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  1. Matt A added a post in a topic camp site near llanwrst   

    or within 10 miles or so!
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  2. Matt A added a topic in C.L's and C.S's   

    camp site near llanwrst
    Any advice for a small site with minimal facilitys in this are please?
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  3. Matt A added a post in a topic Cor! those were the days and still going strong   

    Fond memorys of Ingomels, Sutton on sea further up the coast a lot nicer now though!
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  4. Matt A added a post in a topic Liberty - what do you think   

    Sorry, Horsebox for me!
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  5. Matt A added a post in a topic OK So you think you have towing power   

    Go for it!
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  6. Matt A added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Elddis Super Siroco water change over switch
    Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I have an Elddis Super Sirroco 2004. When I turn on my external pump switch, this automatically fills my on board tank out of my aquaroll. When I continue to use my external switch, the tank continues to fill and constantly overflows. If I close the mechanical gate valve to the tank in order to use the aquaroll instead, the pump in the aquaroll runs all the time instead of being controlled by the micrswitches in the taps.I use my external switch because I dont want to use my on board tank. Do I have no choice?? Can I not get water straight from my aquaroll to my taps? Is there an electrical switch somewhere else instaed of just the int/ext switch on the control panel?. The system is microswitch controlled from the taps and not a pressure fed system. Any help much appreciated!
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