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  1. Janet added a post in a topic Are you going away for Spring BH   

    We're away to a CL near Woodhall Spa - really looking forward to it, as not doing much vanning this year due to family commitments. 
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  2. Janet added a post in a topic whats your plans for next year   

    We've only managed 6 nights this year - two of those were at New Year, and the other four were at Easter when we met up with the Bretts (Anne Marie and Tim) who have now moved into statics near Dunbar on the East Coast of Scotland.     Our next trip is 2 nights this weekend at York and then none until May Day weekend.    Our total will definitely be low this year but working on it all the time.
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  3. Janet added a post in a topic paying for pets   

    I believe that many sites charge for dogs to discourage you from bringing them without actually advertising as no dogs!  
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  4. Janet added a post in a topic whats your plans for next year   

    We're off a cruise in February to celebrate our Silver Wedding (which is actually in April).   Hopefully we'll see the Northern Lights as we're cruising Norway, having a night in a Sami Tent and dog sledding - all very exciting.  
    Caravanning wise, we've booked the bank holidays and a week in Pickering in August, but nothing much so far, as Jason has just started a new job after being unemployed for a time and hasn't got the holidays he had!   Also our youngest is 21 in May and our eldest is getting married in October, so all in all it's a busy year and I fear this will impact on the 'vanning .  
    The following year, all being well, we're going to go to Germany with the van.   Would have preferred Spain but feel you need 3 weeks at least to do Spain with the travel and ferry crossings etc and we only get 2 at a push. 
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  5. Janet added a post in a topic whats your plans for next year   

    We could have a catch up if you do - be nice to see you
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  6. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    9 more nights for us at a CL near Pickering over the bank holiday - sharing with a field full of inconsiderate ralliers :(
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  7. Janet added a post in a topic Lincolnshire getting tough with the overnighters   

    The last time I was at Huttoft, the height barrier had been rammed into thus allowing oversized vehicles to enter the car park. There were many of them, so many in fact, that cars couldn't actually get in!
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  8. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    2 more for us - CL near Wetherby, good lazy weekend
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  9. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    2 more - 40's weekend at Woodhall Spa
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  10. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    Spent New Year here - lovely site, even in gale force wind and snow!
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  11. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    Hi Sonja please add 16 nights for us.Just returned from France and Belgium.
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  12. Janet added a topic in Belgium and Luxemburg   

    Fao Artistsrifles and Stewart Dalzell
    Have you both recently been in Belgium. Only ask as we're on our way bome but whilst looking round cemetaries near Ypres I'm sure i saw bith your names in the visitor books! And to be honest you both have unusual surnames. If so what a small world and a shame we didnt see each other. Hope you had a lovely time - we did
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  13. Janet added a post in a topic Nights away 2015   

    Love it at Drummhor - we usually go for New Year.

    Please add 2 more nights for us in Pickering for the 60's weekend. Not quite a washout, but very cold and wet on Sunday!
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  14. Janet added a post in a topic Not sure how I feel on this one.   

    If you've needed to ask, then you don't really want it!

    I would wait for a new one - any damage could have been done. We had a van stolen which we were living in following the 2007 floods - our whole world was inside and it was devastating. We went to see it upon recovery and I wouldn't want it back knowing they'd touched our things. I'm sure one can be sourced sooner for you given the circumstances, in fact the manufacturer may pull out the stops to help if asked.
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  15. Janet added a post in a topic Anybody booked away this weekend?   

    Yes, away in North Yorkshire for a 60's weekend. An outside event so could be wet. Wind is generally the only thing that would put us off, but then again, we rarely cancel - think only once in the last 10 years or so
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