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  1. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I found this 'YouTube' film of Sundays 'Mass Escape Of The Lunatics' linked via the 'Fell Runners Association'
    (Senior event footage starts @ 1:00)

    Oh, & as for the distance/elevation I know it's; 7 miles race distance & 1200 feet height-gain

    A good comparison for northern members is the Emley Moor TV transmitter mast in West Yorkshire - that's only 1,080 feet high!
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  2. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Thanks Kevin for that!

    I hope the leg's okay now?

    The official 'Stanbury' results are up now


    I was slightly out with my own time (can't have stopped watch quickly enough)

    I placed at;
    Overall = 154th/298
    'Vet 40' = 75th/112
    Time = 1.03:09

    Here's some more photos, I'm not there, I can't see myself anyway in them, but here's one that shows you how steep one of the descents/ascents was


    Number 96 is Robin Bradbury, one of the Cyclo-Cross riders I know, who finished in 52:24 (41st/298)

    I've been browsing & found myself another one for July........... the Stoodley Pike Fell-Race' :D
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  3. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I drove over to Haworth, looking at all of the snow at the road-sides & in the lee of the stone-walls!
    It was bl**dy cold up there, & trying to sleet whilst signing on took place.

    Due to the temperature, I ran the event in a long-sleeve Club jersey, with a t-shirt underneath, with 'Planet X' gloves.
    Somehow I doubted that I would suffer from over-heating whilst out there!

    The start was a chaotic affair, (circa 280?? runners) with the field charging off like they were running for a bus (ie; going like buggery!)
    I, as usual, lost places immediately - but felt that it was probably easier to drift back, than fight through the back-markers

    The descent to the first stream crossing made the vertiginous start of the 'Cyclists verses Harriers' look a bit tame
    This one was the type of slope that the Sheep walk down holding onto each other!, & as for the ascent!, I've seen loft-ladders that don't go up as steeply!!!!!!!

    Once on the level (or what passes for level ground out there, it was a nice run, if a bit boggy in places.
    We were running knee-deep in the softest areas of peat at times, with no firm ground for yards!

    There was even stretches where some were running through snow, if they took a different line, & it even started snowing at the furthest/most exposed/highest points of the course!!!!

    Still, eventually the finish came into - from a distance at first (2 miles!), but it arrived, & it was all over with.

    Did I enjoy it?
    I'm not sure, it certainly felt like masochism being out there, but I guess it's charactor building if nothing else!?!?

    Put it this way................ I doubt if there was enough straight-jackets in the county for all of us lunatics this morning

    There were a few Cyclo-Cross riders that I knew running the event;
    Rob Thackray (Bradford Olympic) - ex national squad cyclo-cross rider
    Darrel Bradbury (Norton Wheelers) - a damn fine fell/cross-country runner
    Robin Bradbury (Aire Valley RT)
    Phil Hinchcliffe (Bradford RCC) - was spotted watching, but not running this time
    Plus I saw a couple of others that I know 'by face', but not name.

    Sadly the 'aimed for' 52:00 minutes didn't happen, due mainly to the aforementioned 'staircases'.
    I did finish in a semi-respectable time of 1.03:13, which would have given me a placing of 123rd/303 in the 2009 event

    The official times/placings will be provided as soon as I know them (& scary photo links!)

    Will I run it again in 2011?
    At this moment in time, sitting here, all dry & warm, with a pot of tea, I'll say "Yes"
    If you'd have asked me after the first mile, myreply would have been a few naughty words

    'You Tube' clip of 2009 event.
    Seniors event starts @ 2:05

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  4. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I've found an interestingevent for tomorrow morning; the 'Stanbury Splash'

    It's 7 miles, & 1200 feet of climbing, which is roughly twice asceding Honister Pass, in Borrowdale

    I was looking at it on the Fell Runners Association forum, I know the area, & I'm on day-off on Sunday, so was considering going over for it (SWMBO is going out anyway)



    I'm just wondering how much the vertical difference from the 'Cyclists verses Harriers' (that's listed at 6 miles & 650 feet. Running PB = 48:12) will make (or indeed the 'Bingley Show Trail-Race', at 3 miles & 450feet, I believe. PB = 20:10) to my capability to run this race?, so long as I go at my own pace?

