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  1. Bristles added a post in a topic Last trip of the year ...   

    I wished we were off to Ireland, everybody have a safe trip.
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  2. Bristles added a post in a topic Forewarned is forearmed   

    All I am saying is please respect someone else's pitch and don't abuse and intrude on your neighbour's space by intruding on their privacy. If that is what you define as being grumpy then amen.
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  3. Bristles added a post in a topic Forewarned is forearmed   

    Clearly you are talking nonsense. Where have I ever told you which way your caravan should be parked? You are obviously getting me mixed up with someone else.
    However, I have said that parking one's car next to someone else's caravan is inconsiderate which it is under normal circumstances when they cannot be bothered to walk around their own caravan which is nothing but pure lazyness unless possibly for health reasons as you say in your case but that doesn't stop you from stopping right by your awning to let your passenger out if the situation is that bad and then parking your car by your own van.
    It seems that you also need to differentiate between being grumpy and passing an opinion.
    If I or indeed anyone else rents a pitch on a caravan site they don't expect to find their neighbour parking on it invading their privacy. Everyone with intelligence would agree with this statement so all I can say is get over it. I consider the space directly either side of my caravan to be part of the pitch that I am renting and not for an inconsiderate neighbour to park there.
    Please get your facts right and stick to contributing something worthwhile to this forum if that is at all possible.
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  4. Bristles added a post in a topic Forewarned is forearmed   

    Please look up the definition of 'insult' my post is not an insult unless you yourself prefer it to be. What is there to joke about accusing another caravanner of being grumpy? If that's all you are capable of doing instead of contributing something of possible interest to this forum then it's better to keep your snotty remarks to yourself.
    Incidentally for example, one of my posts was highlighting either websites showing one or two images of scenes which are not relating to their caravan site whatsoever or not even showing images at all. Please read Shipbroker's reply which is absolutely true and am confident that everyone at sometime or another has experienced this. Perhaps if only one site owner read these comments they may post image's thereby benefitting everyone so why accuse me of being grumpy? 
    Shall we contribute something to the forum of possible interest or do you want to persist in concentrating on attacking other members post's, if so I'm done one this thread with you. Happy caravanning.
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  5. Bristles added a post in a topic Forewarned is forearmed   

    Here we go again, what is the matter with you? am I not allowed to pass an opinion without it being totally misconstrued. Nobody else seems to think I'm grumpy just read there posts. Why can't you be more productive and find something to contribute to the forum instead of taking a pop at a fellow caravanner who is not grumpy whatsoever. Were you use to grumpy caravanners in South Africa? If so please don't tar British caravanners with the same brush, thank you.
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  6. Bristles added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Forewarned is forearmed
    Am I missing something? I often see this statement, " This site was last visited by a site officer in ....." when seeking out a site on the CCC. My immediate reaction is, ' so what'. What benefit is this to the potential caravanner visiting the site? 
    The site owner/s are fully aware long before they are due and spend as much time as is necessary days before tidying up and cutting the grass etc etc. There has been many times over the years when the owner/s have said in passing conversation that they are expecting a visit on a particular day. Not once ever has a site officer approached us for a chat and ask for any opinions in confidence. All they do I presume is pass their own opinion for their likes and dislikes. 
    Everybody has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to selecting a site some people want family sites others the complete opposite some need bus stops nearby so it's not the case of one size fits all. They are passing judgement on their likes and dislikes. Last year on one particular CS site we went over to the so called site officer for a chat and after a few minutes they started to quickly pass comments on their likes and dislikes so I said what about the caravanners opinions and he said, "well I suppose there is that to it"
    So I'm at a loss as to what benefit they give, when caravanners leave reviews it is far easier to read between the lines as we all have different lifestyles.
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  7. Bristles added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Am I alone on this issue?
    A picture is worth a thousand words:
    Am I expecting to much? 
    When I am searching an area to visit it never ceases to amaze me when trawling through various websites that many owners don't seem to care or be bothered one iota  with regards to promoting their caravan site. I love to see several pictures of the site and around the site as well as if there are any facilities although I never ever use site facilities but all to often I see either a comment saying 'awaiting picture from CL' or one picture only which is often obscure and very often a picture of a High Street somewhere or a donkey in the middle of an adjacent field or one or two pictures that have nothing to do with their site whatsoever. I don't pitch up in any High Street nor in the middle of an adjacent field with donkeys or whatever. I also like to see pictures of the entrance from either direction showing access to their site it does help to recognise the entrance as one nears the address especially if it is a CS or a CL, sign's are sometimes either covered up with overgrown shrub's or not there at all.
    My perception of these types of sites is take it or leave it.
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  8. Bristles added a post in a topic Inconsiderate or ignorance   

    sorry to hear that your wife cannot walk very well. However if one parks next to somebody else's caravan I still consider it to be most inconsiderate. It is not the other side of the world to walk around the front of a caravan but having said that one could stop right in front of their own caravan for as long as it takes and anyone with that severe walking disability has on a few feet to their awning then the driver can pop their car next to their own caravan. I can't see that being a problem. Happy caravanning as well. 
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  9. Bristles added a post in a topic Inconsiderate or ignorance   

