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  1. Surfer added a post in a topic GVW   

    Thanks as unlikely to drive vehicle over 3500kg however the train weight of our combination unit is about 4850kgs.
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  2. Surfer added a post in a topic GVW   

    It seems that there is something weird with the weights on your vehicle which is why I suspect it may have been downplated.  At 70 don't they downgrade your licence unless you specifically ask them not to which could be an issue.  Can't remember what happens but next year I reach that milestone and would want to keep my B+E.
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  3. Surfer added a post in a topic GVW   

    What does it say on the plate that is fixed permanently onto the body of the vehicle.  A fixed plated over rides any sticker which can easily be removed.  The previous owner may have downplated it so that they could drive the vehicle on a B licence.  
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  4. Surfer added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    Probably easier and a lot cheaper.  Fuel in France is very expensive in comparison to Spain and Spain has a lot to offer and you ca also visit Portugal.  I think if Macron gets the boot, you may see a drop in the cost of fuel with the knock on effect that the price of goods may drop a bit.  Your choice.  LOL!
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  5. Surfer added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    Not sure if we are going to bother with France again until Macron gets the boot as France is now very expensive especially in the last 18 months. Think we will stick to Spain once this Brexit thing regarding pets is resolved as at +£100 per dog works out to +£300 before we even pay the ferry costs!
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  6. Surfer added a post in a topic French toll roads   

    Probably the best idea.  We have a tag and you are billed the next month.  We are thinking of giving it up and paying by card on arrival at the toll so you know what you are being debited for immediately and it is not hanging around for a month.
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  7. Surfer added a post in a topic French toll roads   

    Our caravan is almost 3m high due to air con etc.  We drove from Roses to Caen via Millau and the cost of the tolls was over £90 plus 2 over nights stops.  I doubt if we will repeat that trip again as very boring.
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  8. Surfer added a post in a topic Club announces 2019 manoeuvring course dates   

    Now you know why it is also known as the "unfriendly" club! 
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  9. Surfer added a post in a topic Pets   

    The precautions in Canada are totally different to the precautions in the UK so doubt if any of us could assist.
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  10. Surfer added a post in a topic MOTORHOME   

    I have and still are very wary of anything that Fiat touches having being burnt in the past, but hopefully you will have many enjoyable days away in your new acquistion.  Enjoy it while you can and come back with updates.
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  11. Surfer added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    Anderson are expensive but I have only read good things about them and that their work is to a high standard.
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  12. Surfer added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    On a modern vehicle it may be preferable to get a professional to fit it instead of trying a DIY.  A DIY could then be used to invalidate any warranty you may have with the electrics.  Either way I don't think it is a very easy job as the dashboard may have to be removed to access the wiring.
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  13. Surfer added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    One thing I do know about them is that they are very expensive in comparison to other suppliers.
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  14. Surfer added an answer to a question Bailey senator indiana series 5 2007 front gas locker replacement locks   

    Have you looked on the Bailey website as they sell some spares direct to the public?
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  15. Surfer added a post in a topic AirBnB vs caravan   

    A bit of feedback.  The place was located in the countryside so lovely and quiet however shops were about a mile away.  Lovely big bedroom and a large bathroom with shower.  Had the lounge to ourselves with TV that had Sky available.  Next morning a massive breakfast was laid on for us.  Sadly I do not like a big breakfast prior to driving a long distance plus we needed to get away before 8am as the traffic around Bournemouth/Christchurch.Southampton can be horrendous.  We thought it was good value for just the one night and cheaper that staying in some sleazeball hotel.  LOL!
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