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  1. Gray added a post in a topic Insurance for Europe   

    We have Safestyle fo personal insurance allows 109 days on the multitrip insurance and our motorhome insurance covers us for 600 nights (even though it's only for a year ) although we did have to say we were not full timing
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic Bessie the caravan sold for a Motorhome   

    Sorry for your loss 
    Welcome to the mobile side we thoroughly enjoy our motorhome - a big change from Tugging surprisingly a lot easier and pulling over for lunch or a night is so much easier
    Where are you planning on going in March as we head down into France around the end of March stopping off at Twin Lakes for a spot of fishing and to open the Static van up then off down N Spain and maybe N Portugal or S Portugal for about 8 weeks then again in October for 3-4 months 
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  3. Gray added a post in a topic Recently retired   

    We only book high season as being in a motorhome we have a little flexibility and we do tend to head to Folkestone then France 
    Once there we ca pick and choose which ever village we feel by how little their aire costs for the night if we find the place nice we can stop over another night 
    This is Something we do lack in England 
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic CAMPERVAN   

    Pots and pans 
    grab a cheap roll of J Cloths and cut to fit inbetween the plates
    also this works though does need a couple of small screws to hold it instead of the self adhesive strip which comes away after a few months
     Fiamma Omni Stop Secure Plate Holder        Cooker
    You can get a roll of blown polystyrene stuff for shower floors cut a couple of bits to place between the metal splash sides and the
    cooker and glass top  works for us
    Gas Fire 
    Don't know yet but the thing really has a rather on tick over 
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  5. Gray added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    We didn't start towing until the 1990's and my first towcar was a Montego 2L 
    followed by a Renault Savannah 2.1L TD (L730 OWF)
    followed by a 99 Renault Laguna Sport (old body on new electronics and common rail 1.9Ldci)
    That was followed by a 2.4L Frontera (Petrol) for 9 months as 12mpg was just not affordable so replaced by 
    Skoda Octavia 1.9dci with remap to improve towing
    Replaced by my first motability car a Kia Sorento 2WD for 3 years then
    a Nissan X-Trail 2L which was the worse towcar we ever had (even compared to the Frontera) 
    and Now we don't need a towcar
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  6. Gray added a post in a topic 2017 nights away   

    Another two nights please
    Grandkids wanted to sleep in the motorhome so we had two nights at Ourgate 
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic Sites near home   

    Nope SWMBO will not consider it 
    We have lots of places where we could have gone last night with the grandkids who INSISTED on sleeping in the motorhome but ended up at the closest site of all Ourgate  so heating on and everyone slept like logs cosy guess where we are tonight - - same place  
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic Booked for next april   

    OK no longer got a caravan - we have the motor home as defined in the left column .
    Our static is at Twin Lakes France ( ) which is Pitou Charente near Montendre (exit A10 at 37- Mirambeau then 9 miles down the D730 towards Montendre (watch the speed limits carefully )
    Yes will will be using the van as a base and whilst I fish in the lakes - during school holidays all our kids have access for two weeks each but it may also be let out to friends (not decided yet) who want to take advantage of the excellent fishing there and being in the Cognac region lots of Vineyards to visit for their local speciality Pineau (blend of Cognac and wine at 17% a good apero ) Blaye is 20 minutes away by car and has an excellent market Saturdays as does Saintes on every 1st Monday of the month when they close the town to through traffic for it Bordeaux is just a 20 minute train ride away too so it's a good base for lots of things 
    BUT we go there for the peace and quiet and the fishing 
    We will travel there in convoy with car and motorhome and leave the car on it's parking spot and either one of the kids will bring it back or we will collect it on our return with the motorhome after our sojourn to Spain and Portugal 
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic Booked for next april   

    We are of to open our French Static in March then off down to Portugal 
    then in August we will be off again Rally in France in September a LMU in Spain almost straight after the Benidorm for Fiesta in November after that who knows
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  10. Gray added a post in a topic CAMPERVAN   

    Welcome to the Dark Side Keith - Hope you enjoy your Motorhome 
    We found compared to the caravan you need some sort of transport but so much easier to drive and when in France and Spain so many more places to set down
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic 2017 nights away   

    Hello folks yes I'm home after our Euro tour only 3500 miles travelled around France and Spain taking just 109 nights 
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic Any one going to Europe this summer   

    I would have been organising to arrive at least two days before the Tour and sitting on the roadside to enjoy the spectacle
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  13. Gray added a post in a topic Any one going to Europe this summer   

    We are going to go to France ->Spain ->Portugal ->Spain ->France
    we are following the coast roads using as many seaside aires as possible and some wilding too 
    we have got a couple of sites booked from last year when we still had the caravan and deposits are paid so we will still turn up as we do like the sites we have selected 
    we are also planning at least a day trip into Gibraltar too (if only for Steph to pose outside Morrisons for her ex workmates)
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic SOLAR PANELS   

    Go for a minimum of 100W even 150 they are not a lot bigger either 
    We have a 150W on the motorhome and had a 100W on the caravan 
    the motorhome has 3 x 110 AH of batteries in it's power bank like has been said above the controller is the most important piece ours is quite old but is functioning so at present not being touched but will be updated soon 
    As for fixing there are lots of kits on the market some specifically for each panel 
    Our caravan panel was fitted by an engineer and total cost was £450 including everything for a second battery but not the battery where as buying the stuff in to fit my self was almost as expensive 
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  15. Gray added a post in a topic Been a little busy   

    Rang the insurance company today about the tracker - and whilst it's an advanced piece of kit the insurance company doesn't give it approved status so we don't get any discount for having it fitted 
    Steph is not happy 
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