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  1. Surfer added a post in a topic AirBnB vs caravan   

    Not in this case as we are trading in our current vehicle. 
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  2. Surfer added a post in a topic AirBnB vs caravan   

    We used AirBnB in South Africa and for £25 we had flat to ourselves and even had a washing machine.  There was the equivalent of Sky entertainment available.  Also use of a pool. We also rented a 5 bedroom home right on the beach and 4 bedrooms had on suite bathrooms.  Washing machine, BBQ, fridges etc all available.  We paid £75 a night and that was during the Easter school holidays.  In Cape Town we rented small flat for £19 a night and again everything you wanted available.
    Having said that we are using an AirBnB in the UK for the first time this weekend for one night so maybe our experience will be different and I will update.  It was pointless taking the caravan away for one night and towing it 200 miles there and back.
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  3. Surfer added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    AirBnB vs caravan
    Looking at AirBnB sites and they are every reasonably priced and can be used for a weekend away even if you have dogs.  Many are in superb locations.  No towing a caravan and setting up etc saving a lot of fuel insurance, servicing etc.  What is there not to like about a AirBnB?
    We used a number earlier this year and were very pleasantly surprised at what was offered at a reasonable price.  This way be the way forward in the future.
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  4. Surfer added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Very sad to hear and Margaret & myself pass on our condolences.
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  5. Surfer added a post in a topic NEW CARAVAN   

    Our ALDE heats the water and the does the heating at the same time.  The only time the water heating is prioritised is if you use the boost function.
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  6. Surfer added a post in a topic Elddis new owners,again!   

    Never heard of them. I suppose quality is going to take a further nose dive now that Americans are involved?
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  7. Surfer added a post in a topic Tent and Awning Security   

    Did the survey but then it asks for my email address so bombed it as don't want my email address sold on etc. 
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  8. Surfer added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    We traded in our 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 120k miles on speedo for a 2013 Mitsubishi Shogun.  While the Shogun has no issue with the caravan I am beginning to regret not upgrading to a later model Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The Jeep is more modern and has far more essential toys like TPMS however it is easier for me to enter and exit.
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  9. Surfer added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    Although most places make you pay if you have a BB if the car is taxed as Disabled generally this is waived.   In Cornwall you need tow rite to the council and advise them and apparently they have to send you a special disc.  probably due to abuse but by the same token are councils really that hard up for a fiver?
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  10. Surfer added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    By the same token if you display your BB you can legally park on some yellow lines in towns.  We had to do this a while back as they wanted silly prices for parking in the car park.  We parked outside the parking area on the yellow line.  The car park was privately managed but the only one around.
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  11. Surfer added a post in a topic Best Cooler for fishing   

    Our Halfords box without any power can keep food frozen for well over 12 hours.  With power, 12 or 240v a lot longer.
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  12. Surfer added a post in a topic Best Cooler for fishing   

    Are you aware that this a forum based in England?
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  13. Surfer added an answer to a question Hybrid motor mover   

    I have a complete Evo auto engage motor mover in our garage that is 5 years old.  We had an AWD fitted so this one is redundant waiting to be sold. Open to any tests.   If interested give us a shout.
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  14. Surfer added an answer to a question Lunar meteor pms4   

    Why don't you get an Approved Workshops Scheme (AWS) technician to give the caravan a service checking the gas, electric and water points to make sure the caravan is safe to use for your family?
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  15. Surfer added a post in a topic In car cool boxes   

    Absorption fridges are not normally very good in very hot weather in Spain.  A compressor fridge is a better option.
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