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  1. Scales added a post in a topic It's been a while ...   

    You could try changing the towcar

    I once had a Citroen Xantia (fantastic towcar) and I could not reverse the caravan with it.

    But other towcars were a lot better

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  2. Scales added a post in a topic New X-Trail - £5,000 off   


    Good advice, especially about vehicles being well proven

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  3. Scales added a topic in Tow Cars   

    New X-Trail - £5,000 off
    Page 102 of the latest C.C magazine has a Nissan advert with savings up to £5,014 off a brand new X-Trail (exclusive to members)

    Question is. "Is it a bargain" or just a way of shifting excess stock befrore a new model launch

    Has anybody had personal experience of these kind of offers?

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  4. Scales added a post in a topic Gas powered vehicles   

    Is it to late to change?

    An article I read recently stated that some Government think tank is suggesting the abolition of fuel duty as it's impossible to collect from electric cars and will be difficult as other fuels such as hydrogen become popular.

    They suggest taxing vehicles with congestion charges. How I don't know.

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  5. Scales added a post in a topic Provence   

    Too hot for me

    I'd rather stay at home in the U.K. than experience those temperatures

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  6. Scales added a post in a topic I hope it wasn't you this morning   

    It wasn't me, thank goodness

    But one unhappy caravanner managed to turn his caravan upside down in the Scottish Highlands

    Story here

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  7. Scales added a post in a topic Buying a Tow Car   

    Very few of us have the opportunity to test drive a variety of tow cars with an appropriately loaded caravan on the back.

    For that reason I think it's well worth thumbing through present and past results of the TCOY awards, especially looking for vehicles that are consistently near the top.

    The test drivers are allegedly experts (that can cause some argument) but it is the opinion of those who have been given the opportunity to compare

    It also covers a variety of different sized and priced vehicles. So once you've decided your priorities regarding mpg, noseweight, 85% rule etc there should still be a fair selection to choose from.

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  8. Scales added a post in a topic ACSI costs   

    In the past we haven't been charged tourist tax at some sites during low season.

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  9. Scales added a post in a topic Caravan Tyre Blow Out - Tyrons Saved Us!   

    Well said Roger.

    Tyrons are another safety device.

    Unless we have unlimited budgets we must make a choice. Concentrating on the wheels I choose to change the manufacturers tyres for a higher spec (particularly the load index) and don't fit tyrons.

    The real need for tyrons went out some years ago when the wheels were designed with retention beads.

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  10. Scales added a post in a topic Is this the future?   

    With the cost of fuel and lack of real pay increases I reckon many caravanners aren't going so far as they used to.

    Lots that always travel to Europe aren't going so far down. This has been noticeable for a few years, partly caused by the exchange rate as well as the price of fuel.

    Since the credit crunch the purchasing power of our money has reduced by 14%, but by 19% if you're aged between 65 & 74.

    As we travel less far it puts more strain on local amenities.

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  11. Scales added a post in a topic Citroen suspension   

    I agree.

    I've had 2 Xantias and they were better tow cars than my 4x4

    The suspension gas spheres do leak away slowly so are probably worth replacing every few years. Not a big job and not too pricey either.

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  12. Scales added a post in a topic Punctures and blowouts   

    Iknow the results of this aren't scientific but it'd be interesting to have a comparison of punctures on caravans against punctures on cars showing approximate mileage travelled for both.

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  13. Scales added a post in a topic The Wine Glass Clamp   

    Plus £2 p&p from the website
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  14. Scales added an answer to a question Front Draw dropping   

    Might be worth putting your hand in and feeling upwards at the front of the drawer. Some have a flexible piece of plastic to stop the drawer coming out. Pushing it upwards will allow you to pull it right out.

    Some drawers need to be lifted at the front end and will then slide out.

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  15. Scales added a post in a topic Motorhomers getting some stick   

    A typical article.

    Motorhomers consistently compare the U.K. with France where space is abundant and they can park for free with facilities.

    Well sorry, but it ain't like that in the U.K.

    We don't have the space and if my local council proposed spending my money on providing such facilities I'd be the first to protest.

    They even want bigger bays in car parks. Would the owners be prepared to pay 4 times the car rate because of the space they take up plus wider lanes for access.

    I'm not envious of motorhomers. Each to their own.

    I've even considered it myself, but the problem is they need to be big to be comfortable and that makes them impractical for use in this country which is why I didn't buy one.

    Prospective purchasers should look at the downsides before purchase.

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