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  1. jdmh added a post in a topic Electric coolboxes   

    Thanks Rodders. I think that I may get the same fridge we have in the office at work. It is a really effective one and keeps its temperature constant. We can also leave it on all the time.
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  2. jdmh added a post in a topic D Day Celebrations 6th June 2014 - Important Document   

    We have just had five nights around D-Day landing beaches. We did not take the van but went via tunnel and drove to hotel staying in Port en Bessin which is between Omaha and Gold Beach. We have had such an interesting time, visiting Arromanches, Saint Mere Egilise, American Cemetery, Pegasus Bridge and many museums. It was an interesting and lovely place to visit. We did notice so many towns were preparing for June with new kerbstones, squares being reflagged, trees and shrubs planted and many a man with a digger/trowel/wheelbarrow at a roundabout looking at a diagram! The French certainly know how to prepare a roundabout for an event (Tour de France being an example) and am certain that that the roundabout near the American Cemetery near Omaha Beach will be a splendid show of flowers spelling out something. I am looking forward to seeing the news reports on this in June especially as we will know many of the areas. We can certainly recommend a visit prior to June!
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  3. jdmh added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Electric coolboxes
    This is in Lidl at the moment, anyone tried this or know anything about it? We would like an electric cool box as the small fridge in the van is not able to cope with the beer, wine, water and food we have in there, especially if the weather is like it was last year in the south of France. I have a small fridge in my office at work and when researching this prior to buying I found that many could not be left on permanently, consequently I purchased one that eventually cost about £120 and can be left on like a full fridge. I would like a cool box that works on a similar principle but is no where near the same price. Has anyone got any thoughts on this cool box or any others they use in or rather outside the van.


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  4. jdmh added a post in a topic Kawan Villages Sites   

    Thanks everyone for your advice and comments. I will look at both Lac d'Orient and the Municipal at Troyes as well.
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  5. jdmh added a post in a topic Kawan Villages Sites   

    We have stayed at the Municipal in Troyes a few times, but the last time there was some sort of robbery from a few tents, from what I can remember, and it did put us off visiting again. It was probably a one off and I think the site has undergone some redevelopment since so will see if anyone comes up with anything new about this site and maybe consider it. The reason we chose Lac d'Orient was it was not far for driving that day; it's the 'stop and go' pitches I am not sure of. On the campsite map they are situated near the entrance and I can't decide whether they are a pitch or something like a parking area!!
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  6. jdmh added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Kawan Villages Sites
    We are looking at at overnight stop in July at Camping Lac d'Orient near Troyes. They have some 'Stop and Go' pitches which seem to be how they do their overnight pitches. Anyone stayed here? It looks really pleasant on website and just considering whether to do more than a 'Stop and Go'. Or to move for second night to another Kawan called Camping Le Bontemps near Vienne south of Lyon. Anyone stayed there as well?

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  7. jdmh added a post in a topic Overnight stop for Ferry   

    I would like to get across to France and have the night there and agree it feels like you are on holiday. However as we are at work the day we are travelling and having checked DFDS there are no sailings for 8 or 10pm but only midnight, I thought it may be better getting a good night's sleep here then getting up and catching an 8 am ferry rather than waiting for the midnight ferry and being up most of the night and still needing to get up early to get to our next site. WE are aiming for the south of France and usually take a couple of days getting down there. Psychologically speaking a good sleep always works wonders!!!
    Will definitely ring Black Horse Farm and sort this out. Thanks for all advice everyone.

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  8. jdmh added a post in a topic Overnight stop for Ferry   

    Thanks Dave, post does help!!! I did think it was odd that they promoted using the site for ferries/Eurotunnel and only had an 8pm deadline for arrival. I'll take your advice and ring them. Much appreciated.
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  9. jdmh added a post in a topic Overnight stop for Ferry   

    That's what we thought! In fact we are sure that we once arrived after a late ferry arrival and picked up our pitch number and details in an envelope pinned to a notice board!! But the website and CC book say otherwise, in fact just double checked CC Sites Directory and I quote 'Travellers leaving the UK must arrive on site before 20.00 as no Late Night Arrivals area.'
    Have you heard of Daleacres Caravan Club Site in West Hythe? It's about 8 miles from Hawthorn Farm.

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  10. jdmh added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Overnight stop for Ferry
    We are looking to go for an 8 am sail from Dover in July and looked and Black Horse Farm the night before, I have just looked on website and it says no arrivals after 8pm. As we will be working on that day and are leaving after work with a journey taking about 3-4 hours it may be after 8 when we arrive. Anyone know another place to stay so that we can access Dover ferry terminal fairly easily for our morning crossing.
    I always thought that Black Horse had an area for late arrivals for the ferry/Eurotunnel crossings but was obviously wrong.

    Any recommendations I would appreciate.

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  11. jdmh added a post in a topic Flea market in St Topez   

    Thanks Geoff, but sister is flying to Nice so Calais is out of the question.
    I looked on Beejay's link and it seems the market is 9km out of St Tropez at Grimaud! But at least it is located.
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  12. jdmh added a post in a topic Flea market in St Topez   

    Thanks Beejay, much appreciated.
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  13. jdmh added a topic in France   

    Flea market in St Topez
    I know lots of people go to the south and travel around some of the great markets, so has anyone been to the Le Jas Roberts Flea Market in St Tropez? And if so, what's it like. Is it in the centre or just on the outskirts? If anyone knows this area well can they recommend some other good markets or flea markets in St Tropez.
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  14. jdmh added a post in a topic Loire   

    Thanks everyone. They have decided to go to Chantepie. I appreciate all recommendations.
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  15. jdmh added a topic in France   

    I have never visited this area but heard it's lovely; son and family with young children want to try France camping for first time and someone recommended this area. Any suggestions for where? Is this further than Vendee which was my ideas? We go very south but they do not have that long for holiday so it needs to be fairly reasonable to travel to, but be hot. they don't want a busy large site and would prefer to be able to walk into a small town/village.
    Can anyone comeup with some ideas please? A different region is also an option as I seem to be hopeless unless it is sites right in the south.
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