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  1. Impy added a post in a topic FIRST CARAVAN   

    A second-hand Abbey which we bought privately, if I remember correctly it was about 5 years old when we bought it, we kept it for approx. 5 years before trading it in for a brand new Bailey which we still have and is now getting on for 12 years old  gosh, how time flies by.
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  2. Impy added a post in a topic R I P   

    And another sad surprise today at the announcement of the death of George Michael.
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  3. Impy added a post in a topic R I P   

    More sad news yesterday about Rick Parfett and Piers Sellars passing away, it seems like so many people this year, maybe it is because we are getting older we tend to notice more.
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  4. Impy added a post in a topic Which TV to buy   

    We have two 19 inch televisions, one with a built in DVD player, but we have found that our other one, newer and without the DVD player is the better TV and that is the one we now take away in our caravan, it is a Toshiba and I know it can be tuned into what language you require, there is also a model available with a built in DVD. 
    We were on a site a few years ago when the couple in the caravan opposite us asked if we knew anything about setting up a television they had just purchased, they were a Dutch couple, other half volunteered me to help them out, luckily when I got to their caravan the television they had just bought was an identical Toshiba to the one we have so I was able to do so, I said to them to set the language to Dutch and tell me what it says on the screen and I will guide them through the procedure thinking they may prefer to watch it in their native language but they were happy to have it in English, at least they could alter the language if need be.
    Forgot to say that this is a mains television and doesn't run off 12volt.
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  5. Impy added a post in a topic Searching for Motorhome - yes the caravan is going   

    Good luck in your motorhome search, hope you find the "one" to suit your needs and that you have as much enjoyment using it as you have with your caravan
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  6. Impy added a post in a topic Motorhome or Caravan   

    Caravan for us also.  This summer we thought did we ought to think about getting a motorhome instead of our caravan, we went and looked around some motorhomes but didn't really like the "layouts", we thought they seemed cramped, we are not interested in a fixed bed and most came with that, we prefer end washrooms (our caravan one is spacious) and all but one motorhome had small, cramped side washrooms, we gave serious thoughts to how we like to caravan and what we want from caravanning and decided that as we stay in once place for a week or more at a time and the amount of space we have available we are doing it right for us, looking at motorhomes confirmed this to us.
    Weigh up the pros and cons of using a motorhome against a caravan and what you are prepared to compromise on - good luck.
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  7. Impy added a post in a topic Who has booked for next year .   

    Not booked anything yet, we tend not to book too far in advance now as we can go away anytime and we do not go away bank holidays or school holidays.
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  8. Impy added an answer to a question No water pressure   

    We were told by two different service centres and by Whale that the strainer was not needed for a caravan if you are using the carbon filter, it was more for using on motorhomes and I guess boats as these pumps are also used in them.
    Regarding our problem with the pump and filter - Whale agreed to us being supplied with a new pump and carbon filter which has been delivered and we have fitted into our caravan,  our existing pump and the faulty filter to be returned when Parcel Force collect them.  We cannot fault the service we received or any of the people who we dealt with over this problem, they all went "that extra mile" to help and solve the problem which was much appreciated by us.
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  9. Impy added an answer to a question No water pressure   

    If your pump motor is still working you can purchase just the "head" and replace just that, it cost us £135 for a complete new pump and I believe that the "pump head" (the black base) is around £40. 
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  10. Impy added an answer to a question No water pressure   

    Not sure how your water system is laid out but if it is like ours with an on board pump and on board tank then the levers either side of the pump are both levers facing outward (the caravan wall) to use just the aqua roll which we do, to use the on board tank (which we don't) then the lever on the right hand side of our pump faces inward (into the caravan body) and the other lever is facing outward, to winterize the pump then both levers face the pump, I hope that makes sense.
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  11. Impy added an answer to a question No water pressure   

    We had a similar problem with our Whale on board pump in July, just suddenly stopped pumping water although we could hear the motor running and feel the vibration, just no water flowing, the pump had started to "pulse" on and off getting longer in the pulses and shorter in the length of time between pulses when the taps were not in use, after checking for air and leaks we went and bought a new pump which we fitted and all was well for the rest of the week.  We didn't go away again until last week, we pulled on site, connected to the aqua roll (although we have an on board tank we have never used it), the pump started to charge the water system then suddenly stopped as before, we disconnected the pump and as we were staying in the same area as we were in July we took the pump back to the supplier (who had to order it for us with next day delivery back in July), they checked it and said that the pump had failed, he then telephoned Whale in N.I. and got a warranty number and arranged for us to pick up a new pump from another Whale supplier/service centre, no problem we went there and they just exchanged the pump, got back to the caravan and fitted it, all was well again for 5 days then the same "problem" happened, we were at the end of our week and the exchange supplier was closed for the weekend so we came home, we telephoned Whale who said that they doubted that 2 pumps would fail and advised us of a few things to do and check, all of which we had already done, then on Monday we telephoned the exchange supplier who again suggested various checks which we had done, he then said that they would take our returned pump apart and check it to see what the problem was and they said we could also do the same with the pump we had here, they telephoned us later in the day and said that they had found a lot of little black bits in the pump and suggested that they thought it was from our carbon filter, we had also found little black bits and had decided to check our carbon filter, which when we shook it lots of pieces and bits of carbon fell out, I told the chap who had checked our pump that we had found the same and come to the same conclusion that it was our carbon filter that had caused the problem, as the filter was only fitted in May this year and manufactured last year he has taken the quality control number and is trying to see if they can help us with some recompense, we won't know the answer to this until later this week/next week.  At the moment we are still unable to get water flowing through the pump although the service chap thought it should be okay after a thorough clean, so at the moment it is a "waiting game" before we know the outcome, we are thinking that it will cost us to purchase another pump.
    The carbon bits were very small and could be mistaken for shrivelled up dead ants.  Maybe you also had a faulty carbon filter which was causing your problems.
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  12. Impy added a post in a topic Do you look for a site first or area first   

    Area for us too then we look for a suitable site in the area.
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  13. Impy added a post in a topic Site for end of October , Midlands or around   

    We have stayed at Burford several times, we found a couple of walks directly from the site, mainly using the lanes but I suspect that there are other walks that we did not find, we had to use the car most times to go anywhere, but that wouldn't stop us from using Burford again  We also visited the Cotswolds wildlife park opposite, a good day out if you like that kind of thing especially if you purchase the tickets from the site office before you go as you get a discount   If I remember correctly apart from a butchers and greengrocers in Burford the nearest supermarket is in Carterton.
    Have you considered visiting Stamford CC site (previously known as Top Lodge)?  there isn't a shower/toilet block but does have E.H.U. it is surrounded by Fineshade Woods which has 3 marked walks around it, a wildlife hide hidden in the woods, deer and red kites are often seen, you can also walk through the woods to the village of Kingscliffe if you are feeling energetic, plenty of walks from the site too.  The last time we stayed on the site we found a little community shop in the village of Burrowden, there was also a small supermarket in Kingscliffe (a village we found that was more direct to walk to through the woods than to take the car around the lanes to it), larger supermarkets are to be found in Stamford and Corby, both places being about 7 miles from the site in opposite directions, we opted for Stamford, a nice town, which did have a weekly market (don't know if it still does as we have not been to Stamford CC site for a couple of years).
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  14. Impy added a post in a topic our own caravan site!   

    Yes, we did this Maurice....we were so glad that we had the caravan and had it at home.
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  15. Impy added a post in a topic 2 Lancs flying over caravan   

    Brilliant sight isn't it, they have just flown over us accompanied by 3 smaller aircraft (unknown).
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