    I would, however, like to beat circa 52:00 minutes though, alllowing for the ascents, & the 5 stream crossings (probably quite swollen given the heavy snow in that area!)

    That's if I can drag myself out of bed in time for the drive over to Haworth

    Kev; it's also queried in the 'Events'forum of 'Runners World.co.uk'
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  5. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Thanks Kevin, the Hospice staff thanked me afterwards, & told me (to my surprise!) that no-one had dressed as 'The Grinch' before!

    That's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done, now's the time to start planning the next one whilst you're still bouyant with success
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  6. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Well, it was a rather amusing little event

    I was slightly surprised at the numbers there, perhaps 160 - 170 entrants?

    I arrived incognito, in Ron Hill running tights & Featherstone RC long-sleeve top, which always gets a good reception from the Hospice volunteers (as the Club, & Club sponsoring shop, both support the Hospice 'big time')

    Once I'd checked in, & had a little run around to stretch/warm-up, it was time to get changed............

    I attracted a bit of attention, after all, slipping off tight trousers & pulling on furry green ones in open view is not something you see (or wish to?) everyday?!?

    There seemed to be a 'photo-call' too, as a lot of people wanted a picture of the 'idiot in the green furry trousers' :roll:, but sadly not as many young ladies as I hoped for - who might want to stroke the face

    Once lined up for the start, I was well back, and standing with Kath & Sue (our 2 Matrons)
    To say it's not deemed a race, the front line rapidly disappeared - leaving me some chasing to do.
    Quite surprisingly the trousers were't too bad to run in - I did envisage them falling around my ankles at some point, then me going full-length along the grass

    I passed a heck of a lot of people all the way round - despite only having a combination of 'monocular/tunnel vision' (as the eye-holes in the mask were considerably at odds with the distance between my own eyes)

    Bar the last 1/4 lap, the mask wasn't too bad to run in; in terms of breathing, but I wouldn't want to run a 10K in it

    I think that I did manage to get up to about 15th - 20th place by the end - even though it's not a race (oh yeah!?!?)

    (I reckon, didn't time myself, on about 15 16 minutes for the circuit)

    Click on pic to open/enlarge (5 images)

    The photos continued after the event too, including someone who works at the Hospital, & took some for the staff magazine (there goes my reputation!!!)

    However, best of all, was making a couple of kids cry by looking at them, & asking if they'd been good or not :D

    Apparantly there was a fair few 'honks' of horns from both the M62 (runs on north-side of course) & Park Road (A639; M62 - Pontefract town centre) - I couldn't hear bugger all in that mask

    Edit @ 18:45

    Well, Kevin????

    How was the Aberystwyth 10K

    Position out of ??? starters, & more importantly, your time??
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  7. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    There's 2 video clips in this (organising clubs 'www') forum posting.


    I'm only in Part 1 fleetingly, at about the 8 second mark, as I go to sign-in

    You get to see how steep the start actually was
    The climb up/through the boulder field is up onto the side of Shipley Glen

    I'm in 'Part 2' for a few seconds at around 5:42, in my Club-top, running-shorts, woolly hat & gloves

    Sadly no-one went out onto the wilder sections of the course, around the back of Baildon Moor
    (unless there's a 'part 3' to come from another spectator)
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  8. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I hope you both enjoy it

    The results are now on-line (& the Clubs review of the race)

    It was more or less as I thought*


    My time = 48:12

    Overall Placing= 66th/129
    Position Amongst Runners = 49th/93

    If I'd ridden it, & managed to get the same place, I'd have been 18th/38 cyclists

    Yorkshire Post 'C v H' review

    *Paul bet me by 54 seconds & 6 places

    I've decided, I want to run it in 45 minutes next year

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  9. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    That's little old masochistic me!

    It's certainly a race that if you describe it to people they laugh nervously, & back away from you, even 'serious Club runners', I tried to get a couple of Wakefield Harriers* that I know quite well to join me - I even offered them a lift there & back, but was turned down flat!

