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  1. Iain added a post in a topic RIP Dot   

    A big loss.

    Having visited Dot both on site and at home she was a lovely, bubbly person who liked to laugh.

    Had lost track of her but she had come to mind the other day.

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  2. Iain added a post in a topic Which of these tow cars would you choose   

    Depreciation-wise I wouldn't buy a new C5, I would however buy a nearly new one.

    Of the others the X-Trail is compact, fairly economical and is a good, reliable performer. However as 'vans get ever heavier it looks quite lightweight in comparison to some of the others. That said my father in law is changing his as he feels its too big now he is retired! Getting an Astra SRi estate instead, with which he will tow his 1200Kg Bailey.

    I do like the look of the Freelander 2.

    Value for money and all round competance places my vote with the Sorento though!

    Alternatively your money could get a nice nearly new A4 3.0TDi Quattro - all the best folk have them!
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  3. Iain added a post in a topic Scotland   

    We have used the Gart in the past when Maragowan CC site at Killin was cut off with snow!

    Its a nice site though we felt the cleanliness of the loos was not up to CC standards. My parents and in-laws were there this spring and felt the same.

    They only allow 2 dogs per unit and do not allow commercial vehicles.
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  4. Iain added a post in a topic Scotland   

    Are you a member of one of the Clubs George? That narrow's the field down a bit!
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  5. Iain added a post in a topic RNLI   

    Sitting in the van earlier on the water front in Aberdeenshire we saw the Fraserburgh Life Boat go out on a very choppy sea - wasn;t back when we come out so hope all is well.

    Iain - On Holiday But Still On-Line
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  6. Iain added a post in a topic Scooters   

    Big talk Chez
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  7. Iain added a post in a topic Scooters   

    Aren't you a bit old for that kind of malarky Chesney
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