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  1. tonio added an answer to a question Waeco/Dometic Air conditioner   

    Rodders, Thanks. I'll check that source of exploded diags. I think mine pumps out onto the roof, when it actually pumps., 
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  2. tonio added a question in Workshop   

    Waeco/Dometic Air conditioner
    Has anyone solved  a problem with the Waeco CoolAir1000 roof mounted air con unit not pumping condensate away?
    This air conditioner works well for up to an hour and then the condensate pump starts and makes a loud chattering noise indicating that the pump is clogged or the condensate pipe is clogged. The unit then shuts down displaying an error message FO 4, which indicates that condensate is not being removed.Removing the unit cover and disconnecting the condensate pipe results in a cup full of water being decanted. The unit can then be restarted and works ok for up to another hour when the process is repeated. About five years ago the condensate pump was replaced .I wonder whether it needs another replacement pump or whether it is possible to obtain a service manual to determine how to access the pump and replace it. Hopefully it will not necessitate the removal of the unit from the the caravan roof.
    Anyone  else had this problem, and more importantly, solved it?
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  3. tonio added a post in a topic It pays to change   

    No such thing as loyalty, it's just business.

    Best deal I've found is with LV, the old Liverpool Victoria. Consistently good. Even Honest John, the D. Telegraph's motoring guy, seems to agree.
    Best classic car cover I've found is Equity Red Star. Just over £100 for my 230CE Mercedes of 1984 vintage.
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  4. tonio added a post in a topic Welcome To tonio49   

    Yes. That's me! This life has too many passwords and I prefer to have more than one user name which tends to lead to the problem I have demonstrated. I must say that I didn't think that my T&T password was different .
    Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you.
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  5. tonio added a post in a topic Welcome To tonio49   

    I'm an oldie back under a very slightly different user name because I forgot the original and couldn't sign in ! Doh!
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  6. tonio added a post in a topic What would old car (classic) be worth now ?   

    The value is unimportant because it's not for sale, at least not by me. My grandson may have other ideas.
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  7. tonio added a post in a topic What would old car (classic) be worth now ?   

    Ones I wish I'd kept:-
    Lotus Cortina, the one with the "A" bracket rear end, TR6, took me five years to restore ,Ford Cortina Mk 11 GT which took part in the London Sydney Marathon in the late sixties(entered by two RAF guys who fixed it to fly back in a Fat Albert). Mercedes 250, horrendous fuel consumption from the carburettor engine,Reliant Scimitar GTE,Ford Consul Mk 11 convertible,Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper (went on my honeymoon in that one)1924 Bean 11.9 tourer(wonderful vintage car).A Triumph Super Seven from 1931, another restoration project and now in a collection in Texas.
    There have been others but one I still have is the car my later father bought in 1984-a Mercedes 230 CE coupe, which eventually will be passed on to my grandson.
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  8. tonio added a post in a topic Eurotunnel 'Spreading wings?'   

    I find that it's the only way to get my van abroad.
    Always read with interest.
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  9. tonio added a post in a topic Tickets for NEC show Feb 2013   

    I'd like a chance at this one,ta.
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  10. tonio added a post in a topic Apple i-Pad   

    An iPad car charger which will also look after iPhones and iPods can be purchased from Asda for a fiver.
    Apple didn't get to be the biggest by not offering what people want. It is the best by far.
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  11. tonio added a post in a topic Honda CRV i-CDTi 2.2   

    Bought a CRV ES with auto box just a month ago after having seven Shoguns in succession. Just love it. It pulls a Unicorn Cadiz very easily although it must be close to the CRV's towing limit. Fuel consumption, according to the dash read, out has dropped to 21 mpg at times but much better solo of course.
    Reason for change was similar. My other half has a hip problem and it was obvious that getting in and out of the Shogun was an increasingly painful problem.
    The CRV seem to have obviated that.
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  12. tonio added a post in a topic Automatic tow cars   

    Just changing my 54 plate diesel Shogun auto for a Honda CRV with a 2.2 diesel and an auto gearbox. Wouldn't have a stick box now . It's so easy and restful to drive and the extra fuel used is more than compensated for by ease of use.
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  13. tonio added a post in a topic Channel Ferry..latest news   

    Didn't the Barfleur operate out of Portsmouth to Cherbourg with Brittany?
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  14. tonio added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Insurance renewal
    Got my CC renewal quote...... £362 new for old with the usual discounts for Alko hub lock, alarm etc. This is new for old and would pay out over £20,000 in the event of total loss.This is with a 4 year NCD.
    Checked with Caravan Guard on a like for like basis and they quoted £140 odd for the cover.
    The basic premium from CC is £841 !!!!!! and they want £20 for instalment charges if I pay on a monthly basis.
    I know that T&T ers have suggested that the CC insurance is a no brainer but well over £200 difference in premiums takes a lot of justification.
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  15. tonio added an answer to a question Priming the water Pump - Bailey series 6   

    Slightly different topic but I'm advised by my dealer's service manager to disconnect and remove the on board water pump from my Indiana series 5. Last year it was damaged by frost even though the system was drained down . Seems even a little water left inside the pump was enough to damage the pump necessitating the fitting of a new pump. It was a pretty severe winter.
    Just wonder if it was wrapped in foam insulation or a few layers of bubble wrap that would be enough to avoid having to unscrew the whole thing.
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