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  1. maggie added a post in a topic Sunday -Sunday of we go!   

    Maurice, I use the 'vac bags' for our clothes too, amazing how much space can be saved and after a couple of days any creases soon drop out, one tip though, use the smaller bags as the big ones can get a bit heavy and cumbersome when fully loaded .
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  2. maggie added a post in a topic Breath tests in France!   

    Pete was more than happy to continue touring France and even though he turned 75 in Feb' is still fit as a flee, but my reluctance to tow would throw up a barrier to that, if in a few years Pete found it too much, whereas I don't mind driving in France at all, we break up the long run by staying in a Motel overnight, and they are happy to accept our
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  3. maggie added a post in a topic Breath tests in France!   

    Cheers Bob, still around and not emigrated, nice to see a familiar 'face' here, we still use the old tourer but not for going abroad, did a bit of forward planning and in 2011 bought a little holiday home in France, one of our better decisions
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  4. maggie added a post in a topic Goodnight Bailey xx   

    Firstly may I say that my heart is with you Nick, we too have suffered recently, we had to say good bye to our beautiful boy Dudley last Oct' he was 12 and we had had him since he was 8 weeks old, our whole life revolved around him and his loss was almost too much to bare, and we had always said that at our time of lives another dog would not be the right thing and that there'd never be another dog so perfect as he was, how wrong we were ! We have always had a dog and life was not the same without one, to cut a long story short, we felt we had room in our hearts and home for another and there he was, just waiting for us at a rescue, never had a rescue before and this poor lad had been returned and turned down so many times due to his basic mis trust of mankind, he'd had a bad time of it in his past bless him, but we fell in love and just before Christmas we bought him 'home' ok we had the odd nip and warning growls during his first few weeks, but that doesn't make him a bad dog ! Bobby has now settled in, he's 5 and the love he gives has healed my broken heart. he'll never replace our beloved Dudley but lives happily alongside him there ,
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  5. maggie added a post in a topic Breath tests in France!   

    When this hoo ha started a couple of years ago, we duly bought the required gizmo's via the internet and put them in the car in an easily accessible place, now we can't remember where we put them ! However, a few weeks later we saw them available at a caravan dealership showroom, same price as we paid but less the postage, sod's law 'ain't it ! But as those who will remember me, such a clean living girl as me would never have the need to use them anyway
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  6. maggie added a post in a topic How do we attach an under bed tent to our sunncamp   

    On our Conway Trailer tents we simply hooked the hooks to the underneath of the actual beds which in those days were something like 5 ply wood, I have a notion that the Suncamp range is of similar build, hope this helps
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  7. maggie added a post in a topic Stopover Calais to Pleubian, N Brittany

    We always stay here, lovely Municipal site with a smashing warden/manager, you can access a lovely river walk from the site, just off the A13 so you're not going out of your way, after passing through Pont L'Eveque you come across the only traffic lights and you need the immediate right at these lights and the site is maybe 200 yards on the right, when leaving you won't have to go back through the town ( one street really)as you turn right at the lights and go along the N road that will bring you to Caen, it's a good road that runs alongside the A13, approx 15 euros a night and dogs are welcome
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  8. maggie added a post in a topic dogs   

    I agree, almost 7 years ago Haven had an offer on £119 per week bogof, so we had 14 nights for £119, however, it was £4 per night for Dudley and cost us £56 for him ! but we love him and it was our silver wedding anniversary and we wanted to spend it on the site where we had our honeymoon, on booking I'd asked for the same pitch, when we arrived they said that that particular area is not normally open at that time of year but upon hearing our tale they gave us our pitch and said we would not be disturbed by any other caravanners, we had the whole section to ourselves for two weeks and after our first walk we returned to find balloons on our awning and a bottle of champers inside with a lovely card, well worth the £56 I thought
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  9. maggie added a post in a topic Catches this week   

    Ssh , don't tell Pete seriously though, didn't know they did fishing gear , it's only at the back of us Pete could wander round there whilst I went to Ikea
    Maggie xx
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  10. maggie added a post in a topic Camp Sites Launch Solar-Powered Showers   

    I'm all for that
    Maggie xx
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  11. maggie added a post in a topic French site   

    good luck to you , red tape aye , if ever we are passing we will call in . as long as you don't mind a mad dog and equally mad owners !!
    Maggie xx
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