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  1. Ocsid added a post in a topic Winter booking fee   

    Yes, come across this. It is actually not a booking fee as such, but a "penalty fee" which they put on bookings where the ferry element is not included.  If they don't get their cut automatically from the ferry fee, they then tag it on anyway.
    Runs somewhat counter to their trading as the "Friendly Club", where neither the "friendly" or "club" bits so leaving little else, seem to be applicable?
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  2. Ocsid added a post in a topic INVERTER/MICROWAVE   

    I doubt Monty you are going to be overwhelmed by responses from actual users. Not impossible, but!
    Most contributors with a technical background, would not try, nor could they carry with most of our payloads the amount of AH in LA battery capacity needed to avoid the abuse.
    I think it's best done with lithium battery technology, if at all, and some whacking big spare bank balance.
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  3. Ocsid added a post in a topic Wouldn't want this is front of you   

    Andy, believe me "our" chassis are far from adequate for the UKs roads. Whilst the nation's pothole infrastructure that we are going big time developing is not yet quite as well developed as I found in Kenya for example, we are getting it there.
    From experience they are okay for their country of origin Germany, and a couple of its near neighbours, however, it's so often knocked out of kilter here over our side of the channel.
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  4. Ocsid added a post in a topic Wouldn't want this is front of you   

    Met something similar travelling in France when unfortunately we came on  a CC rally going between sites, just had some towcar interposed at every link!
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  5. Ocsid added a post in a topic Windows 7 EOL date announced.   

    The shutdown function should work as soon as we dawn that all is not well, and even if not 6 seconds on the off switch will sort it.
    Or leave it in the automatic off and set Google to remind you to do a manual update search every fortnight?
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  6. Ocsid added a post in a topic Windows 7 EOL date announced.   

    Easily addressed; settings > updates > advanced > then toggle automatic updates to off, for whilst you are away.
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  7. Ocsid added a post in a topic Windows 7 EOL date announced.   

    I have found this with machines running low spec processors like Atoms etc with 1 or 2 GB of memory and typically 32 bit system; they really are struggling as 10 develops.
    Instead of junking these obsolete computers I have with mine and two friends opted these machines out of Windows completely and changed to a simpler version of Linux, one suitable for 32 bit systems. The one I use is version 16 of Ubuntu Mate, the last  incarnation they have for a 32 bit version.
    Linux is not Windows and requires a bit of mental adapting, unfortunately that is one of the challenges some Win 7 users have for not  changing to Win 10. However, for the limited task they and many more actually need a computer for, these new skills have proved quite easy to learn.
    Getting there from Windows is a tad technical, but with a bit of help I suspect not too challenging and it is well documented on the internet. Typically it is initiated via a USB stick drive one creates on any Windows machine, and the Ubuntu -Mate can be run from the stick before or instead of committing to change the computer's operating system finally over to it. If in doubt get one of the more computer savvy friends or kids to create you a USB stick with this free operating system and set your old computer up to "boot" from the USB stick; try it and see if it is for you, but give yourself a chance to familiarise with its easy but slightly different operation.
    Certainly it gives these old machines not up to coping with Win 10's development a new lease of life, for the more routine tasks many of us need.
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  8. Ocsid added a post in a topic Windows 7 EOL date announced.   

    That is sure to upset several of my friends who resisted the free update to Win 10 or too readily changed back to 7 because 10 kept updating; which of course was the plan with 10 to keep users updated and by so protected.
    That said, 7 I always felt was the most user friendly, offering they ever had.
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  9. Ocsid added a post in a topic MOTORHOME SECURITY   

    First, I am so sorry to be sitting here reading this, it is not as if you haven't had much more than your quota of misfortune, hope you break out of that ASAP.
    Have you got a TPMS?
    If a caravan, these are IMO a very big asset as even picking up a small, slow puncture will lead to tyre failure  with a pseudo "blow out" long before you have any hint of it. Without some warning punctured caravan tyres are wrecked by overheating long before we are aware they are being so distressed and damaged, and as said way before they finally give up big style.
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  10. Ocsid added a post in a topic MOTORHOME SECURITY   

    A little researching Monty's earlier threads  does indicate  post  the sad loss of his wife, he is venturing off down the motor home route, great.
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  11. Ocsid added a post in a topic MOTORHOME SECURITY   

    Oh sorry, I was just basing my response on the subject of the thread, "Motorhome Security".
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  12. Ocsid added a post in a topic MOTORHOME SECURITY   


    Sadly if this means solo "camping" on route then IMO you are  making yourself just the target they are on the look out for, the more so as you are yourself solo. Use those Aries, the ones specifically for MH stopovers.
    Spend a few quid on an Aries guide and then a modicum of time planning for each upcoming night as the journey develops, that still offers some exploring but at reduced risk.
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  13. Ocsid added a post in a topic GVW   

    Unless I am mistaken, the chassis maker's plate is what everything will be judged by during any roadside check.
    The V5 could be useful "evidence" in getting it replated.
    Could be interesting what the insurers think they are insuring, particularly so if facing a claim and running over the plated weight?
    With few exceptions I believe the vehicle chassis maker is the only one able to issue a new chassis plate, so Renault could still be the supplier of the new plate, even post the chassis leaving their factory. So the HM maker could have got the new plate to market it as a 3500 kg MH, or a previous owner could have ordered it themselves.
    But presently IMO from the figures provided you are running just a 3500 kgs MH, ( with a 2000 kgs towing limit), albeit one that could be up rated back to 3850 kgs.
    What were you sold by the dealer, that could be your route to getting it back to 3850 kgs if that is what they sold.
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  14. Ocsid added a post in a topic ELECTRIC BIKES IN FRANCE AND SPAIN   

    A 125 cc Scooter!   On your GVW thread it looks if that will not be going with you, even if you get the MH replated to 3850 KGs.
    Assuming the scooter is going on the back rather than in the middle of the MH, ie forward of the rear axle, that axle is not going to take the load. Unless of course a great deal is coming out from the figures you quoted.
    The MH's rear overhang means a lot more than the scooters  + racks weight will be acting onto the rear axle; levers and all that multiply weights seen by the rear axle, And even without the multiplier effect there is only a 80 kg margin now.
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  15. Ocsid added a post in a topic GVW   

    That is correct, you retain the B + E even without a medical, other than self certification to a number of specific questions.
    The post 70 limit unless you do otherwise allows you to drive a vehicle up to 3500 kgs, and if you previously had B + E tow whatever that can vehicle can tow. So us caravanners have no real issue in ageing, however MHers may well want to drive a vehicle over 3500 kgs, there post 70 they need to pass the medical to retain the appropriate licence.
    The OPs MH might well be a vehicle capable of being rated at 3850 kgs, but I suspect a previous owner had to have it downplated to 3500 kgs because they for whatever reason had not the C1 licence. This is very common, but often puts immense challenges on the owner keeping within that 3500 kgs in a vehicle designed for 350 kgs more. Three hundred and fifty off the originally intended payload is a huge amount requiring a lot of discipline and a light weight partner for those lucky enough to travel with company, as they are "payload".
    It will not be legal over 3500 kgs till officially replated.
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