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  1. The Drifter added a post in a topic satellite systems for caravans?   

    Hello mate. Well we went for the motorhome due in the main that I have been ill, and Fran can drive this if I am not 100%. We sold the bike as we were not out and about as much as we would like.
    The motorhome suit us fine, off to France for the month of June. Very nice to hear from you.
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  2. The Drifter added a post in a topic satellite systems for caravans?   

    We have a Snipe on the roof for U K and N/France and a large dish for the rest of Europe which we carry under the motohome, works well for us.
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  3. The Drifter added a post in a topic Site with swimming pool complex.   

    This site may well suit you In the past we have taken our grandkids here and they loved it. It's very much built along the lines of the very large family sites on the Costa Brava in Spain. (Without the travel). While on the site you are handed a club card on which you deposit money,This is then used each time you spend out.
    We found the site to have something for everyone but mostly for the kids. Enjoy your trip where ever you choose.
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  4. The Drifter added a post in a topic Caravan Front Covers   

    Could not agree more Maurice. A fool and his money springs to mind.
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  5. The Drifter added a post in a topic how good are Korean Cars?   

    We bought a new Hyundai Terracan 6 years ago, We have towed all over Europe with no problems whatsoever.
    It is by far the best tow vehicle we have ever owned. Fauless performance, Good mpg, We would normally have changed vehicles by now but we are so pleased and happy with this vehicle that we intend to keep it longer. The price, Value for money, Reliability, Will be hard to beat in today's market place.
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  6. The Drifter added a post in a topic Whitsun 2013 Rally - Bromsgrove   

    I am sure we will sometime this year Sonja. Maybe at an LMU at little Baddow, for some strange reason the Grandkids love this site as I do if only for the price. Have a great time you guys and hope you have a heat wave, Fingers crossed.
    Chris & Fran
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  7. The Drifter added a post in a topic Whitsun 2013 Rally - Bromsgrove   

    Much to our disappointment we will have to bail out of this one. We promised to take the Grandkids away at Easter but the weather being so bad we had to put it off. They have now convinced me to take them to Disney land Paris during the next school break. So the bad weather at Easter has cost me a fortune for this next break, Sorry guys but we were looking forward to this one.
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  8. The Drifter added a question in Workshop   

    Cheap sunshade
    What with the summer on it's way and knowing that many will be on their way South I thought I would put on this idea of mine for a cheap sun shade to fix onto the front of a standard awning.

    You will need 3 of these Isabella Awning Spares Grip On Pole Clamp 60138 " they are easily available on e-bay for about £6 each.
    Also you will need 3 alloy broom sticks from Homebase at about £3 each.
    The clamps will clamp to the poles of the awning on the front on the outside, The broom sticks (blue or green) will push into the clamps and extend out from the awning. They weigh almost nothing and will not put any stress on the awning frame.
    All you will need now is a sheet of black mesh sun block, This is available at almost all big stores in Spain for next to nothing, Or I have seen it on e-bay although a bit more expensive but still cheap.
    The mesh is spread across the poles on the front of the awning and will give superb sun protection at a fraction of the cost of a purpose made one by one of the large companies and there is no need for support poles on the front.
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  9. The Drifter added a post in a topic Unable to sell my excellent bradcot awning   

    Bought and sold many on e-bay.If your in the market to sell there are no, no no's. Be prepared to deliver countrywide as nothing turns a potential buyer off more than pick up only. Get a price from a few carriers before you advertize and put it in with the add, Sell at a price and not in auctionn as this will be cheaper.
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  10. The Drifter added a post in a topic The fight is on - Club battles toilet terrors   

    We certainley have never chosen a site by the condition of the toilets, While it's nice to have a nice clean toilet block and most sites today do, I would choose location and use my own services if anything was in question.
    ASCI sites I have always found to be good on all fronts, I must say that I have found that many sites have older toilet blocks which to some may seem unacceptable due to the quality of the brick work etc, But the cleanliness I have to say has never been in question.
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  11. The Drifter added a post in a topic Compass or Coachman   

    Hi Phillip, It's Coachman, But I have no idea why. Bought a new model some years ago and it gave me nothing but hassle.
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  12. The Drifter added a post in a topic Towing a twin axle   

    A twin axle is a different animal. Towing on the road they present a more stable unit with an ease of driving, But that is not to say that single axles can be unstable. Having towed both over a long period my personal choice overall would be a T/A.
    Their minus points are around moving about on a campsite, That's to say they will demand more room to site on a pitch etc. I would say that braking effect would not alter much from from a single axle as there are four sets of brakes and not two. Again any low points would arise at the slower speeds, Handling around towns etc.They will need a wider sweep on corners and bends but once one is aware of these idiosyncratic moves there is no problem. It must be said that a tow vehicle must be able to control the trailer under all conditions so weight of such vehicle must be substantial enough for this.
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  13. The Drifter added a post in a topic What is your daily rag , and why ?   

    A temporary speed limit was introduced in 1965 after some terrible accidents due to fog. Most newspapers at the time carried photo's of the terrible carnage at these pile up's.
    From my memory it was the Daily Mirror that led the campaign, When they published a pull out booklet with some explicit photo's from road traffic accidents.
    The speed limit was made permament by Barbera Castle in 1967.
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  14. The Drifter added a post in a topic Off to France fro 4 Weeks   

    Good luck with your trip Dave. We have booked the ferry and a couple of sites spread over five weeks. We hope to spend two weeks in Brittany with some friends at one of our favourite sites before heading home.
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  15. The Drifter added a post in a topic Slingshot!   

    I have the sling box on freesat so no fees, Where we go in France the site has free Wi-Fi so I was planning not to take the sat set up with me and pick up all through the internet.
    As yet I have not been away with it but just wondered if anyone on here is using it and how it responds while away.
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