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  1. riggers24 added a post in a topic With deepest regret ...   

    Still going strong, currently in place parked up in Glastonbury Old Oaks. 
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  2. riggers24 added a post in a topic Northumberland   

    We stop at Bellingham C&CC site, it's great for kielder, Hexham and Corbridge It's our little hide away from work
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  3. riggers24 added an answer to a question Toilet Talk!   

    Don't expect a reply in a hurry, I needed the additional drain tube they offer on the CWE model and it took days for a reply via email.
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  4. riggers24 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Out with the old and in with the new
    Well we have replaced our trusty little Compass Corona 362 2004 with a Bailey Ranger GT60 460/4 2009. I have been wanting to replace the 362 for a couple of years now with a fixed bed model. We finally found a van we both liked in size and features, the GT60 has only has a couple of disadvantage is the shorter seats and the centre chest of draws but this is something I am sure we can live with out.

    Can't wait until the jubilee weekend to get away.

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  5. riggers24 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    I Think I Have Finally Found The Van I Want Well Nearly
    After looking at different layouts and weights that suit our requirements I have finally decided on a newer van but can I find one locally to view.

    I am looking for a swift charisma 535 about 2008 but when I find one on the web it is located miles away, does anyone have one so can ask a few questions.

    We currently have a corona 362 and we fancy the fixed bed, the only thing I can see as a downside to the layout is the bench space around the sink or is it workable.

    We are going to the Catterick show next sunday so hopefully they may be one there we can look at.

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  6. riggers24 added a post in a topic Your favourite moment of the season so far   

    Sitting in the Old Oaks sipping a local cider whilst my paella cooked on the BBQ
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  7. riggers24 added a post in a topic Win tickets to the motorhome and caravan show   

    Entry 33 - Mark I had to send an email as you can not receive anymore PM's
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  8. riggers24 added a post in a topic Beans on toast and Burgers? - I think not!!   

    We have pasta, curries, stews, chilli and generally things that can be cooked in the slow cooker and we have been know to eat beans on toast with a splash of HP sauce on the top. Just because we are away in the van doesn't mean we eat anything different to what we have at home.
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