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  1. Predictable Bob

    Cuba was great but it's really no fun coming back to the UK afterwards !

  2. Predictable Bob

    Bodyweight now down 15% ! Only 16lb to go ...

    1. Predictable Bob

      That's 35lb lost so far - might think about starting to do some exercise soon ...

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  3. Predictable Bob

    After 7 years and 175k miles the old Focus has gone and the new one has arrived - it's a damned good drive and only £30 a year tax !

  4. Predictable Bob

    The wine rack is now FULL - I doubt if it will stay that way for long, especially as the three of them will be back from Uni on 17th ...

    1. markf

      It won't be them that empty it I know

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    2. maurice

      Time for the new stuff then BOB -- Maurice

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  5. Predictable Bob

    Hi John, we're hardly getting out at all at the moment - Jackie does a fair amount of work for Mencap and it tends to be weekends. BUT the kids should be starting uni next month (Assuming they get the grades !) so with luck we should be getting away more often.

    Hopefully we'll actually make the T&T meets this time

  6. Road Runner » Predictable Bob

    How are you doing Bob. long tome no see. Saw Gary arc last year.

  7. Predictable Bob

    Their A levels are finished so it's 12 weeks of hell before the three of them go to uni ...

  8. Predictable Bob

    Tax return completed - now can I steal some of the rebate for myself ????

  9. Predictable Bob

    First rallies booked since MAY last year !

  10. Predictable Bob » Road Runner

    Nice to see you're still about John !

  11. Predictable Bob

    Still at work ... But at least I don't have to do all the shopping this year !

  12. Predictable Bob

    First two sample runs of sloe gin started ...

  13. Predictable Bob

    The van's definitely going - expect an ad in the For Sale section tonight !

  14. Predictable Bob

    No wonder it felt hot - highest average temperatures for 100 years !

  15. Predictable Bob

    Torrevieja´s great but it´s damned HOT !

    1. Predictable Bob

      and Jackie seems to think that we´ll be doing more of this in the future :(

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    2. dolly

      Great down there = we love it, Have you tried the pubs yet ? There is a great chnese in Guardamar - 5course 4euros !!

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    3. Kiaman

      Too many English people in Torrevieja!!

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  16. Predictable Bob

    Colour me gone -I'll be back in September !

    1. markf

      Have a good time

      • 0
  17. Predictable Bob

    Looks like the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers have called off the strike so it's game on for Thursday - Alicante here we come !

  18. Predictable Bob

    Gill - avoid Southport - there's some REALLY dodgy types living there !

    1. gill&ste

      Ha Ha Ha! the dodgier the better Bob- i wonder who you could mean though ;)

      • 0
    2. Delta Lady

      Been to Southport the other week

      Fantastic weather..didn't see

      any dodgy types though!!!.

      • 0
  19. Predictable Bob

    Feeling bitter and twisted ...

  20. Predictable Bob

    The Surf is back at last !

  21. Predictable Bob

    Well, things appear to be getting back on track after having to drop out of the Easter rally - the stupid thing was that we ended up spending a couple of days just over the other side of the Severn (No van though)

    Got a few rallies booked with Berks CC in May - Bourton on the Water, Wash Water and Royal Victoria Country Park. Hopefully more coming when Jackie gets her Mencap schedul...

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