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  1. Gray added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    Err in 2014 mate ????
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic Is it possible to detect if trailer is connected to 12n universal electrics   

    Why pull the fuse tit a simple switch that lights up when off so you know you've isolated the circuit quicker in the long run than pulling a fuse then loosing it in the cockpit
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  3. Gray added a post in a topic Yes we are still away and not due back for 30+ days   

    That was one of the small ones that SWMBO insisted I hold to photo as I normally just CPR them on the unhooking mat 
    this is more the normal size a 12lber
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  4. Gray added a topic in While you are away   

    Yes we are still away and not due back for 30+ days
    Hi all
    Sat here at Twin Lakes and will be for over a week yet
    We came down via Little Switzerland at Folkestone as normal 
    We had a little meet up with friend from the club we are in in the Aire at Citie d'Europe
    Then set off first to Le Mans - well the suburb of Arnage and a nice little free aire for one night 
    then the last 250 miles to Twin Lakes and to get the fishing tackle out Mine and now Steph's 
    We obviously had to sort out the Static we now own here and get it to what WE wanted that did take nearly 2 weeks as we had lots to do and despite drinking 400+kg of stuff from home we spent so much at the Bricomarché that we earned 30€ in loyalty which soon spent too 
    So we have viisted
    Blaye (pronouced Bly) for the Printemps du vin de Blaye a 2 day tasting festival 8€ admission for the weekend if you were tasting (free if not) and for her 8€ Steph managed 60+ glasses of wine and Pineau and Fizz even one Cognac
    Meschers a few times for
    A Geocaching meet
    to visit the Grottes de Matata - but went into the Municipal ones which were brilliant  - wentto the cafe at the Matata ones had Buckwheat pancakes with Savoury filling and some drinks (one large beer-Steph's and two café avec creme for me) and 35€ later 
    Tomorrow we are off to Bordeaux  
    BUT Back to the Fishing 
    lots of nice pristine Carp to catch in two lakes that at present are full to the brim of water (last year when we left in November they were 1.5m down) 
    and if you really want to see there are pictures on my Facebook page Maxines Meanders but depending on lake you can catch 2 fish for 30lb of 11 fish for 65lb and as they have just finished spawning they are HUNGRY especially loving meaty dog treats (already 2kg used out of 3kg) and French bread plus the usual Maize ( the hard stuff) and Sweetcorn and dog biscuits as well as any sweet flavoured boilies and 20mm are really attacked hard this is a Top Lake one of 11.5 lb taken on a warm 25 degree day 

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  5. Gray added a post in a topic help rv?   

    I agree with @Surfer we need more info to go on 
    Our Motorhome is 7.9m long and 2.95 high and for a lot of places it's big but compared to Winebago's etc it's tiny 
    But whats's fuel consumption excise duty etc. being a left hooker is no problem 
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  6. Gray added a post in a topic EASTER   

    We decided last year to return to Twin Lakes France for Easter and by last Monday (26/3/18) got itchy feet so we tripped to 
    Little Switzerland for one night said Hi to Tony and Debs the proprietors and said we'd be back on the other way home 
    Tuesday (27/3/18) we took the train which was interesting as Steph was in her car whilst I drove the motorhome and we managed to be in the same carriage 
    We spent one night at Citie of Europe after the train and met up with a bunch of motorhomers from the other club Motorhome Fun who we knew were returning from Morocco so had a van party
    We then stopped this was the 28th at Arnage near Le Mans as we didn't set off until nearly lunchtime from Coquelles
    We arrived to our destination for a month by 4pm after going on the N10 which was a bind as the motorhome is over 3.5t was had to stay at 80kph with all the trucks so every hill had to go through the gears as 99% of the road we had to travel has a restriction of No Overtaking for vehicles over 3.5t  
    So we arrived at Twin Lakes by Thursday 29th in time to see the weather warm up though remain moist - today has been the warmest day too good job with work on prettying the static to do 
    BUT tomorrow is Fishing day I'm going to have a day off woodwork 
    So lots of relaxing to be done once we have sorted our new to us holiday home base out we have even managed to sort out some geocaching and got invites to some local events  
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic EASTER   

    #Andyn   OUCH as long as you are OK the caravan can be sorted
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic Thinking of getting new Marquis motorhome , read this   

    I'm amazed anyone still uses Marquis  so many really bad stories about the firm and it's not just one branch seems to be anywhere 
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Will post total when we have completed our meander so far only just a week in to 9weeks
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  10. Gray added a post in a topic Those were the days 1965   

    Was only 11 we ate what we were given if you didn't like it tough
    No microwaves no crap everything Fresh and local  (sound familiar)
    and we played outside until we were called for tea - Amazing how far a mothers call would penetrate 
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic Site would be “enhanced” by replacing 225 “bright” touring caravans with 108 “muted timber lodges”   

    WE never stayed there 
    Tried one year to work out their pitch costings for our family but when we got to £45 a night we stopped 
    From what I have heard over priced poor services and uninterested staff but like I said I have no knowledge but the prices put us right off
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic Cheap Holidays? Yeah !!   

    We enjoy the mobile life but there is no way we could afford to go in a hotel for the length of time we spend in the van (caravan or motorhome)
    last year we took the motorhome for 4 months total spend £3500
    year before we took the caravan for 3 months total spend £4000 the difference we spent more on diesel as the tow car did lee mpg than the motorhome 
    This year is expensive two vehicles to the holiday home so 2 tunnel crossings (thanks Tesco) but got some work to do 
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  13. Gray added a post in a topic First trip away tomorrow   

    Take care 
    We head for the Tunnel on Monday
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic Jacks - what do you use?   

    The recovery service I'm subscribed to that year 
    As a Disabled driver I get priority too 
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  15. Gray added an answer to a question CHARGING ELECTRIC BIKE BATTERY   

    yep the OUTPUT is 10amp input is just over 2 AMP serves me right for touch typing and not reading my post proeprly
    AND yes I can still touch type and it's a good skill to have
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