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  1. Surfer added a post in a topic Recently retired   

    We have never bothered to book months in advance except for the ferry to France or Spain.  Once on the continent you can just arrive at any site and there will be space however as we have a twin axle and 3 small dogs we do phoned and ask if they will take a TA and 3 dogs.  Occasionally we will book if we want a specific pitch i.e fully serviced.  As for the UK gave up on CMC as they are too expensive for what they offer and tend to use CLs. 
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  2. Surfer added a post in a topic Shock Absorbers for Towing   

    Welcome however this is a caravan forum in the UK so probably cannot help advise on truck shocks for Silverado.
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  3. Surfer added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    The caravan I towed was even more of a classic.  The fridge only worked on gas and had a shoebox compartment for frozen food.  Lights were all gas.  No running water.  Toilet was the nearest bush.  Both belonged to the company as I worked in rural areas where the nearest town was probably 60- 70 miles away.  We had to dig into river beds for water for washing as drinking water was very precious.
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  4. Surfer added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    First car I used to tow was a sixties diesel Peugeot 404 pick up.  I can remember when starting waiting for the glow to show that it was okay to start the vehicle.
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  5. Surfer added a post in a topic Booked for next april   

    We like the Campsite Campsite Au Port-Punay at Les Boucholeurs as it is close to the beach and lots to do in the area.  Just a pity the beach is closed to dogs however no issue at La Falaise in La Turballe which is right on the beach.  We are beach people and prefer sites as close to the sea as possible.
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  6. Surfer added a post in a topic Weather o y   

    We were supposed to go down to the caravan for a few days however my sciatica i splaying up and just about crippling me.
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  7. Surfer added a post in a topic Weather o y   

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  8. Surfer added a post in a topic Caravan and motohome club getting pricey ?   

    Also as incentives on commercial site they may offer you 6 nights for the price of 5 etc.  Many commercial sites also have facilities not found on CC sites. 
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  9. Surfer added a post in a topic Caravan and motohome club getting pricey ?   

    We stopped using club sites awhile back and now will only use them if absolutely necessary i.e. over night while travelling.  Although the standards are very good they are no longer value for money as over priced.
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  10. Surfer added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    I don't think Isabella will produce an air awning as it is a fad at the moment.  However they are launching air awning under their Ventura name. 
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  11. Surfer added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    We bought one of the first air Kampas and quality was a bit of an issue but not really a concern.  One of the main issues we had with our Kampa Air ace was the weight followed by water pooling on the roof no matter what you did and of course condensation.  We sold it and got the Magnum Coal 250.  Lighter , no pooling and no condensation.  As you say time wise both take about the same time to erect. 
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  12. Surfer added a post in a topic Is "new Content" working   

    Thanks seems the filter changed to Blog entries whatever that is.
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  13. Surfer added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Is "new Content" working
    For the past several days I have come onto the forum to click on "New Content"  and got the message that "There is nothing here".  However on checking I now see that post have been made in the past week and I am getting notifications for threads in which I have posted.  Is the New Content link broken?.
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  14. Surfer added a post in a topic Malvern Caravan Show   

    The last time we went it was mainly indoors with a few stands outside.  Tomorrow would be the day to visit as it will be raining on Sunday according to the Met people.  We will probably pass by on our way to lunch down the road.
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  15. Surfer added a post in a topic Pegs !   

    It is the drill attachment that is the biggest issue as most tend to strip after awhile.  I eventually bought a high quality socket from Machine Mart and the extender for it to fit onto from Screwfix.
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