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  1. nor added a post in a topic 16 Today   

    I’ve just checked I join 2004 
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  2. nor added a post in a topic 16 Today   

    Wow times flies  
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  3. nor added a post in a topic "May " need international driving licence in Europe   

    I have my IDP now from the post office . I did need to go to another town for it . Also needed was a new passport photo .
    i was also renewing my car insurance and asked for a green card . I was told they are not doing them yet and didn’t think I would need one . So I will have to wait for this and just hope if I do that it won’t be too late .
    i would rather be prepared than not . 
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  4. nor added a post in a topic "May " need international driving licence in Europe   

    We are going away on the 7th April . I have made enquiries at my local post office about IDP . They didn’t know anything about it or where to get it . I can’t wait until the last minute so I wil try and sort this out as soon as possible .
    back to the sad old days of what we used to have to do . What a shame .
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  5. nor added a post in a topic End of the road for the Mondeo?   

    Yes a sad fact . my last three cars were mondeos .i loved the last one a 2.2 TDCI it had a slot for 6 cds which I loved . the one before was a Ghia estate built in sat nav. and the one before just basic .  All brilliant tow cars. 
    I have changed to a Kuga automatic . It is no where near as nice as my mondeo . The boot is small I’m not happy with it at all . I just keep comparing it . But it does tow very well. 
    I just have to get used to it I suppose unles can find a 3 year old top of the range one . The only one I saw last year was over 20K and bright red I couldn’t afford that and couldn’t have lived with the colour . 
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  6. nor added a post in a topic New-look Club magazines from January   

    I enjoy reading the rallies and tempory holidays in the magazine . Prices keep going up yet contents might be less . 
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  7. nor added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    5 nights from 05/08 at lady Margaret’s Park chirk . 
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  8. nor added a post in a topic In car cool boxes   

    Thank you everyone .
    he now says there is no 12volt plug in boot . I’m sure there is . But I think he will just use cold box and ice packs now . 
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  9. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    In car cool boxes
    my son is coming from the Netherlands . He is hoping to go camping while here . 
    Do any of you use in car cool boxes . Are they any good . He would need to use this in his car for most of his trip . Would this cause a problem with his car battery .
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  10. nor added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    4 nights at Blackmore c&cc 

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  11. nor added a post in a topic Books again   

    Well since reading Clifton chronicals by Jeffery Archer . ( brilliant ) I haven’t found anything to interest me . I have just started reading another Phillips Gregory . The wise woman . I do like her way of writing , I find her books easy reading and love the stories especially after reading all  the war of the roses books . The white queen etc . 
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  12. nor added a post in a topic Books again   

    I’m just wondering if everyone is still using a kindle or are you all back to books .
    what are you reading .? 
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  13. nor added a post in a topic SINK OVER FLOW   

    Were you on a full service pitch . Our fresh water ccntainer would have emptied . 
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  14. nor added a topic in Showroom   

    Why do you change caravans
    ok we have in the past changed caravans due to our first and second  becoming too old and needing lots of repairs .
    our next we changed due to needing to upsize . 
    Then the upsized van was rubbish and we were sick of it either leaking or needing repairs , this was from new so we changed .
    i just wondered why you all change . Is it because you like new or because your situation changes . 
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  15. nor added a post in a topic Tom Tom issues   

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