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  1. Gray added a post in a topic Winter booking fee   

    Sorry @ianb was told that don't have the Winter Sun Book as SWMBO isn't thinking about it now but next year 
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic Winter booking fee   

    Portugal - Albufera where they take over the entire site so you can book at anytime during the duration of the  rally ( We have friends there -we know of three couples so far) 
    to go abroad and use the club booking service you MUST book a ferry with them - - the club has a special deal -- but I feel they should offer any crossing if they are doing that 
    the "Rally" goes on for 3 months and there's lots of activities throughout the duration but we noticed the same thing when searching for the site there was very little mention of the rally unless you search for the rally 
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  3. Gray added an answer to a question Truma not heating   

    Well the simple diagnosis is from the igniter not clicking
    simple question is it battery powered? does it need a new battery
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic INVERTER/MICROWAVE   

    Will post the names another day just crawled out of a nice hot bath not even considering opening the back door even if Maxine is just there
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  5. Gray added a post in a topic INVERTER/MICROWAVE   

    Our cooker is 3 gas plus one 240v plate plus grill and oven
    We also have an external BBQ for the Cadac too
    But do tend to use our MrD's Thermal cooker  a lot especially on travel days 
    AND our tyre pressures are 94psi - - - got a foreign motorhome tyre fitted by our local mobile motorhome tyre fitter and at £80 each are pretty good and snow and winter rated 
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  6. Gray added a post in a topic INVERTER/MICROWAVE   

    Our inverter is only 1000W so don't even try - leave the microwave to hook up only 
    Got so many other ways of cooking our fresh foods don't really need it personally would consider chucking it out - - - so making suggestions to SWMBO as to better use of the space (cocktail cabinet ???)
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic Reverse polarity   

    You are luckythen mate
    We have spent a lot of times at sites in France and Spain only (Netherlands,Germany and Lichtenstein being added this year) 
    We have had around 50% of the sites in Spain, and around 60% of French sites with reverse polarity  
    A polarity tester is a must and a home made patch lead as you can't buy a polarity reversing lead is the solution 
    For European caravans there's no worries as they have dual pole switches which switch both the live and Negative on and off , whereas the UK vans have the standard UK switched live only sockets 
    I know on one French site (a supposedly ECO site ) we had a box of 9 sockets to choose from and only one was safe for a UK van every other socket was wired up differently 
    We had simple reverse polarity on around 6 Spanish sites including the one we visit in Benidorm and have been there 5 times and it's still wired up reversed
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic Spanish Site's   

    Not done Spain yet that way used sites only so far - - Used a lot of Aire's and motorhome parking in France, Yes a lot are just that parking and FREE some charge a few Euros to 15€ it all depends on where they are the further South in France the more they cost  BUT if you have a disabled badge at present (not sure after March) you can park for free in lots that charge as long as there are no barriers
    at present we are planning Germany Lichtenstein and France for middle of this year, next year we plan to do Portugal and Spain for winter sunshine 
    On both trips we plan to visit Twin Lakes  and stay in our static there
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic Spanish Site's   

    We use a website and phone App called Search for Sites (dot co dot uk) subscription for the app is £4.99 
    it shows Sites aires wild camping daytime stops and service stops 
    this is a screen shot cropped to reduce clutter but centred on Almeria shows 31 motorhome stops of various types 

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  10. Gray added a post in a topic Fireplace Suggestion?   

    To be honest I think this account may be a fake to be used as a base for advertising 
    I answered earlier with the reservation of American terms from a supposedly UK account think we need some clarification on this person 
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic Fireplace Suggestion?   

    You've really got me a little confused you use the American term RV 
    but the way you describe it looks like you have a self build either Camper or PVC 
    OUR motorhome is a Coachbuilt style so it came already with everything including Blown Air central Heating (it is old ) not the new style Wet central heating 
    Depending on the size of your motorhome /Camper depends on what to choose but DEFINITELY do not choose anything open flame but get something that does provide plenty of heat at present just to stay above freezing we are running at 1000W though once the cold finished we will turn it down to 200W to keep it aired before we go away around March time
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic MOTORHOME SECURITY   

    We have our normal alarm / tracker/ immobiliser system from Outsmart the thief 
    it comes with a PIR alarm for the hab space
    wireless magnetic contacts on locker doors 
    built in tracker with 24 hour ops centre
    an immobiliser which you set with your phone when set NO key fob /alarm fob will work 
    also a panic button (places where YOU want) 
    the best thing is the immobiliser can be operated totally remotely and if some scroat does nick the van you activate it and when the van stops - say at traffic lights or a junction the van dies and the alarm sounds 
    So no need for little extras
    although may consider the padlock on the drivers seat when turned inwards would make it awkward to drive
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  13. Gray added a post in a topic "May " need international driving licence in Europe   

    The worse thing than that French residents get their IDP FREE and only have one for all areas
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic "May " need international driving licence in Europe   

    There is full No Deal advive on the government website 

    Gives chapter and verse and where to get them IF needed 
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  15. Gray added a post in a topic Catches this week   

    Tight Lines Jill 
    Not been fishing since we were at Twin Lakes though it was a good month 
    with Carp to 22lb and Grass Carp to 22lb - my first ever 
    Not been sea fishing for ages hoping to get out in the motorhome within the month who knows
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