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  1. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    At todays prices, that really sounds good.  However if you don't take advantage of the, 'freebies'  then for some it might be a bit pricey.
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  2. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Maurice.  I can well understand your feelings at this time.  Yes, I can see Mary's point as well.  Val && I at times would venture to the New Forest for three months at a time.  Change of scenery etc but for Mary & Val, so often it still meant cooking etc.  My friend.  I wish you and yours the very best.  PLEASE never stop contributing to this fine forum.  I still enjoy the comanionship of longtime members albiet, I am now on my own and no longer enjoy caravanning.  THumbs up mate and keep in touch.  Mike.
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  3. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Having listened to various ones I installed Win.10 upgrading from Win.7.  As the Meerkat would say, zimples.  I have to admit I am no computer geek.  Once the update had completed I checked my important files.  For some reason a collection of over 800 scanned science slides were missing.  All of my other photos etc were there.  In time I did manage to recover the missing slides.
    Using Edge, the internet thingy I found this such a pain. Each time I wanted to advance a page, it sent me back to desktop.  In the end I searched the net, simply by typing in.  Can I revert to Windows 7?
    The instructions were so easy to follow.  In no time at all Windows 7 was back and all systems  go.  However there are one or two for instance, the tray at the bottom of the screen still shows Win 10 logo and a few odds and ends.
    I use XP on my laptop and consider the latter to have been one of the best systems ever.
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  4. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Driving Licence & Towing Age 70   

    In short.  If you or the licence holder is listed as having whatever groups.  The age of 70 plus doesn't come into it.  What is of most importance is, that the licenced driver fulfils all the medical requirements.  Many people tend to panic at this point.  Should I admit I have high blood pressure etc.  Should you notify the DVLA of whatever you suffer from, if they consider it requires further check ups, they will contact you and ask for  GP's details etc.  Quality of eyesight is high on the list
    For the main part of your question.  If you have the group then all that goes with that group is yours.  Age doesn't come into it.
    A point to remember.  Photo card licences.   The photo has to be renewed every ten years.
    I hope this helps.
    Stay Safe.
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  5. Traffico3 added a post in a topic WOW first time on here in a long while   

    Like you my friend. I also have been AWOL for some time. I lost my wife five years back, I don't even have a van anymore but. Logging on, and wow! I was still welcomed. Great site and great hosts.
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  6. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Long time ago   

    Thanks for the welcome. I will give it my best.
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  7. Traffico3 added a topic in Practice Forum   

    Long time ago
    Long time ago. Well that's true. How true the saying, 'time flies'. I used to be a regular contributor to this site. Mark. Might I compliment you for having kept it going and at the same time improving. I raise my hat to you, Sir.

    I was really shocked when typing in the header to this forum, I found that I was still signed in. Looking around. I note, Maurice is still with us. Artists Rifles and perhaps many more old friends. Dave Elcome was a friend. Would be nice to hear from him again.

    Please believe me when I say, I am not looking for sympathy. No violins etc. Since losing my wife. 9.6.2010 I have often thought about getting another caravan. However as some will understand. Heartfelt memories take a long time to fade. Then there is the vast hike in storage costs, add to this the daily campsite cost.

    The New Forest has always been my dream. However, take a look at the cost per night. Since the forest has been deemed a national park, the greedy hands have come forth.

    Friends. It is truly great to still be able to chat with folk like you. Thank you. Mike.
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  8. Traffico3 added a post in a topic Industrial Action At The Port Of Calais   

    I find it so sad that so many people are fleeing their homeland in search of a better life. However, this can't be allowed to continue. All those poor souls drowning and now all this trouble at the crossing.

    Why should Britain pay out for more high security fencing etc, whilst the French sit back and do B.A It is obvious that their idea is. Leave the migrants alone, let them go to Britain....we don't want them.

    I don't know. I am not political but. At the end of the day. Might it not be cheaper and safer to let these folk come across and straight away upon reaching our side, turn them around and send them back. It must be nice to be laid back as our continental friends are but the continent has the land space. We are a tiny island.
    It is such a sad situation. Perhaps the powers to be have let the grass grow under their feet.
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  9. Traffico3 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Just a friendly Hello!
    Hi Folks.

    Seems ages since I last logged onto the site. Probably due to the fact that I no longer have a caravan.

    My youngest daughter Amanda, took me down to visit the eldest daughter, Kerry and her family, the other weekend. The grandson, Josh. Is into British Cycling. He had some meet at Cowshot, not far fro East Boldere in the New Forest, where Kerry and family live.

    It was strange. As soon as we left the Marchwood road, and began to cross the heathland toward Beaulieu estate. Memories began to fill my mind. Yes, the forest held many memories along with many friendships, that Val and I had built up over the years.

    My first ever visit to the enchanted forest, was just before I left school in 1954. WOW! Even I didn't realise it was that long ago. In time, I met Val. Truly love at first sight. We married in Sept. '61. Each year we visited the forest. Until the summer of 2009. Our son-in-law used to tow the caravan back to Mrs. Stevens storage farm. This time, Val handed the keys to James and said. It's all yours. We won't be needing it anymore. That was around September 2009. Sadly in June 2010, Val failed to regain consciousness from major heart surgery. Suddenly fifty wonderful years came to an end.

    During our caravannig holidays in the forest. Many spent at Roundhills. We made some good friends. Sad to say. One couple. He was a Lt. Col. Retd. and his wife was a former Teacher with MA degree. She passed away, and the next season. Allan was really missing her. They and the family came down each year, from Huddersfield. The rest can be read in the archives. There was also a husband and wife team fom Jersey or Gurnsey. Her nickname was, geety, I think.

    It was surprising to find many service personnel camping. There we made new friends. Having left Roundhills, due to a very nasty woman camper. We found a spot at Bull Hill. Only around eight vans. Here I we made friends with an elderl couple. He and I immediately hit it off. He was I believe a Professor in Natural History. Right up my street. He'd been surching for fungi. He mentioned that he was rewriting or updating the natural history record on fungi.

    OK. I used to be a traffic cop. Sadly health caused a career change. I the resorted to my trade as as a horticulturist, with deep interest in natural history. Then in 1984, government cutbacks etc. 'Tarzan' Mr Hestletine decided that my post with the MOD, could go. Thankfully, I managed to leave on medical grounds. Having recent recovered from a spell of sick leave. I was diagnosed with having gross degenerative disease of the spine. Hey ho! although not much. The old pension has come in handy.

    Please forgive me, if this tale has bored you. Perhaps upon recollection. All those memories, over many years. Yes. My friends. Even memories made and cultured outside the tent or caravan. Those memories are worth their weight in gold.

    Thanks for listening. Please feel free to get in touch.


    Let's hope the rain soon stops, and you can carry on camping.
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  10. Traffico3 added a post in a topic MoT amendments for 2012   

    Well hopefullyno one will object to me posting, as I no longer have my van, gave it to the eldest daughter last sorry. It was the previous year. Val must have had some fore-knowldge. Too many reminders for them, so it's got to go.

    To date this is he first I have heard re; MOT etc. I will get the lads on the police network to suss it out. Next will be things like how clean and tidy the inside of the car is. My tow bar is useful. Someone who often parks all day behind me, obviously hasn't got a hand-brake, so they use my tow-bar.
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