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  1. Surfer added a post in a topic Malvern Caravan Show   

    The last time we went it was mainly indoors with a few stands outside.  Tomorrow would be the day to visit as it will be raining on Sunday according to the Met people.  We will probably pass by on our way to lunch down the road.
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  2. Surfer added a post in a topic Pegs !   

    It is the drill attachment that is the biggest issue as most tend to strip after awhile.  I eventually bought a high quality socket from Machine Mart and the extender for it to fit onto from Screwfix.
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  3. Surfer added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    So you are going to the Caravan Show at the showgrounds around the corner?  BTW if you want one of the best and tastiest burgers go up to the Wych Inn at the top of the Malvern Hills on the way to Colwall.  Fantastic views if you get the right table.  Dogs are welcome and they even ban electronic cigarettes! 
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  4. Surfer added a post in a topic Pegs !   

    Buy coach screws from Screwfix.  A lot cheaper than awning screw pegs!  We use those plus we have about 10 heavy duty pegs with a green plastic bit at the top.  Bought them after bending several pegs on CC sites.
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  5. Surfer added a post in a topic TV SPEAKERS   

    True.  You just need to replace the crappy speakers in the caravan for decent sound.    Apparently Bose do a Bose mini soundlink speaker which is very good however at a price.
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  6. Surfer added a post in a topic Motor Mover   

    I was wondering about that also unless the OP also has a caravan in addition to the motorhome?
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  7. Surfer added a post in a topic Malvern Caravan Show   

    We went once but have not bothered since due to lack of different caravans on show and at the time the show seem to be dominated by two or three local dealerships.  No bargains to be had at the stalls.  However we passing through Malvern and will stop for lunch as worth visiting Malvern.  Excellent food to be had at reasonable prices at the Wych Inn on top of Malvern Hills.  The view is fantastic!
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  8. Surfer added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    As said although we were not happy with our Air Ace we bought the smaller 220 awning to use during the cooler months.  One thing to watch out for is water pooling on the roof.  If it happens just once, it will continue to happen as the material has been stretched there.  Agreed a lot easier to erect than a full awning.  We gave up on full awnings several years ago. 
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  9. Surfer added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    There is virtually no saving in time between erecting an air awning and a traditional porch awning as both have to be pegged down.  The one big advantage with the traditional awning is that you car erect it even if the ground is sloping.  Air awnings do not like sloping ground as you cannot adjust the legs. 
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  10. Surfer added a post in a topic Winchcombe c&cc site   

    Our very first outing with our first caravan in the UK was at Winchcombe.  A very nice site but at the time horrible wardens who made you leave at 12pm on a Sunday or you paid for a full night to stay onto 4pm.  Nothing worse than leaving a site before 12pm and arriving home by 1pm.  No objection if the site had masses coming on after 12pm.  Never been back since and also resigned from C&CC.
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  11. Surfer added an answer to a question Dash Cam   

    By that time it is too late and you have a ticket.  Leave it on.
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  12. Surfer added a post in a topic Calor Gas Needs you   

    A solution to customer is for them to buy refillable cylinders from Safefill saving a fortune!
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  13. Surfer added a post in a topic Calor Promises Free 6kg Lite Cylinder - But   

    We gave up on Calor a long time ago and bought a Safefill refillable bottle and have saved a fortune since as it costs under £10 to top up!
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  14. Surfer added a post in a topic How many of you use an I pad .   

    We initially bought an iPad and found it to be very user unfriendly.  We ended up giving it away and bought a Samsung tablet about two years ago and have never looked back as the Samsung is user friendly unlike the iPad where you have to use some other unfriendly app to load anything onto the iPad.  With the Samsung I can transfer photos using Bluetooth, but could not on the iPad as it would only accept files from another Apple product.  A HUGE difference between the two.
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  15. Surfer added a post in a topic Parking ticket arrived today   

    They have not got a leg to stand on as you paid for the privilege of parking and they will not go near a court with this one.  Obviously a "Parking Charge Notice" and not a "Penalty Charge Notice" as a very big difference between the two.
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