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  1. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    12 volt supply
    Hi, i have just fitted a new truma pump housing, i forgot to disconnect my battery, i now have no 12 v supply i cant find a fuse which may be blown.My caravan is a 2004 elddis avante534 any help appreciated.
    • 2 replies
  2. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    Lidl battery charger
    Lidl are selling a battery charger next week £12.99 can anyone say if they are okay for leisure batteries?
    • 10 replies
  3. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    Heiki Rooflight
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the blind and flyscreen assembly i need to remove it to get a new return spring fitted as we left it closed over the past few months and the spring lost its tension.
    • 1 reply
  4. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    I washed and polished up my caravan (pre winter clean) the back and sides are gleaming but the front is clean but DULL i tried polishing again and again to no avail any tips welcome.
    • 2 replies
  5. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    Cleaning the roof
    Can anyone tell me a tried and tested way of cleaning all sorts of crap of the roof of my caravan i have tried from soapy car shampoo to different creams etc but nothing is very sucessful.
    • 4 replies
  6. alanperry added an answer to a question TOILET   

    I should have said that the toilet is a manual flush and it is the swivel type.
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  7. alanperry added a question in Workshop   

    Can anyone tell me hoe to fix my toilet, the "flush" is very weak whereas when you used it before the fluid went all the way round the bowl now it just makes halfway and advice will be grateful.
    • 5 replies

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