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  1. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Polarity tester   

    All I was trying to convey is that if the tester reports one fault, which is then fixed, don't assume everyting is OK. I plugged in to a mains supply in a French barn this year. The tester reported no earth. I found and fixed that. When the earth fault was fixed the tester then reported live and neutral reversed so I plugged my changeover lead in. My 3-light tester won't show a polarity reverse until there is a working earth.
    A year old? Yes but I didn't find and solve the problems until this year.
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  2. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Polarity tester   

    Just remember the plug only does one fault at a time. If it reports a no earth fault, check again and see if it's reporting live and neutral reversed, as I mine did this year.
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  3. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Check your lights!   

    Caravan lights check; Mk1 wife
    Trailer lights check; self, with length of timber holding the brake pedal down
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  4. Hawkeye added a post in a topic 2 Lancs flying over caravan   


    Haven't been following this. I doubt my usual bodge tools of duct tape, garden wire and WD40 would suffice!
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  5. Hawkeye added a post in a topic 2 Lancs flying over caravan   

    Spent an interesting afternoon today at Durham Tees Valley Airport watching the event there with Vera the Canadian Lancaster taking off, flying past and landing. Lovely.
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  6. Hawkeye added an answer to a question Caravan tyres - Where do you get yours from   

    I use local tyre supplier Halls Auto as I trust them and they are equipped with Tyron tools.
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  7. Hawkeye added a post in a topic What was the last book you bought?   

    Poor Enid by Andrew Price. Coarse, rude, hilarious.
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  8. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Serenity Touring Caravan & Camping Park   

    A few years ago we lent our caravan to my in-laws. They had recently given up caravanning owing to advancing years so I towed our caravan to Serenity for their holiday. If I remember right, most of the pitches are sloping to a greater or lesser degree. When I arrived to pitch up it had been raining heavily and the site was marked with muddy furrows by those who think slippery conditions demand a bootfull of throttle. Lovely part of the world and we all had a splendid lunch at the Badger Hounds pub opposite when I retrieved our caravan.
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  9. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Panic Button App - Eye-on-me app   

    Not yet for Windows phone. Just have to rely on the jack handle or Rolex knuckleduster.
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  10. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Dartford crossing works start Oct to remove toll booths but   

    I got a DART tag last year and it just opens the barriers like the French Autoroute system. 10 mile queue to get across the QE bridge at Easter though - and the tag must have saved me 4 or 5 seconds when I got to the pay plaza
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  11. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Legal or not LOL   

    Quite a challenge reversing it I imagine.
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  12. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Just when I thought I had the best phone   

    Just be aware that Lumias on Windows Phone 8 will need a licence buying for them if you want route planning and traffic abroad. Mine was £13.49 last month. Mrs H used Here Drive as her main navigation aid on her trip to France last year with the Lad (aged 16). It was excellent. For Mrs H to say that about a bit of tech. means a great deal.

    Windows Phone 7 users of Here Drive get route planning abroad included.

    (edit for accuracy)
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  13. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Did you see Don't Look down? Channel 4 last night   

    I watched it, heart in mouth. The lad said he used to be scared of heights. I didn't believe him; he may have had a dislike of heights, but being scared is different. It all seemed harmless enough.
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  14. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Which side for fridge ?   

    Our last 2 caravans had fridges venting to the awning side. My children all survived sleeping in the awning.

    Far more dangerous was the open catalytic gas fire fitted to the wobbly cupboard door on our first caravan. And that's how I learned to fit a Carver heater ...
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  15. Hawkeye added a post in a topic Zone Bleu   

    Geoff, sorry to disagree but I don't think that's right any more.

    As I understand it, there's a 17 euro fine for using the old 2-window parking disk. You now need a blue disc with one window because the parking time varies from place to place. As the OP quotes;
    "... you need to display the time of your arrival in the parking spot by turning a wheel on this blue disk and put the disk clearly visible in the car on the dashboard top, so that it can be seen through the windscreen. There is no standard time limit for parking. Sometimes it's TWO HOURS sometimes THREE, sometimes LESS. You'll need to check before you leave the car."

    I used a new blue disc last year when we borrowed the bro-in-law's car for a trip out. As I would prefer my own, I've ordered one of these;
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