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  1. sammie added a post in a topic Static Caravans   

    If you were to go on to a forum about static caravanning then you would see there are thousands and thousands of people who love static caravans.
    Comparing a tourer on a seasonal or permanent pitch, to a static caravan, isn't a true comparison.
    Starting a topic about static caravans on a touring caravan forum is hardly going to bring forth many/any positives is it?
    Some people like touring, some like statics. Some people enjoy a beer, some prefer wine. Some people will never be able to see anyone else's point of view... ;)
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  2. sammie added a post in a topic selling a newish caravan   

    Thanks for your suggestions, will pass the info on.
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  3. sammie added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    selling a newish caravan
    We have some friends who, due to family circumstances, are selling their 12 month old caravan.
    They have approached their own dealer and also some of the places which advertise that they buy caravans, but have not had much isn't buying at the moment, others are only interested in caravans worth about £2,000.
    As we've never been in this position ourselves, we can't really offer any advice.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how they can go about selling it in terms of where to advertise it, how to safely complete any sale (how money would change hands, etc) or any other comments? They aren't very ebay or internet savvy and would prefer not to advertise it that way.
    Thank you.
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  4. sammie added a post in a topic Finding the best layout of caravan/motorhome   

    To be honest, I don't think there is a way of knowing for defo if a layout is the right one for you.
    No matter how many times you go and see a caravan in a showroom or wherever, and sit in it and pretend to live in it, it's only the reality of using it which shows up any downsides.
    Sometimes, those things which we think are going to be a pain actually fade into insignificance when in use, and conversly those things which really sell a caravan to us can be the very things which are actually a blooming nuisance in practice.
    It's all a compromise isn't it?
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  5. sammie added a post in a topic What exactly are Camping Cheques ?   

    Camping cheques are most frequently used abroad, particularly in France.
    They have 603 sites in the scheme, in 29 countries. Of those, 15 sites are in the UK, 254 in France, and the rest spread over Europe.
    They offer lots of savings like 3 weeks for the price of 2, 7 nights for the price of 6.
    If you do most of your caravanning outside the main holiday months then you really can save yourself a significant amount. We have been pitched next to people not using them and they've paid almost double per night. Well worth looking into.
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  6. sammie added a post in a topic Draining boards?   

    Fair enough, it was just a thought which may have saved you a couple of ££s. Mine is different to yours in that it's fan shaped and no way will it sit on top of the sink whichever way up it is.
    Incidentally, I bought one of those very cheap (maybe £2) plastic dish/cutlery drainers which you see in all the accessory/cheapo shops. It was about 18" long, had plate racks either end and a cutlery drain bit in the middle. I cut one of the plate racks off so now it's only about 12" long, if that, and still has space for 6 plates or bowls and all the cutlery, leaving half the draining board free for mugs, glasses, etc. It's amazing how much washing up can now be squeezed on to the draining board.
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  7. sammie added a post in a topic Draining boards?   

    Are you sure the proper draining board isn't hidden away in a cupboard somewhere? What you're describing sounds like a chopping board which sits over the sink, rather than a draining board which sits at the side of the sink with a lip which hooks over for water to drain into the sink.
    I ask the question because we thought the same with the first caravan we had with one of these removable draining boards and only found it after searching high and low. It eventually came to light on a purpose built shelf high up inside one of the lower cupboards. Our current one is stored on it's side in a dedicated plastic rack in a narrow cupboard under the sink.
    Just a thought....
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  8. sammie added a post in a topic Domian da le yole   

    We stayed at this site a number of times and loved it - big pitches all with electric, water and waste, very relaxed, lovely town nearby, gorgeous beach.
    However, we hadn't been for a few years and returned 2 years ago. The site had changed considerably with loads of statics where there used to be touring pitches making it all feel quite hemmed in. A lovely new pool area though with plenty of kiddies things, perfect for toddlers and smaller children. The biggest change though was the noise pollution from nearby bars and clubs which went on and on and on and on.....until 3 or 4 am., every night, and nothing you can do about it. We left earlier than planned as it drove us up the wall.
    The site itself is good but we would never go back again. I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear and maybe the music thumping out won't bother you, but this is an honest opinion.
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  9. sammie added a post in a topic Things we learned........   

    this talk of pitching up next to a big rv, a posh caravan, etc., and thinking these people look down on you - how do you know they look down on you? how do you know they're not actually very nice people who have saved hard for something they've always wanted, or just happen to be a bit well-off, or are lottery winners, or.....whatever.
    many people have come up through the ranks of tents, trailer tents, small caravans, bigger caravans, large rv, and so on ......... strikes me as a bit of inverted snobbery to make an assumption about a person due to the size/value of their outfit. have you ever tried talking to people with these expensive 'vans? they're just ordinary people like you and me actually who just happen to be able to afford a bit of luxory.
    in the same way as someone has said about not caring or worrying about how old or small your outfit is, then why worry about how big or new someone else's is, we're all on the same side aren't we?
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  10. sammie added a post in a topic Retirement   

    Blimey Maurice, it's being so cheerful keeps you going :(
    Caravanning gets cheaper the more you do it, all those 3 for 2s, buyonegetonefree weeks, out of season deals now you won't be stuck to school holidays. Loads of people would give their right arm to be in your shoes.
    Retirement is what you make of it, and I agree with Bob, there are so many opportunities for volunteering out there and new doors just waitng for you to open them.
    You don't like being retired and by yourself, and yet you're not looking forward to having Mary around in your personal space either - there really is no pleasing some folk, is there? Poor Mary.
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