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  1. Chapmag added a post in a topic What is the best free computer protection software and where can I dow   

    Been using AVG Free for 6 years now and never a problem.


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  2. Chapmag added an answer to a question Retensioning Flyscreens   

    Hi Mark,

    It's incredibly easy.. or at least it was when I did one last year.

    Remove complete blind from the 'van.

    To do this carefully remove the plastic end plates/corners.

    Once you have access to the blinds and you effectively just rewind some tension into them.

    Replace them back into the 'van. and re fit the plastic ends/corners.

    I was very surprised as to how easy it was.

    Good luck,


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  3. Chapmag added a post in a topic Jack Reacher - Spoiler alert   

    Have a laugh and buy some Tom Sharpe! Especially the Wilt series and Blot on the Landscape...'tho Throwback is good too!!l

    Gregg Hurwitz is also a good read.. but don't start with "The Tower"... if you do you won't read any others of his!!! LOL.

    "Your Next" is his best!

    Back to Lee Childs (Jack Reacher)... Killing Floors is his first and by far his best novel!



    P.S. Noted the the Cussler/Custler reference.

    P.P.S. WRT Dan Brown Angels and Demons is by far his best offering!!!
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  4. Chapmag added a post in a topic St.malo to Dordogne route and overnight   

    Owned by a lovely English couple with three kids who are enjoying French schooling and sports!!!

    We planned to stay one night and stayed 3!!!

    Have a great trip.

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  5. Chapmag added a post in a topic St.malo to Dordogne route and overnight   

    We've stopped at

    on the way to Sarlat.


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  6. Chapmag added a post in a topic Giving up the fixed bed?   

    Won't get into the fixed bed discussion because there's only the two of us and we love our 4 berth side dinette, large rear bathroom, make up the bed layout.

    But on the uncomfortable bed front.. we invert the cushions as previously said and lay out a sleeping bag under the bottom sheet.

    Lovely, roomy, comfortable nights sleep!


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  7. Chapmag added a post in a topic Well that is it, positively for the last time!   

    I know it's me.. but.... even with a full size awning.. caravanning is about managing space.

    And for me... I can't get my head past the fact that the space taken up by a fixed bed is "dead" space for 16 hours a day and when you are using it (for the remaining 8 hours) you are fast asleep and as such it is no better than a made up bed!!

    If a time comes when making up the front double bed is a problem due to health or mobility I may reconsider.. but.. as it stands SWMBO goes into the end bathroom to do what ever lady caravanners do.. and when she emerges the bed is made.. the evening hot drink is ready and all is well with the world.

    Wouldn't change it for all the fixed beds in..... China?????

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  8. Chapmag added a post in a topic gumtree fees   

    Sold and bought a few things on Gumtree.. including selling my old Dad's car last year.

    Never paid a penny in fees... is Gumtree fees a recent thing???

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  9. Chapmag added a post in a topic Did I dream it....   

    Thanks Mark.... thought I hadn't added enough water to my nightcap!!!!! LOL

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  10. Chapmag added a post in a topic Quiet Forum   


    You're repeating yourself!!!! LOL G
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  11. Chapmag added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Did I dream it....
    .. or were there odd goings on this evening and who is Array???

    Confused dot com!!!!

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  12. Chapmag added a post in a topic Kung Hei Fat Choi   

    I'm an old horse, SWMBO is an old goat..... and for once I can say so without getting clobbered!!!

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  13. Chapmag added a post in a topic Wasting resources!   

    Al..... it may help you if you use these...


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  14. Chapmag added a post in a topic Guess what I forgot!   

  15. Chapmag added a post in a topic Guess what I forgot!   

    Leg winder..... only 'cos I did once (leaving it on the lawn at home!!).

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