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  1. ebod added a post in a topic Mazda CX5 2.2 AWD-175 - Max van MTPLM   

    Thanks all, I have to agree with the majority. I'd be interested to actually put the car on a weighbridge to find out what it actually does weigh. For example the figures say it can supposedly do 650miles to a tank when in reality its never done better than 450miles.  With figures so wild of the truth, I wonder whether it actually weighs a lot more than the book weight.
    There does appear to be a disparity with newer cars as they are forced to be getting lighter to meet emissions standards, but the vans aren't getting any lighter.  My CX5 is a daily and does 20k+miles per annum, so I can ill afford a heavier car just for infrequent tows.
    I wouldn't mind knowing if there's a respectably priced tourer rental firm ( in NW England ) as I'd love a dabble at vanning again.

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  2. ebod added a topic in Tow Cars   

    Mazda CX5 2.2 AWD-175 - Max van MTPLM
    Purely a dreamers question at the moment. I'd consider myself a fairly experienced tower as for a ~7yr period I've towed twin axles all over the UK and few time to western France.
    The t/a vans I've had were a Crusader Storm 98 and two Swift Charisma 6 berths @2008'ish. Cars were a heavy 2001 KIA Sedona 2.9CDRI @2.1ton and a Ford Smax 2.0TDCI-140 @1.75ton. The car-van combo's were pretty safe as the weight margin was good.
    I've now have a Mazda CX5 175hp AWD which has bags of power and my 1st AWD car. It's Parkers guide info says braked tow limit is 2000kG. Clearly it has the power and AWD helps, but only having a kerb weight of ~1530kg makes me cringe when I see a publish tow limit of 2000kg.
    I just wondered what peoples thoughts were on a max recommended van weight. I'd love another t/a, but not putting life & limb in jeopardy. I would load the car to the max to ensure I got the biggest van poss.
    So...recommendations please on a sensible MTPLM ( or MIRO ) to aim for. 
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  3. ebod added an answer to a question 12s to 13pin conversion advice please.   

    Thanks chaps, I'll study the pdf closely. Actually tonight I doorstepped a local towbar specialist just outside Littleborough called MDS  ( http://www.towbar-uk.co.uk/ ) . He sorted my jammed Witter detachable mechanism and talked me through the 12S. I did have it slightly wrong as effectively 12s pins 2  & 6 are the same, so either terminate one or alternatively feed both into EU10. What I got wrong was that 12S-4 goes into EU-9.
    When I get round to it this weekend, I at least know if I come unstuck, that I'm 10mins away from an expert :-)
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  4. ebod added a question in Workshop   

    12s to 13pin conversion advice please.
    Hi, ...its been ages since posting on T&T, my caravan life ended with a combination of  austerity , kids growing up & wife loosing interest ( probably the latter being the biggest factor :-/ )

    ..anyways after caravanning, I did build up a trailer full of camping gear which we have used a few times over the last few years.   The trailer was wired with 13pin and I terminated some of the aux wires to terminal block inside the trailer with a longer term view to have a battery box etc ( box never finished that project... )
    My trusty S-Max had 13pin , but I traded that last year for a Mazda CX-5 which has a Witter detachable unit and oldskool 12N/12S plugs.
    I've just bought a new Euro 13pin socket with a twin cable gland to allow the 12N/12S wires through. So I'm readying myself to do the swap.
    I'm fairly comfortable with 12N wires, though I welcome correction on the following :-
    12N1 > EU1 , 12N2 > EU2 , 12N3 > EU3 , 12N4 > EU4 , 12N5 > EU5 , 12N6 > EU6 , 12N7 > EU7
    I'm less comfortable with 12S wires though, some are quite confusing for me. Below I'll put the ones I 'think' I'm sure on... :-
    12S1 > EU8 , 12S2 > EU9 , 12S3 > EU13? , 12S4 > EUdunno? , 12S5 > EUdunno? , 12S6 > EU10 , 12S7 > EU11?
    So I'm stuck on where to put 12S5 brown , 12S4 green and whether I've got the earths right way round for permanent & switched supplies.
    I've took the trailer to Shell Island in Wales and Weston Super Mare using the old car and it was fine. I'm going to Delft in the Netherlands first half of August so I really need to get this sorted asap. So can anyone give me any point-to-point advice for the 12S lines so I don't melt my car wiring...
    Once that's sorted, I then need to quicklt move on to sussing out why my Witter detachable towbat isn't fully engaging :-/    ( all this agro is probably why the wife moved onto taking the easy life and getting jet2 hols LOL )

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  5. ebod added a post in a topic France : Pay & Go mobile data for 3wks   

    Looks like just the ticket. I'll bookmark the link and save it til July just before I set off.

    Thanks :-)
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  6. ebod added a post in a topic France : Pay & Go mobile data for 3wks   

    I've found this orange.fr tariff which infers 300mb mobile data for €30 / 1month validity


    Cards seem to be available on fleabay.fr
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  7. ebod added a post in a topic France : Pay & Go mobile data for 3wks   

    Thanks so far, very disppointing that France has not progressed on the mobile data front. I'm aware of the usual wifi hunting tricks and I know at least one of my boltholes ( Camp du Pylone ) does have a free wifi area in the entrance ( which we previously christened 'saddo's corner' LOL ).

