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  1. skinhead added a post in a topic One trip european breakdown cover   

    Having suffered breakdowns abroad a couple of times I would recommend CC's Red pennant
    let me qualify this preference . If your car breaks down while you are away from your van sight seeing ,most car based breakdown ins will not pick up or recover the caravan as they will only recover both if the van is attached to the car at the time of breakdown.
    Also they will not repatriate the car or caravan if the recovery cost is more than the MARKET value of THE CAR
    In my case being a belt & braces type I had Red pennant as well as being covered by CSMA'S Britannia premium cover & Green Flag as part of my banks cover .We broke down in Morocco ,starter motor kaput.Green flag & Britannia could /would not help.         but Red pennant arranged for a mechanic to meet us at the next campsite
    coming home the car packed up in Madrid with engine trouble .Britannia got us to a Citroen garage ,but as the quoted repair bill was in excess of 7800euro & the cars market value (a 2003 2.2 Citroen C5) was only £500 they could not help ,except to pay out the market value , & i would have to pay to get the van home. Green flag was the same . How ever Red Pennant arranged for the car & caravan to be repatriated home & a hire car for us to travel to Santander & rearranged our ferry & paid for hotels . on return to the UK we had a hire car for 2 weeks while our car was in the garage being repaired.
    The Spanish main dealer had charged 160E for the diagnostic But caused damage to 2 injectors & the diesel rail heater system & had left the engine in bits in the boot .The repairs in the UK came to £1200 but this included a new clutch as it was prudent to replace it while the engine was out . I repeat that the Spanish MAIN CITROEN dealer had quoted 7800e for this repair.
    So if you are towing & need a comprehensive breakdown cover use a dedicated caravan cover such as CC or C&CC
    PS I have also been covered by the German company ADAC which are very good but would not have covered the above scenario   
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  2. skinhead added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    as an uneducated non techy type I downloaded win 10 some time ago .I have just found out that the DVD drive now does not work because Windows did not include some program or other & it now has to be bought from windows.
    as Petjea remarks" so much for progress"
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  3. skinhead added a post in a topic Electric coolboxes   

    we have a Halfords electric cool box ,the specification of which it cools to 20 degrees below ambient temperature .At temps in excess of 25 degrees it was not all that effective in keeping the beer cool. so we bought a camping 3 way fridge instead but that was over £150
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  4. skinhead added an answer to a question Floor damp question   

    almost any cheap damp meter will show if you have damp & give a reasonably accurate reading,at least good enough to be able to check the extent of the problem if the floor is checked from the underside of the van. How ever if you need to check from the inside of the van you will need the non invasive type of meter which can take readings through the vinyl floor covering & indeed through the plastic lining say of the shower unit.
    from reading past posts a cause of damp flooring is some time traced to water running down the front /rear of the van panels & being able to track from the edge of the panel onto the wood floorThis can be avoided by providing a drip stop to the panel edge
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  5. skinhead added a post in a topic Car Problems in France   

    My 2.2 sprinter motor home gave me similar problems It would not rev above 3k revs,& I was down to 1st on the slightest inclines I tried several garages but they could not get their computers to connect to the car computer so eventually went to a Merc dealer . They cleared all the fault codes but could not determine what was causing the intermittent fault .They told me of the problem persisted to take it back to a Merc dealer for a retest . clearing the fault codes has cleared the fault ,& the cost was 80E so I was quite pleased
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  6. skinhead added a post in a topic Adding 2 stroke oil to a diesel engine   

    I do, In my 2.2ltr 3.5 tonn sprinter motor home the engine certainly runs smoother & on my last 2000mile trip the average fuel consumption went from 23/25 mpg on our 6 week trip in Feb. to 28mpg on our 6 week trip in June /July On the C5 again a smoother running engine & a improvement from 39/40 to 42/43 based on fill to fill & in the C5 average consumption on the in car computer
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  7. skinhead added a post in a topic Bessacarr cameo 500gld   

    Normally the number etched on all the windows is the CRiS registration no. but what you have quoted does not seem to be one so the only help I can give is copied from the UKcampsite web site
    CRiS Numbers Decoded

    You can also use the CRiS number to check some details on the caravan yourself. To help explain what the CRiS number means, take for example the number below:


    SGAT000AV50001234 SG = Manufactured in UK
    SGAT000AV50001234 A = Make of caravan is Avondale
    SGAT000AV50001234 T = Number of axles (S=Single, T=Twin)
    SGAT000AV50001234 Optional manufacturer's data (eg caravan model?)
    SGAT000AV50001234 Manufactured by AVondale
    SGAT000AV50001234 Year of manufacture (5 = 2005 - see list below)
    SGAT000AV50001234 Optional manufacturer's data (eg batch number?)
    SGAT000AV50001234 Caravan serial number

    Year of manufacture codes:

    N = 1992 1 = 2001 P = 1993 2 = 2002 R = 1994 3 = 2003 S = 1995 4 = 2004 T = 1996 5 = 2005 V = 1997 6 = 2006 W = 1998 7 = 2007 X = 1999 8 = 2008 Y = 2000 9 = 2009 A = 2010 B = 2011 C = 2012

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  8. skinhead added a post in a topic Returning to the Dark Side ; )   

    & the must have is--------- a mover after corkscrew,beer ect)
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  9. skinhead added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    E bay scam fright
    I have just been browsing the Mercedes Benz owners forum,& suffered a gut crunching moment from a post referring to an e bay ad for my motorhome complete with the registration number. An apparent subject of a con job originating in Spain. It offered my van for £5800.Fortunately it would appear that this referred to an eBay ad dated back to June 2011 which is almost a year before I bought it. But It was a bum squeeze moment
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  10. skinhead added a post in a topic Who's off next   

    First test run with the new to us motorhome next Friday week ,6 weeks Portugal. Just hope the weather is Much better than here .We picked up some Euro's from the post office today 1,05 to the £
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  11. skinhead added an answer to a question motor home boiler descale & sterilization   

    thanks for the replies, folks I think I will try to find a local supply of white vinegar as suggested regards TD
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  12. skinhead added an answer to a question Some advice for a newbie please?!   

    Never had to repaint a van myself,but others who have have used standard domestic kitchen & bathroom paints. If the area around the roof light is now dry,I would simply paint the ceiling with a good quality matt or eggshell emulsion paint

    another option is to repaper with a vinyl paper but you would have to be good at the decorating lark
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  13. skinhead added a question in Workshop   

    motor home boiler descale & sterilization
    I have recently bought a 2001 motorhome which has a 120 ltr fixed water tank. I want to descale the water heater & sterilize the water system.
    I was going to use Truma's Aquastar 1+2 to descale the boiler & sterilize the water system ;but their recommended dosage of 1 pack to 40 ltr's means I need 3 packs @ £25 a pack makes the exercise expensive.I had thought of using 1 pack to 40 ltr of water in the main tank then opening the hot tap to fill the Boiler tank,& letting this descale the water heater.Drain down & then carry out a sterilization with say Milton or another cheaper brand of the whole 120ltr main tank & water system

    There does not seem to be any way of filling the hot water boiler other than by filling the main water tank
    any advice or views would be welcome

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  14. skinhead added a post in a topic Caravan club sat nav   

    there are many so called caravan/motorhome sat navs now just try googling

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  15. skinhead added a post in a topic Carefree Rallies in the Loire   

    As I said in my post go to their price is £745 p p Having done their Morocco tour I think we can certainly recommend them

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