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  1. gaz added a post in a topic RIP Steve Armitage   

    Sorry to read this, it was a bit if a shock to say the least. Condolences to the family.
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  2. gaz added a topic in France   

    Le Chant d’Oiseau

    Certainly the good old boys (Doc and Evans Of Sprot) used this site. I've looked at it for years but never got round to getting there, yet!!!!
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  3. gaz added an answer to a question Gutted, damp around front windows   

    While on holiday i noticed that i was getting water on tthe front shelf (inside) and when looking in the front locker i could see that the wood under the windows was damp. I search high and low to see how the water was getting in and had a hunch that it was coming through the screws that were holding the window bar on to the caravan. I took the screws out and injected some silicone sea,l as a temporary measure, and high presto the water stopped. Today i had a mobile fitter come out to re-seal the bar. Once he had got it off you could see were the water had washed the seal away over a number of years as at the top on the screw holes there was no sealent and this was were the water was getting in.
    He charged me £40 for a 1 1/2 hour job , which i thought was very reasonalbe. So if anyone wants to know a good mobile fitter in the Doncaster, Gainsborough or North Notts area drop me a line. I'm so glad my van is out of warrenty as i find relying on dealers for repairs very fraustrating as they always have a huge lead time to get vans in, and do a complete cook of a job.
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  4. gaz added a post in a topic Safefill, The savings so far   

    Have you had any issues in getting the safefill cylinder filled?
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  5. gaz added a post in a topic Help identifying this campsite   

    I have camped at Trentfield Farm and passed this site but unfortunately i never took note of what it was called. I will the next time i pass it.
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  6. gaz added a post in a topic The Netherlands in summer   

    I've camped in various areas in Holland in the summer months and never had a problem with midgies. If you are lookig for a site i found this to be a good one.
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  7. gaz added a post in a topic Northumberland   

    Had a week in June on the rally site at Beadnell. The weather was fantastic

    If you want a little gem to visit, Low Newton by Sea. Fantastic beach with a micro Brewery virtually on it and i can recommend the seaweed bitter
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  8. gaz added a post in a topic Easter Rally 2012   

    By the sounds of things the site has vastly improved.
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  9. gaz added a post in a topic Easter Rally 2012   

    I went there in 2003 on a c&cc rally and i hope they have done a lot of changes and spent some serious money, as it was a Sh1thole. I would go as far to say that in my 10 years of vanning it is the one place that i have been to that sends shivers done my spine when i think about it. But it was 8 years ago, and if they have invested in it then who knows?
    The Museum accross the road is a reclaimation yard, which is open to the public and the Museum bit is on the second floor of the building. I must admit that it is interesting once you get in, it's just that when i went it was unsightly when you seen it from the road.

    If i was going i would certainly want to see some more pictures on the website. I hope i haven't thrown a spanner in the works but this is my experince of Hales Hall caravan park
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  10. gaz added an answer to a question Whale Smartflo Pump   

    Hi Folks.

    Has anyone replaced a pump head on a smartflo pump? The onboard type, as i don't want to attempt to strip it down and then find it is impossble to seal again once it is put back together.
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  11. gaz added a post in a topic The cost of our holiday in Brittany   

    Janet we have just returned from Holland. Went from Hull to Rotterdam, so only had to tow 50 miles on this side then towed to a place called Veere in Zeeland, which is 50 miles south of Rotterdam. Ferry cost £550, including meals, which is a lot of money but the fuel cost are negligible. Would recommend Zeeland and in particular Veere to anybody for a visit. Don't go there if you are not keen on Germans as it is packed with them, but i took the view that German's don't go to places if they are not good.
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  12. gaz added a post in a topic Floriade 2011   

    This is not a bad site, stayed there for 10 nights last year and really enjoyed it My link Its about 25 miles from Venlo and is right on the motorway from Eindhoven to Venlo.
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  13. gaz added a post in a topic Do you steralise your water system?   

    I've never done it and i'm still here to tell the tale. Saying that i only ever drink beer at the van except for an occasional cup of coffee in the morning
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  14. gaz added an answer to a question New lightweight bottles in UK   

    The bottle will only re-fill if the latest LPG gun is used on the pump as this opens the valve, in the bottle, through pressure. The old style gun has a pin in the centre of it which depresses the valve once the lever on the gun is pulled back to secure it in place. The problem with this is that over time the pin wares and cannot drepress the valve so filling won't take place. The other problem is you don't know which type of gun the LPG retailer is using until you look at it. Hopefully over time LPG retailers will upgrade thier filling guns to the latest ones and then i will buy a cyclinder, which i think is a great product!
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  15. gaz added an answer to a question New lightweight bottles in UK   

    Been using a refillable for years with no problems. I carry a calor bottle so if i run out at a inconvenient time i just swap to the calor bottle and refill the other one when i get home and go to the local independent lpg retailer. Reckon to have bought four 6kg calor bottles over the last six years i have been using the refillable, where as if i never had it i would have used a minimium of five 6kg a year.
    As for safety i like the fact that the safefill bottle has a 80% shut of valve, which should stop any worries about overfilling.
    Another thought does anybody know how many people have been killed refilling bottles? as i'm sure if people had there would be no grey area surrounding refilling of bottles and the independent retailers wouldn't do it.
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