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  1. Gray added a post in a topic AirBnB vs caravan   

    That puts a different light on it 
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic AirBnB vs caravan   

    that is where a motorhome pays off - you are driving 200 miles and towing is a definite drag (pun intended) whereas at least for me driving the motorhome is as easy as the car and overall a better experience - we can stop where we like get out of our seats and not have to leave the vehicle to be able to have a brew or use toilet 
    and if we plan right can cost just fuel 
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  3. Gray added a post in a topic 4 useful road trip apps   

    Fine for the US of A but it would seem we have got a lot of Apps you haven't considered
    Fill LPG - an interactive European atlas for LPgas filling stations 
    Search for Sites started 2012 NOW with a new app with thousands of European campsites motorhome parking spots and more
    Park 4 the night a similar app
    Essence an interactive map of ALL French petrolstations with prices
    Green Zones - an app informing you of the air quality zones through out Europe and which are active and who can use them 
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Well another three nights for me went to the Vintage Festival of Lights at Ashover on 6 miles from home but a great show
    Makes 99 nights now 
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  5. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Well we are back in the UK - worse luck 
    Add us another 21 nights away at Twin Lakes France with LOADS of big fish caught including my first Grass Carp a diddy one of 20.5lb
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  6. Gray added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    Last time I visited Cornwall I had a Motability car and we were able to park freely as long as we were in a Disabled parking place but we were told that with the removal of Tax Discs the Parking attendants wouldn't be able to identify those with Disabled excise duty status 
    So it would appear that is how they have solved the problem not sure when we are visiting but will check out the feasibility before I go to bed this afternoon ready for the ferry in the middle of the night 
    The Cornish parking permit is Annual and costs £10 at present so will wait to apply until we actually go
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    As you say Monty 
    Some Councils HATE the disabled having FREE parking (Derbyshire CC for one where EVERYONE has to pay even in Disabled only zones) getting within range isn't really a problem as I have a 15 mile range  BUT I fear some of the roads into towns far more especially those where the councils don't even bother with cycle paths / lanes and their footways are NOT up to the standard 1m wide and the way some peole drive would make Sebastian Vettel look a slowcoach 
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    Firstly I don't expect to park for Free although as a disabled driver (the motorhome is my only vehicle and as such is registered so) I want to be able to park where I take up no more space than the profile of the motorhome  I don't need to be 5 miles from town on grass needing electric and awning space  I need to be able to get a mobility scooter into the area without being on a narrow road and at risk of being smashed into by an impatient driver 
    Sites are OK but leave me as above that I do not need 
    I don't NEED electric
    I don't need a drain or water (unless over 5 nights)
    I do need to be able to empty my toilet cassette every 3/4 days 
    So I do not need to pay £25pn plus for stuff I don't need 
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic Best Cooler for fishing   

    Whereas we have 2 electric ones the most recent one from Hlafords works 240v and 12v (We are a UK Forum remember not USA so not 110v) it works down to +3.9°C on either cost around £35  
    BUT when we know there will be time with power (Cross channel ferries using the car not motorhome )we can use Ice packs if we need to as well
    We did have a Big red igloo back in the 90's when we had the kids all the time but there are now just us two so no need 
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  10. Gray added a post in a topic In car cool boxes   

    Got first one plugged in 
    240v =+3.9°C
    12v = +7°C
    got to test the electric coolbag trolley next
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic In car cool boxes   

    Simple 12V extension lead will solve that - or install a permanent live one 
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    AND another four for us at the Western Motorhome Show Malvern (Three Counties Showground ) wild camping with no power problems 
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  13. Gray added an answer to a question Paint colour   

    There is a match somewhere but not sure where - when Steph ripped our van our mobile maintenance man took it to his workshop when it came back even the decals matched and you could not tell where the damage had been 
    Talk you your local workshop
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    We stopped paying for both clubs as we rarely used Club sites - too full - too expensive -- too stuck up
    We haven't used a CL for YEARS - simply because SWMBO wanted a little more finese that a lot offered 
    Plus we only used the club for Insurance and travel insurance / recovery services
    NOW we have the motorhome we tend to go to places that give what we now need for less
    Especially in France with Motorhome Parking (note Parking = Aires) we don't actually have to pay as we use my Blue Badge 
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  15. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Another three for us at a Rally at Oak Tree Fisheries Lincolnshire
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