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  1. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic British couple robbed in France   

    Can you use Camping Cheques in August? As this place is comming in dearer then Bien Assise for 1 night. Over €62 !

    Which is why I advocate Baie de Somme Aire de Service. But, if you can travel in high season and arrive about 10 pm for a reasonable price, then I' m still open to suggestion.
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  2. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic British couple robbed in France   

    Priced it yesterday. My family of 4 was €60.10 for 1 night in August! The one and only time I stayed previously, several years ago, it was €48 for one night!
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  3. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic British couple robbed in France   

    It's on the A16 towards Abbeville. An hour and a bit from Calais.
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  4. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic British couple robbed in France   

    When travelling to/from Calais, what would I rather do?

    Pay €60 for one night (8-10 hours) at La Bien Assise. Or, pay nothing at La Baie de Somme Aire de Service with its dedicated caravan area. Dedicated camping car area, boulangerie at reasonable prices, free showers and no booking in or out.

    Decisions, decisions!
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  5. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Eurotunnel   

    Perhaps that's only at staffed booths. If you use the automatic booths, they'd never know!
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  6. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Eterniti Caravans   

    My neighbour was lucky enough ( or, unlucky depending on your point of view) to pick his new Eterniti up 2 weeks ago!

    Their website states that they ceased trading on Friday.
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  7. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Dead Sat Nav/radio OUCH!   

    I'd check out any VW forums for some good 'anorak' advice.

    Buying used units may not marry up to your vehicle and could end up an expensive paperweight!
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  8. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic 2014 starts here ... anyone else away this weekend?   

    In an hour or so we'll be returning our van to its seasonal pitch in Cheshire.

    Brought it home from storage on Thursday and gave it a thorough spring clean, will check all services when we get 'plumbed' in on site.

    Weather looks good for an easy 50 mile tow!
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  9. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Bit confused about engine sizes now   

    Why venture from a 'proper' car? Unless you specifically need 4x4s/SUVs, plenty of modem saloon cars available to tow your caravan?
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  10. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Best place to sell a van?   

    All that have been mentioned are worthy 'vehicles' in which to sell.

    Goes without saying though that selling to a dealer is swift and easy but the worst price. If your up to the challenge of scammers, idiots and time wasters, eBay will be a laugh!
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  11. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Cheap Blue Diamond Fluid and Rinse   

    Couldn't resist either!
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  12. Bigdrinks added an answer to a question Electrolux RM 6291L Fridge Not Cooling Enough   

    Did you try it on gas?
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  13. Bigdrinks added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Polarity testers £2.99 at Aldi
    This Sunday Aldi are selling mains polarity testers for £2.99. ideal for Continental touring. That's the cheapest I've ever seen them!
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  14. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic Aires on route from Zeebrugge to Hambye Normandy   

    Aire de la Baie de Somme if you take the A16 route to the A28, near Abbeville, is one of the best aires I've stopped at. It has specific area for caravans, Toilets, showers and it's own bakery. There are several T&Ters who've overnighted there too on many occasions. It'll be ideal for a lunch stop for you. http://www.baiedesom...a-baie-de-somme
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  15. Bigdrinks added a post in a topic online car insurance quotes   

    Renewal for my Insignia is £444 with Royal & Sun Alliance. 10 minutes messing on t'internet has got a quote with comparable cover (Business use, protected no claims, £0 excess, European use) for £208 from Quote Me Happy.

    Now I know that they are part of Aviva and use 'off shore' call centres, but for a saving of £236 I'll take the chance!

    Oh, and if I didn't need the business use, protected no claims, Euro cover and prepared to pay a £350 excess, I could get it as cheap as £138 from Aviva via Quidco.
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