer looks to you to meet their costs. And cruise control at the very heart of the functions of the vehicle is far more likely to be an issue here than say fitting a bit of bling trim. Do Anderson offer any documentation certifying their work?
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  10. Ocsid added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    So very sorry, desperately sad news.
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  11. Ocsid added a post in a topic Elddis new owners,again!   

    Would that be possible ?????
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  12. Ocsid added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    We came back from France last week and certainly agree the caravanning/MHomeing Brits are thinner on the ground than ever, and the Dutch all but gone. Pitch occupancy must have typically been way below 10%, probably near 5%.
    The future of French campsites must be fragile unless things can be completely recovered in the school holidays.
    Another looming issue is the cost of diesel. In the past it was sufficiently below UK prices to help off set the amount needed for the long hauls involved. Now, we have to consider if holidaying there really is worthwhile.
    Finally, the adoption of a 80 kmh speed limit on unrestricted single lane roads replacing 90 kmh brings its own issues. I feel it is going to be counter productive in reducing the fatalities as it is so frustrating and tedious that the hot heads are going to be taking greater risks to overtake the bunching. Legally you simply can't go fast enough to cleanly overtake a slow accelerating vehicle; it was a pain in the butt towing.
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  13. Ocsid added a post in a topic Stabiliser on an old Avondale   

    That it absolutely will not do.
    It will lower the amplitude of minor sways and even "hide" the first hints of snaking, but it will not prevent or even minimise a full blown snake.
    They just make towing more relaxing as they "damp" the harmless minor sways  and pitching that are inevitable when towing a trailer.
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  14. Ocsid added a post in a topic Stabiliser on an old Avondale   

    Despite what the name might infer these so called "stabilisers" are actually only friction dampers and do not "stabilise".
    They most certainly because they damp the twitching, lower the driving fatigue and comfort but they don't stop or modify the natural frequency to a snake; some including me take the view they can mask the initial hints allowing a situation to develop holding enough energy for things to go wrong quickly.
    I use the modern one integrated in the hitch as that is what the van was sold with, and I like the way the van "rides"; however I have towed other vans and trailers countess thousands of mile without them and been aware of their twitches. In a away for me a welcomed reminder to be aware. So not having one really makes no difference other than ride comfort, if the situation becomes right for instability they are no help at all.
    On the other hand the active systems like ATC are very effective, if crudely executed true stabalisers.
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  15. Ocsid added a post in a topic Tables in awnings   

    Have a decent sized but quite lite table we can dine from and store it under the fixed double bed, accessed via an external locker.
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