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  1. nor added a post in a topic Away Again ?   

    This time of year we tend to use cmc sites as David says they do have large hard standings big enough for car and caravan or motor home . We are due to go to broadway next month excellent at this time of year again due to their hard standings .
    Dont  forget the c&cc need to cater for tents more than the cmc . This is my excuse for them having smaller hard standings .
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  2. nor added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Ok thanks for this information . 
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  3. nor added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Ok thanks for that . We do have a Maplins quite near . 
    Would our reading lights be LEDs  or are they not standard on caravans . It’s 2016 model . 
    Either way I will ask when I next go to caravan dealers .
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  4. nor added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Is this as easy as just buying new bulbs and putting them in ?
    Do the caravan dealers sell them ? 
    Thanks you I will give this a try . 
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  5. nor added a topic in Hobbies & lifestyle   

    Lighting in van in evenings
    I find the lighting in the van during the evening or when it’s dark is not good enough to read, knit , sew , or for any sort of crafts or hobbies . This is even with reading lights on . 
    I have bought a lamp but again it’s not very bright .
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  6. nor added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    What about c&cc sites .  
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  7. nor added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Insurance for Europe
    we shall be going to the Netherlands at April . We may go in July as well but not sure . Or even just with car / or even by train.
    is it worth insuring for the year or just our first trip we plan in April 
    does it cost a lot more for the year . 
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  8. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Recently retired
    I have sadly retired from work although I still have a few hours work once a week in a supermarket . 
    Having always had to go away in school holidays I can now go anytime I like  hopefully a lot cheaper  . Do I still need to plan and book as before or can I just make my mind up and go . I always planned and booked my four trips away as soon as possible and the sites were always busy or  full . 
    I am thinking of booking a cl in August and the rest I thought,  we can maybe just go when we want. Do sites still get booked up out of school holidays is it still important to book .
    It is life changing  although I have booked for almost 3 weeks in April . Hoping nothing happens before then . 
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  9. nor added a post in a topic Sites near home   

    at least you are not in a tent in the garden . I had to do that when mine were young . 
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  10. nor added a topic in Movie,T.V and Music Magic   

    Favourite Christmas cds
    my favourite Christmas cd has been for the last year or more Michael ball . Rod Stewart , and Michael Bublé . 
    And of course I still love all the favourites . 
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  11. nor added a post in a topic Booked for next april   

    Oh yes twin lakes I have looked at this before when you recommended it . You always like the fishing there.  sounds nice we used to go to Royan . 
    What a great idea to have a static there instead . It sounds lovely good luck 
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  12. nor added a post in a topic Booked for next april   

    French static sounds very nice are you going to stay in it ?
    what area is this . Do you take a caravan with  you or motor home . How will you go to Portugal . 
    Soryy im not nosy just curious . 
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  13. nor added a topic in Campsites all around Britain   

    Sites near home
    I’ve made a list of sites with in approximately 1 hour drive away . No more than 1 1/2 hours away . There were about 15+ just in case we can get away for a few days when there is good weather . 
    We wont go again now until maybe the end of March . 
    Do any of you stay near home ?
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  14. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Booked for next april
    Booked rally at delft with c&cc again . I did want to go for 4 weeks but OH said no it’s too long . So I just booked for 3 weeks  hoping all goes well . 
    I have taken my retirement .  
    Easter a bit early so now we can go at the end of April and  hopefully  see the flower parade this year , we have always missed it . Also the weather may be warmer . 
    Has anyone else booked for next year .
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  15. nor added a post in a topic 2017 nights away   

    Just back from 8 nights at winchcombe c&cc site . 
    Lovely weather . That will be the last until next spring 
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