    I was supposed to have ridden a Cyclo-Cross in a park at Bingley this afternoon, but due to 'family commitments' sadly couldn't get there (SWMBO told me I was spending time with them, & not going!)

    Still........... I'm riding the 'North Of England Cyclo-Cross Championships' in Thornes (ie; Wakefield) Park on Sunday 6th!
    I know I've got b*gger all chance of getting anywhere near a 'top-10' finish, but will be there to help 'make up the numbers' (& will probably be the only competitor from my Club too!)

    Go for it!!

    I've got a silly 'Santa Dash' on that date around Pontefract RaceCourse (2.7 miles; longest 'flat' course in country)
    I've told 'small-child' (who pestered me into it) that I'm doing it on my own terms though.............. I'm dressing as 'The Grinch'

    *I've been asked by a few runners if I want to join the 'Harriers', I wonder if my 'Trunce' times (as listed, & linked to, in my initial response to this thread, & definate improvements there have been 'noticed'??

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  10. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Wel, it could have ended up being a test of navigation/playing 'Follow My Leader' too, as on the way the visibility was atrocious.
    It dropped to perhaps 100yards at the most as I entered Bradford (leaving M62 @ jct 27), so I was idly thinking thoughts about 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles'/'American Werewolf in London' & warnings to "Stay Off The Moors!"

    However, on arrival at Bingley, it was simply damp, but with proper rain threatening
    Signing on was a slight confusion, a cyclist (showing a BCF card, not an athletics club members card) who wanted to sign in as a runner?!
    I did consider having a word with John Rawnsley ('Mr Three-Peaks'), who's one of the organisers.
    (why was it a problem??, after all Rob Jebb enters as both, dependant on event)

    He was there, & riding today (I presume he won?)

    I even got called a 'Turn-Coat' by Phil Thackray (dad of Richard, & Robert, the ex British Cyclo-Cross squad riders, when I told him I was running it instead of riding)

    The start was its usual struggle, that damned hill shown in the last post was rather slippy, plus rear wheels in the face wasn't a help either!
    At least the runners could 'put some distance' into the cyclists over the next 2 fields (cows there till just before start)

    The first real obstacle was a fallen tree over the path (with about 4 foot clearance!), we could just duck down
    Paul Milsom (Calder Clarion - a 'rival' local Club) overtook me just after this, as I'd distanced him at the start & made good my escape.

    Then the 'mill-pond' dam (not shown on map, but on Loadpit Beck) was slippery, with a few steps before climbing the side of the hill into the Glen (steeper than start!, but with boulders) - I passed Paul back

    Once on top, it was simply a case of following the best route, then the 'fun' started again........ the long-drag up to Baildon Moor

    At the top by the 'Trig-Point', it started to rain.......... fast.

    Going round the back of the moor wasn't too bad, as it was sheltered from the wind & rain, but it was quite boggy (more than shin-deep, & rather sticky at points)

    Descending from the Moor caused me to lose a few places, as I'm not as mad at going down as some of the 'proper' fell-running lunatics.

    Paul passed me again just as we got into the bottom of the Glen (took him almost 3 miles to catch me up!)

    After the run along the Glen, parallell to the road, it was back into the boulder-choke & reverse of the course to the start.

    As we entered the last 2 fields I could see Paul ahead (he'd made good on the flatter sections of the Glen), but I couldn't quite get back up to him.

    But, at the top of the drop back to the finish, I could see him getting off his bike, so I reckon he only bet me by about 30 - 40 seconds, & 5 places (not bad after 6 miles)

    I have no time yet (not on-line), & I forgot to start my stop-watch at the 'off', but I tend to think it was roughly 48 minutes (54 minutes in '07, & '08
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  11. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    A good target to aim for, & only 3 weeks on Sunday!!!

    Here's the details of the 'C v H', & a link to the route, just in case anyone's thinking of having a trip over to line-up alongside of me


    The 'event HQ' is
    Fisherman Inn
    Wagon Lane,
    BD16 1TS (for users of 'Multi-Map' & sat-nav)

    Signing on is along the (Leeds & Liverpool) canal banking opposite the pub

    Look at this pics to see just how steep the start is!!!!!!!!

