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  1. nor added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    Ok this may be a silly question but when you say shift to a lower gear on hills mainly going down hill .
    how is this possible in an automatic if there is no clutch . Can you do this while the car is moving just move into 1 or 2 . 
    I am collecting this car next week and not really worried but not sure when towing . Down hill more than up hill . Or like manual car just keep foot on brake  . I am a confidant driver but need to understand everything . I have never used cruise control when towing either . 
    So should I have a driving lesson ?
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  2. nor added an answer to a question Brakes locking on reversing   

    We had this on our new caravan and didn’t know what the problem was we took it to our dealer because we thought it was the motor mover locking . But they said that was not possible . Then they said it could be the ATC locking . We don’t know why but thought it was over sensitive I had also noticed my brakes coming on when driving over any uneven surface . It is fine now . I don’t know if they altered or adjusted it slightly . But it hasn’t happened Since. 
    we had been told if it did happen to just unplug the electrics and re plug then so it would reset itself .
    i don the know if this would be the same on yours being a twin axle .
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  3. nor added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    we went out yesterday to view my list of cars I wanted or would like . 
    Car 1 , Volvo , out of my price range and nothing near me .
    car 2, bmw , very unhelpful probably because I was being too fussy .
    the rest was going to be Kia then a few more but we called in my local Ford dealer . He was so helpful took me on a test drive of a Kuga automatic . Not the colour of my choice but we decided to get this car . Again ford being best price for me . It has low millage and the price was right for us . 
    I just hope I will cope with the automatic . Test driving was fine but it was on a flat road .  I am thinking should I have a driving lesson for some tips on hills etc . 
    Any views or advice . Only positive please or I won’t sleep at night . 
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  4. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Where do you like to pitch ?
    while we were away recently . I said I had wanted to change our pitch . We had no morning sun then no evening sun . However the following week it was extremely hot so we were glad of the shade and looking for more shade during the day .
    i noticed a small tent had pitched under a tree . One night the rain was so bad we were kept awake by the noise and drips from a tree .  I asked the camper if the rain had bothered her but she said no .
    i like a little shade but not too much . And do try to face south ,this as everyone knows is not always possible . 
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  5. nor added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Ian do you live in your caravan or just have lots of holidays . I’m not jealous 
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  6. nor added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Ok I will try again .
    we have just returned from the c&cc rally in delft . Lovely time 21 days . 
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  7. nor added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    whoops silly me 
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  8. nor added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    21 nights in delft with the c&cc rally 
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  9. nor added an answer to a question Rotten shower floor (sorry)   

    My advice would be no . 
    We don’t have a motor home . But have enough problems with caravans . Unless you can do these repairs yourself if it’s possible . If is a private sale I think you need to reduce price by a lot more than that . Ask in a repair place how much it would cost to repair this type or work . 
     Then decide . 
    Good luck . 
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  10. nor added a post in a topic Swift and bike carriers on the back ?   

    I would never even think of hanging bikes on the back . But was thinking due to having a bracket it may have been possible to put the bikes inside near to the rear of the van .
    but after your replies I think I will continue to do what I have always done . 
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  11. nor added a post in a topic Swift and bike carriers on the back ?   

    this is very like what we do now . I don’t hang in wardrobe due to this being at the back of the van , 
    thanks for that . I think I need a bigger car , there is only the two of us . It was no different when the four of us went . But in those days caravans were lighter plus no movers . Bikes either went in caravan or on the back of the car . 
    I strap my fold up bike in passenger seats in the back of car with safety belts around them . 
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  12. nor added a topic in Tow Cars   

    I need a new tow car .
    My car is getting old now . ( a bit like me ) 
    we need to change it in the next few months .  The last three cars have been mondeos . One of these was an estate . 
    We cant afford the huge cost that I see everywhere . I am looking for something 3 or 4 years old . I had said I would like an automatic . This is not essential though .
    ive been glancing at Kia not sure which one  , other ford cars like the  Kuga  and . I think out of my price range discovery, VW Or BMW. When we are away I am going to look at everyone’s cars and make enquiries  and notes of them all . but if any of you can give me some ideas I would be grateful . 
    While away just before Easter some one was towing with a Porsche .  But I don’t want one of those . 
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  13. nor added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Swift and bike carriers on the back ?
    we have a swift caravan . They are made and have a bracket to  carry bikes on the back . We don’t do this but occasionally we do take bikes with us . 
    I was thinking . I always carry as much as possible in my car due to not wanting to overload the van . I put bikes awning and clothes all in the car plus some others small things like roll up seat and table .  .   ( my poor car ) .
    if the swift can carry bikes on the back can I ? or could I carry them in the caravan near to the rear end of the caravan if the swift has been made to carry bikes would this be ok . Or if not maybe the awning . My bikes are fold up ones . 
    With my last caravan I didn’t dare put awning in the van as it didn’t tow well . The swift is much better and quite aerodynamic. 
    We are going away on Sunday for 3 weeks . 
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  14. nor added a post in a topic EASTER   

    Andy that is so sad . The car as well . 
    I always think HOW  when caravans are big and white they can’t be missed . 
    We are off to the Netherlands on Sunday I’m towing . The Dutch drivers are as mad as some of the drivers over here . No patience . They just try to get in front of us even though I try to give way as much as possible .
    but at least your not hurt , good luck sorting it all out . 
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  15. nor added a post in a topic Swift Sprite Quattro EB   

    Very nice . 
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