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  1. Val A added a post in a topic Archies Campings Update 2018   

    There is a new update to Archies Campings available on line now.
    For those not familiar with this website, it is a database of details of more than 32,000 campsites throughout Europe, with files which can be downloaded for almost every make of SatNav, and then included in your POI files. There is also an App available at a modest price, which includes future updates. You can access the App through the website home page.
    This update has more information about opening dates, and lots of new smaller sites, especially in the Netherlands.
    If you notice any incorrect information, or know of a new (or closed) campsite, please let 'Archie' know, through the contact button on the website.
    Please feel free to share this information on any other camping/caravanning/motorhome/motor cycling/hiking/walking/cycling websites where you may be a member.
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  2. Val A added a post in a topic Archies Camping - Information needed   

    He's actually looking for feedback on UK sites..................... those are the ones which are missing information.  He does get feedback from UK users about continental sites.  Perhaps no one in the UK uses Archies for UK sites!!!
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  3. Val A added a topic in Campsites all around Britain   

    Archies Camping - Information needed
    Does anyone use Archies Camping ( - downloadable files of POIs and other campsite information for SatNavs) for finding UK sites? If so, Archie would be very happy to hear from you about any updates, correction of coordinates, changes to site telephone numbers, websites, site closures or openings........! He's recently commented that whilst UK users now outnumber those in Holland, he gets very little feedback from UK users about sites in the UK. There is a 'Contact' facility on the front page of the website where you can let Archie know of anything which might not be correct.

    The database is updated every couple of months and is a labour of love by Archie - and Archie is not a commercial organisation working for profit, but a retired Dutch teacher!
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  4. Val A added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Camping Travel Club
    Sorry I think I just posted some misinformation.  I'm going to check it out and will correct it later. 
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  5. Val A added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    French autoroute tolls are going up from 1st February 2018.  Details here:
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  6. Val A added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Yes, as caravanners, we've stayed many times at Baie de la Somme services.  The caravan 'cul-de-sac' is a great place to stay overnight, but we've visited many times in daylight too, and on our overnight stays had lovely coffee and croissants for breakfast.  But perhaps it's a 'step too far' for first-timers in France.  Next time, maybe?
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  7. Val A added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Sorry, indoors, I thought you meant this side!  We've met people who stop near Cambridge for an overnight on the way to Dover - and they live a mile or so further south than us!  
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  8. Val A added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    It wouldn't occur to us to stay overnight before a Dover/Calais crossing, and we live much further north than Leicestershire (North Yorkshire in fact).  I would do the Dover/Calais crossing, for less than £200 return, stay overnight at Camping Ste Claire are Neufchatel en Bray,  and then Le Grand Large is a comfortable 4 and a half hour journey. 
    I would also cost the site directly - checking La Grand Large now for dates in August shows:
    The pitch for two, including water and waste, €37.00 per night
    Electricity €6.00 per night
    Child 0 - 3 years free, 3 - 10 €5.00 per night
    I make that 48 euros per night - for eight nights the cost for the site would be £337.23 at today's exchange rate.  
    Can you possibly go at Spring Bank Holiday instead?  The cost then would be in the ACSI Car price band of 17 euros per night - including electricity.  If your child is over 6 then you'd pay an extra €3.50 per night  (under 6 would be included in the ACSI Card rate) - but you'd get your eight nights total stay for the price of 7 - so down to £126.05 - and you'd probably find the ferry slightly cheaper as well!
    When we had small children we always used to holiday at Spring Bank Holiday. 
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  9. Val A added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Archies Campings Update 2018
    For anyone going to Europe in 2018, or planning a lot of camping holidays in this country, and who uses a SatNav, you can now download the latest version of Archies Campings – files of information of POI’s, opening dates, and other details about campsites in Britain and Europe – including separate files for ACSI Camping Card sites, Camping Cheque sites, and Best Deal sites. Camping Card and Camping Cheques sites are the 2018 updates, and Best Deal information will be updated as soon as the information is available. There are now over 33,000 sites, including many in Great Britain.

    This time many more opening dates have been checked and amended, lots of sites have been added, and some removed as they are no longer operating.

    The poll which was available in the previous Archie’s versions, has now been closed, and the information from the poll will be acted upon before the next update.
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  10. Val A added a post in a topic Archie's Camping POI's - October 16 - Windows 10 App   

    Can I just remind people that before you download the App onto a Windows 10 device, you need to have Windows maps downloaded.

    Here's a comment from someone who has just downloaded it: 

    I have installed the App onto my desktop computer to give it a test run. One thing I didn't realise but easily solved is the need to have windows maps downloaded onto your computer. Once that is done you can click on the map to find the desired area you wish to investigate campsites. In the UK it seems to have all CL's and CS's listed. The closer you drill into the map the clearer the map becomes. Clicking on the name of the campsite opens a separate page in your web browser where you can explore facilities in greater detail. IF ACSI ever decide to stop producing the DVD this could be a good alternative and cheaper!!!
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  11. Val A added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Archie's Camping POI's - October 16 - Windows 10 App
    A new update of Archie's Camping (Campsite POI's and other information, for more than 31,000 campsites)

    Important news since the last update is that it is now possible to download the Archiescampings app for Windows 10!! You can use it on your phone, tablet, PC and laptop so it is easy to plan your trips at home. During your trip you can use it off line on your laptop, tablet and phone too. See the website here, Archies Camping (click for link) and download more than 31,000 campsite POI's or find the link to the new Apps.

    In this update there have been lots of changes in the database of campsites. Many new campsites have been added, this time mostly concentrating on sites in Sweden.

    And last, but not least, please don’t forget to report all missing campsites, and any other wrong information or failures in the database.
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  12. Val A added a topic in Continental Touring   

    More Camping Cheques sites move to ACSI for 2017
    From another forum:
    The movement from Camping Cheques to ACSI seems well under way.
    Camping du Pont de Bourgogne (page 335 )
    Le Mas de Reihle               (page 212)
    Kompass Camping Nieuwpoort      (page 344)
    are all ceasing Camping Cheques for 2017 and taking ACSI.
    If you've included any of these in your planning for 2017 then best buy an ACSI Card and Guide.
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  13. Val A added a post in a topic French electric plug   

    Many French sites have the normal three pin hook up these days  - though some do still have the two pin - but in all our thirty-six years of camping/caravanning I don't think I've seen those larger hookups except on motorhome bollards.  Which campsite were you on - and were all the connections the same?
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  14. Val A added a topic in Continental Touring   

    Archie's Camping - August 2016 update
    There is a new version of Archie's camping available to download now. This time more sites have been deleted and even more new ones added. There has been an emphasis on finding sites in what was the old Yugoslavia so anyone heading in that direction will find lots of useful information.
    Download it here: Archie's Camping August 2016
    For a few reasons it hasn't been possible, yet, to announce the new App which has been planned for Windows 10 - but there may be more news soon.

    Keep sending in information if you find anything that needs to be corrected, or any new sites which aren't in the database.
    Please feel free to share this information on any other camping/caravanning/motorhome/motorcycling forums or on Facebook, or anywhere else that you think it might be useful.
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  15. Val A added a post in a topic Spain 2017   

    From the Spanish ports, if you're only willing to travel 100 miles, then you're limited to Northern Spain (ie the coast of the Bay of Biscay.  It's a long way to the Mediterranean from the Spanish ports.
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