    More images here (2006 event)

    First & second places last year were taken by 2 of the organising Clubs best athletes;

    1st; Rob Jebb. 7 times 'Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross' winner, fell-runner of international repute, & also multiple winner of 'Three Peaks Fell-Race' (rode it)

    2nd; Alistair Brownlee. World Triathlon Champion! (run it)

    If I can get within 15 minutes of their times, I'll be dead chuffed!

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  12. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I've ran this one qiute few more times over the past couple of weeks, & got the time down to 41:13

    It's all in training for this Saturdays 'Cyclists verses Harriers'


    I've ridden it for the past 2 years, but are trying to run it this time.

    I call it a 'fell-race', if only due to the amount of climbing involved; those 650 feet are climbed in the first 2 miles!!!

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  13. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    I went out for a run this morning, before we ventured up to Queen Eltherburgas College (to check it out as a possibilty for our daughter), & it was a cross-country run (well, 90% on footpaths & bridleways anyway) too!

    I ended up being out for 6 miles around the local area, along some bridleways that I've never, ever, set foot/wheel on.

    It was a nice jaunt, once I'd got into a rhythym/warmed up/settled down. I ended up running over an ancient 'corpse-way', passing a 14th century almshouse, along the top of an 'ox-bow' lake (caused by redirection of the River Calder, when a railway embankment was built)

    Sadly, I also missed a turning & ended up in essentially 'no-mans-land', where the haul-road to the local landfill crosses the Calder, that meant a double back for a fair distance

    The elapsed time was 48:38 (not bad for the terrain/doubling-back) & I got nicely wet/muddy from where some of the tracks had been thoroughly dampened in this weeks rain.
    Slipping whilst jumping over a drainage-ditch at the bottom of a steep slope didn't help much either
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  14. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Yes, but the price

    This is my MTB, at the moment (hope to sell it though, it hasn't been used since 'Cyclists verses Harriers' last year!)

    A 2007 model Trek 6000

    It soon had a longer/lower stem & the 'sit up & beg' handlebars were ditched for flatter ones (in true cross-country style, not silly downhill stuff)
    Plus the (2.2") original tyres were swapped for 1.8" (front) & 1.5" (rear) Specialized Houffalize (spelling?), as I feel I ride smooth enough not to need 'big rubber'

    Piccies show (L-R);

    Trek; as bought

    Trek; with alterations

    Pace Research RC100; not mine, but I used to have one of these in the early-mid 90

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  15. Bush Tucker Man added a post in a topic Running   

    Go for it Kev!!

    Enter them both, then you have the incentive to train for the 'half'

    (never been to Aberystwyth, but the wife did some Consultancy work there for the local NHS trust)

    I was considering entering a dualthon this weekend up in Dalby Forest, but decided against, as the cost was extortionate @ £40
    (I think it's too dear anyway, or am I just a tight-fisted Yorkshireman?)


    As it states, it's;
    Run; 2.5k (1.53 miles)
    Ride; 28k (17.39 miles)
    Run; 7.5k (4.66 miles)

    Then there was a West Yorkshire Cross-Country League that I fancied running, but I can't enter that as I'm not in an athletics/running club

    It looks as though it could definately be fun, however, there's a couple of clashes with my present calendar;
    1. Saturday 21st November (Thornes Park, Wakefield) is the same date as the previously entered Bingley Harriers 'Cyclists verses Harriers' event (twice ridden, but was going to probably run it this year)

    2. Sunday December 6th (Nunroyd Park, Guiseley, Leeds) is the same date as the Cyclo-Cross in Thornes Park (my 'home event')
    This 'cross' is the 'North Of England Championship', & is pre-entry only (sent off)
    Curiously enough, this event is being organised by a triathlon club http://www.wakefieldtriclub.co.uk/index1.html

    Piccie was taken at Greetland (south-west of Halifax) Cyclo-Cross, July 2008

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