    This was more in relation to mobile data for use while on the long drive. Actually three of us do have Orange contacts....so maybe there is a chance to do some kind of temporary upgrade. ( but in all honesty I thought that a pre-pay 3G sim was going to be my best solution )

    Still glad I checked the T&T page though as I hadn't realised yet another new driving regulation had popped up on the radar ( breathalisers )
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  8. ebod added a topic in Continental Touring   

    France : Pay & Go mobile data for 3wks
    Howdoo all,
    Blimey its been a while since I frequented this little campers' haven :-)

    We're still vanless though we have a trailer cram-packed with camping goodies should the UK weather ever clear for a few days.

    Anyhows, my question relates to another drive down to the French riveria which I'll be doing in July/Aug. In this modern day & age, all my family have mobile smart phones & tablets etc etc. Mobile data isn't the premium resource it once was, so its quite easy for me to drive down to Dover with my andriod phone acting as a wifi access point for the kid's ipads & tablet thingies.
    So instead of doing what traditional normal kids did ( bickering and fighting in the back seat ), the new 'normal' is for kids to sit with their headphones on doing social networking without even acknowleding the existance of a sibling sat adjacent to them for 10hours.

    Therefore ...what I'd like to know is....what cheap mobile data options existing on the Calais side of the channel that could cover us for ~3wks ? I'm sure I've asked the same question years ago, but a lot has changed in the last few years.

    I wouldn't even need a 'device'. I've got an old HTC Wildfire smartphone which is unlocked and could happily take on a French 3G sim card ( though I recall sim cars have shrunk in recent years too...).

    So there we have it , I'd just like to know could I roll up into a Carrefour and purchase a sim or a dongle or any other nugget to allow me a gig of data for my jollies?
    If anyone who has present day experience on these matters can give the necessary guidance, then I'd welcome your input :-)

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  9. ebod added a post in a topic Camping   

    LOL I can't remember the shear amount of times I've seen those little 4x3 Erde tinbox things dancing around at the backs of cars on motorways. This brute I bought will outlast me thats for sure :-)
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  10. ebod added a post in a topic Camping   

    Hi all, I've been away from the T&T forum for while as I opted to sell my T/A last summer.

    But hoping for a fresh start this year with a bit of lux camping. I've picked up a huge 8 berth Tunnel tent and yesterday I've collected a beltin' 6'x4' Ifor Willimas trailer which I'm going to refurb into a camping trailer.

    My intention is to get a 3-way fridge etc and 'almost' be as self-sufficient/comfy as vanning. But I don't get the hit of £450 storage fees & £300 insurance I had with the van.

    Instead of having all the camping gear scattered over the house ( loft/garage ) , the trailer will be neatly pre-packed with all the gear and will reside in my garage ready to hook-up & go at any time.

    The footprint area of my Tent ( Hi-Gear Corado 8 ) is the same as what my T/A van was with the awning up too. http://www.ukcampsit...images/4131.jpg

    I might go back to vanning in the future, but for the moment its a luxury I can't justify the costs for..
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  11. ebod added a post in a topic Not new to the forum.... :-)   

    Tent arrived today..

    ...LOL ...think I'm gonna need a trailer :-)

    At least I can stash a trailer in the garage and have it pre-packed / ready to roll. Now I avoid £700 quid in annual storage and insurance fees that I faced with running the van.
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  12. ebod added a topic in Say hello to members   

    Not new to the forum.... :-)
    Hi all,
    A re-introduction is due.

    My vanning period commenced 2006 but due to belt tightening of finances I took the sad decision to sell up in July this year. The wife & kids wanted two sun soaked weeks abroad without the woes of towing and 'things going wrong', so the van was only getting used for extended bank hol weekends.

    Anyhow...I'm not content with only having my 2wks abroad, so I kept hold of a lot of awning kit and have just procured one of these monsters: http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/tents/userimages/4131.jpg

    I now need a few more bits, such as a used 3-way fridge & a gas heater ( & new porta potti LOL ), then I have to work out whether I need a 2nd hand trailor to stash it all in. All my bad memories of camping were not so much about rain ( which affects any caravan hol ), it was more about those crappy flexible poles that callapse with the slightest gust of wind. And also the lack of space.
    This tent occupies the same ground space that my Swifty did including the awning, and it has rigid alloy poles.
    I'll be doing some selective buying over the winter period and keen to test it all out next Easter ( subject to snow/blizzard conditions..)

    ...and if her indoors snubs it...then I have plenty of mates up for Dads 'n lads weekends :-)

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  13. ebod added a post in a topic Orange mobile in Nice/Antibes   

    is that witch on and off'able ? i.e. text TRAVEL to start and text 'BACKHOME' to stop? i.e. could be done for 2wks or would I have to pay a minimum 1 month's worth?
    .I'll try to make sense of the orange sites to find out more.
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  14. ebod added a post in a topic Lyon <> Nice best route 13th Aug   

    .....hhhmmm, me thinks I'll avoid the desire for a scenic drive and stick the the main autoroute via Valance etc. I'll set off early doors from Dijon ( ~06.00 ) to see if I can get through Lyon by mid morning.

    I'll watch the google maps traffic layer this coming Saturday morning just to see what red & amber roads pop up around Lyon. If this pops up as a red/amber hotspot then I might have a re-think before I go on the 13th.
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  15. ebod added a topic in France   

    Lyon <> Nice best route 13th Aug
    Hi All,
    Just doing some last minute research about my Antibes hol.

    I'm picking up on the fact that Lyon is going to be a nightmare to get round on a Saturday morning, so just looking to know any tricks to get round it with satnav as a safety net.

    And more specifically, I note the google maps wants to point me towards Valance/Avignon and sweep round into Cote d'Azur. Would I be doing myself a favour or a mischief if I tried to go via Grenoble & cross the tops over to Sisteron ( need to add an important fact: This is car only, no van )

    Recommendation pls
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