    If there is plenty of room I wouldn't have a problem with that but if it prevented a neighbour from parking their car next to their own caravan I would consider it inconsiderate. Whilst on site it helps to guard your pride and joy as well as giving more privacy. But it's each to their own. 
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  10. Bristles added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Inconsiderate or ignorance
    Where do you park when on site? I have only been caravanning since 1970 and have always and will always park on the offside of the caravan wherever possible. So standing facing the front of your caravan it would be car, caravan and awning if one has an awning. Thereby giving one a little degree of privacy keeping neighbours at bay.
    Recently I had to ask my neighbour if he would kindly put his vehicle the other side of his caravan which would give him privacy because when we returned from being out he was parked less than a foot from my aquarol, I couldn't walk down the side of my caravan unless I climbed over my aquarol and didn't relish in the thought of him looking in my windows every time he went to or got out of his car.
    On his pitch it was caravan, awning, car. Obviously if one doesn't have an awning then to park where the awning would be isn't a problem.
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  11. Bristles added a post in a topic That old grey waste question   

    On some of the cl's & cs's that I have been on the owner's prefer waste water to be emptied into the hedge otherwise the cess pit fills up quicker and obviously needs emptying far more often which is expensive. If that is what the owner requests then I don't have a problem and always conform after all it is THEIR property.
    Personally I cannot see what all the fuss is about. If one was depositing human waste, engine oil or liquid's of this nature into a hedge then I could understand but but half a bowl of ordinary water with a little squirt of very mild washing up liquid which does not harm one's hands whatsoever is neither here nor there. 
    Frankly, fumes from transport such as cars, vans, lorries, buses, motor bikes, ships, aircraft, factories etc should be of far more concern with regards to pollution than a minute number of caravanners who empty relatively clean non toxic small amounts of water into a hedge once or twice a day when out caravanning seasonally. I have come across caravanners who have said that they always eat out and that their sink has never been used.
    Comparing a minute number of seasonal caravanners emptying half a bowl of washing up water in a hedge compared to the horendous pollution that surrounds us 24/7 365 day's of the year is chalk and cheese. I know what does more damage to one's health and it's not tipping some relatively clean washing up water in a hedge, it's as stated above.
    Why do some people have to make a drama out of something that causes no harm to anyone nor any consequence to anyone?
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  12. Bristles added a post in a topic That old grey waste question   

    I take instructions from the OWNER of the land and NOT from do gooder fellow caravanners. What fellow caravanners think is irrelevant it is the site owner's rules that must be obeyed. It never ceases to amaze me how many fellow caravanners think that they know it all. I always talk to the butcher not the block. 
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  13. Bristles added a post in a topic Gara Bridge CS site   

    Many thanks for your reply.
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  14. Bristles added a post in a topic Rest break   

    Thank you for your input, that sounds like a perfect plan. We also prefer to travel at night mainly because the traffic would be a lot lighter, it's more peaceful with less grief from other traffic cutting you up and riding on your back bumper and better for the dog just in case we get a shock and the sun comes out.
    Many thanks for all the replies.
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  15. Bristles added a post in a topic Rest break   

    Many thanks Bob for your input.
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  16. Bristles added a topic in C.L's and C.S's   

    Gara Bridge CS site
    Hello, has anyone stayed at this site who could comment on the site, surrounding roads to access this site towing a caravan and anything else that you may think will be of interest. Your opinion is appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.
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  17. Bristles added a post in a topic Rest break   

    Many thanks for your reply
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  18. Bristles added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Rest break
    Hi, does anybody know if there are any safe places to stop for a break on the A303 between the M3 and Exeter towing a caravan. We intend traveling during the night as it should be far more peaceful and far less traffic.
    Many thanks in anticipation. 
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  19. Bristles added a post in a topic Drink Driving Petition   

    Better than being with a bunch of liars like Brexit, being a liar is nothing to be proud of, end of chat. 
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  20. Bristles added a post in a topic Drink Driving Petition   

    It is very, very unfortunate and sad that a life is taken but as has been inferred on a previous posting what is the point if nothing is done about it. Petitions are a waste of time in 99% of cases IMO. Just look at the petition against Brexit online, well in excess of 4 million yes 4 million signatures and will anything come of it, in your dreams maybe so 150,000 stands no chance.
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  21. Bristles added a post in a topic Cor! those were the days and still going strong   

    Not in todays society, going back in the 50's & 60's yes every time.
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  22. Bristles added a post in a topic Liberty - what do you think   

    Is it April 01st! wouldn't want to be seen dead in it.
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  23. Bristles added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    What have you seen? where is the evidence? leave or stay nobody has left yet so how does the comparison work out? assumptions, assumptions, now back to the O/P's topic.
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  24. Bristles added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    Now back to the O/P's topic.
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  25. Bristles added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    Perhaps that's what we should do but it's not going to happen anytime ever, united we stand, divided....  (EU Ref'.) Compared to the French and other countries it is my opinion we are being ripped off.
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