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  1. klyne added a post in a topic Windows 7 EOL date announced.   

    If you always use the same connection you could try setting the internet to a metered connection. This will prevent any heavy downloads. I use this for when I have my laptop connected to my phone. Thus far it seems to have worked.
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  2. klyne added a post in a topic CRUISE CONTROL   

    I have cruise control on mine, I never use it! 
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  3. klyne added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    There are bound to be cancellations. Have you tried ringing the site direct as it sometimes works. Back in October we were trying to book the Blackpool site as I had never been to the Illuminations. When I first looked there were a few odd days available that I wanted ,so I booked them. Over the coming days and weeks more days became available and I eventually got all the days I wanted. The only issue is whether you want to book elsewhere as the Club don't allow double booking!
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  4. klyne added a post in a topic Help Bailey shape the caravans of the future   

    It wasn't until a few years ago that 8ft wide caravans were not allowed to be towed on UK roads by normal cars. My motorhome is 8ft wide and generally I don't have any problems getting to sites. It might not be a good idea for people who mainly use CL's as access to some is quite narrow. The major advantage is that you play around with layouts a bit more.
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  5. klyne added a post in a topic French toll roads   

    You could always use the intercom and just ask the question Class 2?  It might work but technically you are over on two counts height and weight!
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  6. klyne added a post in a topic New-look Club magazines from January   

    If I understand it correctly the actual magazine won't have all the rally and centre details in. Good idea from my point of view. I only hope they improve the rest of the magazine. You would imagine that both Clubs would deal with things in and in depth way but its surprising how shallow the coverage on our hobby is in both Clubs?
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  7. klyne added a post in a topic The Romantic Road   

    Rothenburg is considered one of the gems of the Romantic Road. It depends on how much of the road you want to do as its about 250 miles from Wurzburg to Fussen? There are plenty of Stellplatz and campsites along the route. There is a nice schloss at Weikersheim which also has nice gardens. The options are endless. WE like Germany and have travelled widely around the country over the years although not yet been to Wuppertal!
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  8. klyne added a topic in Campsites all around Britain   

    South Lytchett Manor, near Poole
    Recently stayed here in the motorhome. Very popular campsite with good facilities. Poole and Swanage not too far enough, even a bus service from outside the gates. Nice pub/restaurant about half a mile away. The site offer a voucher for a free bottle of wine when two people have a meal there. Full review and pictures, see link.

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  9. klyne added a post in a topic Why do you change caravans   

    After a couple of second hand vans we purchased our first new van around 1989 and we kept that for about 8/9 years. Nothing particularly wrong with it but we rather liked the idea of a proper onboard shower so part exchanged for a Sterling Europa which we kept for about 6 years. Next one was an Eccles Topaz, same layout but a bit more up market, again kept for about 6 years. Our next move was to a fixed bed van and purchased an Archway Rockingham which we kept for 4 year when we part exchanged for our now motorhome 6 years ago. We were very lucky that we had  very few issues with any of our new caravans over that 25 year period. 
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  10. klyne added a post in a topic Where do you like to pitch ?   

    My two requirements for a pitch is A) that I can get a satellite picture and B) not too far from a service point so I don't have to walk too far to fill the kettle. Perhaps I should have added C) as level a pitch as possible.
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  11. klyne added an answer to a question Alko Pneumatic Jockey Wheel   

    I did have the pneumatic tyre on one of my caravans. It was fine but it used to bounce a bit when using the mover. I suppose the bigger footprint the jockey wheel has the easier it will be to move.
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  12. klyne added a post in a topic Only caravans with motor movers accepted   

    Adult only sites often have strange rules!!!
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  13. klyne added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    What do people think the price of a CL should be if it has hardstandings and electrics and perhaps toilets? If it was £15 a night, even with some of those facilities, I would think it a reasonable price. Even if the CL was full it makes about £500 a week or say £24000 a year if it was full which is unlikely so looking at say occupancy of around 75% across the year that equals about £18000 a year from which you have to deduct the cost of maintaining the CL including electricity. Looking at the sums the CL owner would be looking at getting less that somebody on the NMW working 40 hours a week. If people want CL's to survive, and the network is shrinking at an alarming rate, they have to be prepared to pay for them.
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  14. klyne added a post in a topic EASTER   

    Strange really we had a lovely three days at the end of January at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough but it seems to have been terrible since then!!!
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  15. klyne added a post in a topic Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!   

    It depend how frequently you change caravans. We have kept ours anywhere between 3 and 8 years, our current motorhome is 5 years old.
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