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  1. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Tent and Awning Security   

    There is no security for something that can be opened in ten seconds with the use of a stanley knife ...

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  2. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    Hi Darrel, the Ram's a fine vehicle but would be a liability here in the UK - most roads are centuries old and far too narrow for a large pickup !
    At one time the Titanium replaced the old Ghia spec and was the top spec however they now have Titanium, Titanium X and Vignale - some parts are still an option on the Vignale !!!
    Jackie's 2014 Titanium X Sport Kuga has a much better spec than my 2017 Titanium X Focus ...

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  3. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic With deepest regret ...   

    That's one of the new ones - the originals were just yellow and blue !

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  4. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Our second caravan trip of the year  - and probably the last too as the heating has packed up and the dealer can't fit us in until the end of the September so we're gonna lose the deposit for our late September trip to Dorset  
    5 nights at Rookesbury Park CC Site Fareham 
    An excellent site - in fact it's the only site we've been to three times !

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  5. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Why do you change caravans   

    We bought our first van in 1999, after doing loads of research we ot scared and bought new in October, essentially the previous years van so we saved a few bob, it was a Chichester Caravans dealer special - Freelander 525, single axle, 5 berth double dinette which was ideal given that we lived at the end of a cul de sac and had three six year olds. The van suffered some minor damage on our first trip to France a few years later and unfortunately it was poorly repaired and by the time it was 8 years old it had a bad case of damp.
    The repairs would have cost a mint and the kids were no longer interested in caravanning so we traded it in for a Bailey Virginia, single axle, 4 berth, fixed island bed - great idea but a poor implementation as they'd squeezed everything to make room for the bed and even with just the two of us there wasn't enough room.
    After seven years with little caravanning we considered whether we wanted to continue, decided that we did but fancied a motorhome ... after 6 months of research we came to the conclusion that we couldn't get the motorhome we wanted for the money we had to spend so we replaced our Surf with a Ford Kuga and bought a Lunar Clubman ES - single axle, 4 berth, side dinette.
    We collected it on 16th December 2014 and two days later I had a heart attack followed by a quad bypass so it didn't get used until the following Easter 
    In summary we've changed vans due to damage and being unfit for purpose - the current plan is that the this outfit will be replaced with a motorhome when I retire in 2022 but as we all know God laughs at our plans !

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  6. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Our first (Caravan) trip of the year !
    7 nights at Bramble Park CL near Cromer
    An excellent little adults only site - our first CL stay of more than a single night, there will be more !

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  7. Predictable Bob added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    With deepest regret ...

    I must announce that, after many, many years of faithful service, this evening I consigned my T&T hitch cover to the depths of our black bin ...
    Is anybody still using one of the original T&T hitch covers ?

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  8. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Awning pegs   

    I bought a good handful of 200mm coachbolts and a load of penny washers for our inflatable awning - we'll find out on Tuesday whether they'll work !

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  9. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    I don't often agree with people but I'm with Rod - I may be overly cynical but I'd be hunting about checking for issues with Vauxhalls !
    As for a new plate - I think it's the dealers that are keen for people to have them and it could be that the dealership are rushing to get this years numbers up. Personally I'm with Geoff when it comes to cars, I buy low mileage cars around 6-12 months old and run them into the deck. I'm a bit fussy about the spec - decent heated seats are a must and I've added built in sat nav etc to the list as Jackie's Kuga came with it and I'm sold on the simplicity compared to Tom Tom etc. As a result my commuter bus bought at the end of March with 5.5k on the clock came with 8" satnav, voice control, app facility (Still not figured out how to add them yet !). Just hit 10k on Friday - hopefully this will last me into retirement

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  10. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic The best laid plans ...   

    We visit Weymouth quite frequently - we usually get in early and use the Pavilion car park although last time we went there was a Triathlon on and they'd nicked half the parking places !  Fortunately we found one round the back of the theatre.  My uncle lived in Bridport so we're quite familiar with the area and I know exactly what you mean about the roads 
    We've been to East Fleet Farm before - the main reason we're going back is that the bar is dog friendly 
    As for Cromer - we're staying at Bramble Park and after two T&T New Year rallies at Cromer we're well acquainted with Mary Janes     It'll be nice to go there in T shirt weather though !

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  11. Predictable Bob added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    The best laid plans ...

    This year started with our 40th anniversary in January and the plan was to make it a year to remember - It started well with a long weekend at Ragdale Hall Spa in January followed by a surprise party organised by the kids 2 weeks later, then it started to go downhill ...  The upmarket holiday somewhere hot and posh turned into 8 days in Hungary with our daughter as tourist guide (She goes there every year) - a great holiday but not quite what we said we wanted (I'll happily go back though - it's a marvellous country !). The weekend breaks haven't materialised either and the late summer holiday in the sun has vanished too.
    What has turned up is a holiday next year with some good friends who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary - Las Vegas followed by a caribbean cruise - great IF you love gambling, huge meals, noise, sea travel, crowds and loads of cheap food and booze. Given that I like none of the foregoing I'm going to be playing Mr Grumpy and paying through the nose for it !
    There IS some light though - a CL near Cromer the week before the kids break up, a long weekend at Rookesbury Park, Fareham in August and a week at East Fleet Farm near Weymouth in September 
    I just hope it doesn't rain ...

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  12. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic I need a new tow car .   

    I wasn't sure about getting our Kuga but Jackie wanted it so ...  It pulls our 1500kg van easily, fuel consumption is much better than our old tug and it's far more refined. My only gripe is that when towing up hills when it drops down it usually goes down 2 gears instead of just one, I suspect that if we'd waited for the newer model we'd have got the 180bhp version and the extra torque would have eliminated the problem. If we decide to keep our van I may get it chipped/remapped and see if that resolves the issue.

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  13. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Masham   

    Me ?  Don't think I'd drink summat like that UNLESS I was being sociable for once ! 

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  14. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Masham   

    Ian, you Sir are a philistine !  As a former resident I can assure you there's precious little beer in the Outer Hebrides - it's mainly the cold, tasteless filth you appear to prefer 

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  15. Predictable Bob added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    I think Gary's right, we replaced our twin dinette Lunar with a Senator Virginia and just couldn't get on with it - there were too many compromises after squeezing an island bed into a single axle van. We hardly used it for 7 years ...
    When we bought our current van it all changed - until this year ... the plan was to have a series of holidays and breaks to celebrate our Ruby Wedding but that seems to have fallen by the wayside and we've got nothing sorted apart from a hectic week in Szeged and Budapest next month !

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