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  1. Gray added a post in a topic Towing with a fleet vehicle   

    Dumped Motability bought motorhome and motorhome insurance covers our European and home recovery
    The best offer we got was via the C&CC and the RAC Arrival scheme worked out cheaper than the then Caravan Club Mayday THEN not sure what it would be now 
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic Archies Camping - Information needed   

    Err apart from Little Switzerland  and a CL in Wales when we took delivery of Maxine on our shakedown trip we haven't used any other UK sites for 3 years as we go to France and Spain for so long now not even been to Skegvegas for that length of time
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  3. Gray added a post in a topic New testing regulations for Caravans and Motorhomes come into place   

    That is good we had them (CO and CO2 ) fitted to our motorhome on purchase as the previous owner had removed them though we did have to ask for them (the dealer wasn't bothered they weren't there as they seemed to think they were optional) but when we asked they fitted them without any problems or cost
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic Away Again ?   

    We stopped using CMC sites years ago usually because the one we wanted to use were full (until the day before when people who had booked in case they went cancelled) we gave up on CL's except for the odd one basically due to a lot of them being no good for mobility scooters - though not all although most were down narrow lanes which mean it wasn't safe to ride them 
    SO we ended our 25 year membership as all we had used was Red Pennant 
    Now we have the motorhome we can park up all over Pub car parks are great for stop overs and if we want something longer of all things Haven sites are cheaper (in off season) but just booked our Channel crossing for next month just got service, MOT and habitation checks to get done before we go taxed Maxine yesterday so no worries on that score (registered disabled as it's my only vehicle capable of carrying my scooter and a wheelchair) 
    Plus the last time we used CMC site in winter/spring we found that so many grass pitches were waterlogged and on one site half the site was under water - OK only half an inch but too much for camping - we did find a good site in the Peak district (near Buxton) though private not club and every pitch was hard standing so even snow didn't cause a problem
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  5. Gray added a post in a topic ELECTRIC BIKES   

    You must specify that you need a bike for mobility to get a throttle now as they were banned in the January 2016 
    BUT you can usually get a bike conversion kit that includes a throttle but becareful as some kits don't include a Battery 
    for your budget a complete bike will be probably second user unless you get a special offer mast seem to be around £999-£1500 check out Ebay for Yorvjk they sell through there cheaper than their own website
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  6. Gray added a post in a topic Sat nav   

    No idea mine doesn't show one
    try going through all the warnings menu and switch off anything you think it may be 
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Beat you to it Rodders      But I used Ebay we have now got 
    Strip lights over the bed WHITE 5M-10M LED Light Strip Tape XMAS Cabinet Kitchen Lighting WATERPROOF 12V  (£4.99 fpr 5m)
    had them in the caravan too 
    and these to replace all the halogens in over head lights   G4 LED 12V COB Light Bulb Lamp for Boat Caravan  £4 for 6
    We also have some spot lights here we tesco cheapest for replacement at £2 each Well £6 for pack of two but three for two packs
    cut power use HUGELY and get brighter lights too
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Sorry forgot the stop
    We in our Motorhome AND our caravan usually use the Autoroute Aire at Baie De LA Somme the Autoroute tolls are fair and the stop over is free the shop has fresh bread quite early and plenty of meat and cheese but the restaurant is a laugh
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    I've got loads of motorhome phone apps for Europe as well  but Search for sites on the phone is the most comprehensive and soon it will be an actual app as well and you can use it offline by downloading what ever maps you need  
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  10. Gray added a post in a topic Advice for visiting France   

    Straight Answer DITCH THE CLUB 
    Ferry around £80-£120 each way with a caravan Tunnel £200 return  - - -  it's always cheaper early doors or late nights and mid week 
    Grab the ACSI books great in low season as they give you discount in high season they tell you where sites are  plus point they have site phone numbers 
    You may need to book high season but low season usually never need to unless it's somewhere very popular like Benidorm (OK I know its Spain but it's an example)
    Book direct and get decent insurance (Used to use Red Pennant now with Staysure as got loads of health problems)
    Most of all enjoy you will need a lifetime to explore France we even have a static there now 
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic Next new year sites already fully booked   

    Try Search For Sites they cover almost all sites just look for a beer glass for pubs sites
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Yes BUT you will find Caravan dealers are very expensive 
    check what bulbs you have in and work out what fitting it is (just searching Ebay is a good way of working out which is which 
    So far I have found most firms tend to fit Halogens which although lower power than filament bulbs are extremely hot when on so don't try to pull one when lit 
    Most seem to be G4 fittings though all of ours are all the capsules and spots are 
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  13. Gray added a post in a topic ARRRRGGGHHHHH !!!!!!! Insurance   

    Yes Jill
    Our ten year old one cost us £28K although we have seen one recently for £92K second hand 
    considering what you can pay for a car and caravan and the extra places we can use it abroad especially it's worth it even though the UK is closing down anywhere we can even park up for a couple of hours thanks to morons who think they can just dump themselves in places for weeks and act like new age travellers and not pay anything
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic Caravanning top ten playlist   

    Not Heavy enough for Us 
    Trooper - Iron Maiden
    Highway to Hell - AC/DC
    Run to The Hills - Iron Maiden
    Highway Star - Deep Purple
    Benzin - Ramstein
    Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple
    Red Sky  - Status Quo
    Four Horsemen Metallica
    Crawling From The Wreckage - Status Quo
    Under My Wheels - Alice Cooper
    Warriors Of The Road - Saxon
    Flash Of The Blade - Iron Maiden
    Anyone else a metalhead like we are ????
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  15. Gray added a post in a topic Lighting in van in evenings   

    Got to agree here AND a lot less power useage 
    We have changed all the 12v Halogen capsules to 48light LED capsules from an English supplier on Ebay and the G4 Spotlights with 2.24W LED spots from Tesco (of all places £6 for 2) the Spots in themselves provide the equivalent of 22W of light replacing the old 10W halogens 
    Just need two more capsule bulbs for 2 I forgot in the bathroom (thought they were spots)
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