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  1. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    David raise the subject of generic term and I corrected him.  I do not understand why I am being reprimanded for stating that the word "motorhome" is not in the Oxford dictionary?
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  2. Surfer added a post in a topic Caravan Club V Caravan and Camping Club   

    The CC does offer a lot in the way of travel insurance, regimented sites, etc.  A lot of people join the CC for the CL network.  Why not join both and then  at the end of the year decide which one is for you?
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  3. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    Wrong David the generic term is motor caravan as it was a caravan fitted onto a motor chassis.  I agreed that that the word motorhome has now made the word motor caravan almost non existent because it seems that some, but not all,  motorhomers preferred to looked down on those with caravans as the poor relation and therefore these motorhomers needed to distinguish themselves from their poorer relations. 
    We are also aware that you are a great supporter for the CC and no matter what they do, you will always agree with whatever changes they make and that is your prerogative plus the fact you own a motorhome and probably look down on us plebs so the name change will be to your liking.
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  4. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    I am still struggling to understand how changing the name will result in people flocking to join?  If you have a motor home caravan why use sites at all when you can park up on any lay bye on a beach front?  Why aren't camper vans included in the new name change?  BTW how can a static be a mobile home as you need specialised equipment to move it?
    TBH the CC need to start looking at lowering their prices for club members and also they need to look at the problem where sites are empty during the week but packed on weekends.  Is this because they do not request a booking fee so some people book as may weekends as possible cancelling at the last minute and prevent others from long stays of more than 5 days on a C  site?
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  5. Surfer added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    Would a rally in September perhaps be better all round as we would then be able to attend as would love to meet up with others again.
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  6. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    However 60% own mobile homes so once again the minority rule.  I think they have changed because Grenville is buying a motor home / caravan and it would not look good if the Chairman had a motor caravan instead of a mobile home / caravan!.
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  7. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    We no longer own a caravan, we own a mobile home so the CC need to take this into account and go through rebranding again!
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  8. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    That is correct and as an elected council by paid up members the members should have been consulted prior to any major decisions.  That is why it is called a "CLUB"!  After all we were all consulted about Brexit.
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  9. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    We got some stickers in the post this morning with the new name.  I dislike any sticker on any of our vehicles so it has gone straight in the bin!
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  10. Surfer added a post in a topic New name for the biggest club   

    Surely the hundreds of thousands being spent rebranding could have been better spent improving the CC website and other facilities?
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  11. Surfer added a post in a topic Elddis now Hymer Group purchase   

    I thought that one of the ideas of the EU was to prevent companies like this virtually controlling the market?
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  12. Surfer added a post in a topic The Circuit of Wales: a major boost for Wales   

    Not a very clever plan as it is targetting the younger sports minded generation however they can only visit on weekends so do the facilities sit almost empty for most of the week especially in the winter.  We are not in favour of massive campsites due to noise issues.
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  13. Surfer added a post in a topic camping safety survey   

    Done but what is a GSP?  Also questions 7 & 8 should perhaps have "not applicable" as cannot do walking, hiking or running. 
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  14. Surfer added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    The first tow car that I used in the early seventies was a diesel Peugeot 404 pick up that was already 10 years old with a very high mileage.  I used to travel around Rhodesia as a trainee surveyor towing the caravan and had a passenger and plus two people in the bin at the back along with all the necessary stuff to camp in the wild for up to a month so definitely over gross maximum train weight of the vehicle.  The gear stick was on the column and the reverse of the Ford Zephyr MKII that I had previously.
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  15. Surfer added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    What a PITA to complete!  Not translated too well as not clear what is required.
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