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  1. Gray added an answer to a question Paint colour   

    There is a match somewhere but not sure where - when Steph ripped our van our mobile maintenance man took it to his workshop when it came back even the decals matched and you could not tell where the damage had been 
    Talk you your local workshop
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  2. Gray added a post in a topic Are CLs pricing themselves out of the market?   

    We stopped paying for both clubs as we rarely used Club sites - too full - too expensive -- too stuck up
    We haven't used a CL for YEARS - simply because SWMBO wanted a little more finese that a lot offered 
    Plus we only used the club for Insurance and travel insurance / recovery services
    NOW we have the motorhome we tend to go to places that give what we now need for less
    Especially in France with Motorhome Parking (note Parking = Aires) we don't actually have to pay as we use my Blue Badge 
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  3. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Another three for us at a Rally at Oak Tree Fisheries Lincolnshire
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  4. Gray added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    We haven't been since the new speed limits came into force but we were away March to May 
    We expected campsites to be empty then but the Camping Car Aires were stuffed with all nationalities but one observation on the road was that there were far less caravans than motorhomes. 
    We have always had to scrimp and save to go away - but we have never not had a vacation, just not gone as far as we would like
    AND no with the motorhome we have already had 66 nights away because we are finding costs so much lower
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  5. Gray added a post in a topic Sign of the times   

    Totally agree 
    Looked to stop in Wales too could park a car no problem but motorhomes were banned but then found Disabled parking was free as it should be under EU regulations 
    Still wondering where we can park a motorhome in Cornwall or Devon without a new mortgage
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  6. Gray added an answer to a question Veneer   

    We found there were two types of surfaces in our caravan  
    One was a microthin plastic which could be super glued back in place to the walls
    the other which was on the actual work surfaces was similar to kitchen worktop except 1mm thick and mounted on a cardboard honeycomb 
    So if the surface has lifted try using a liquid superglue and press back into place using a piece of nylon to apply the pressure (superglue doesn't adhere to solid nylon)
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  7. Gray added a post in a topic In car cool boxes   

    OK we have two basically they are ordinary cool boxes with a built in cooler (some have heaters too) 
    to run continuously they need to be powered up all the time so I would recommend a separate leisure battery in the boot with it to prevent any problems with the car battery he can charge the battery from the car when driving though it should last a few days 
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  8. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

     Another two for us - Spent the weekend at Skegminifest at the Welcome Inn Old Burgh Road Skegness 
    The Pub welcomes Motorhomes for free as long as you use the pub 
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  9. Gray added a post in a topic French fuel price (diesel) 11 July   

    That's gone up around 15 cents since we left in May
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  10. Gray added a post in a topic Sad Sight   

    Why is it we see far more French caravans in bits than any others ???
    we've had 4 upside down 
    One without wheels - - both of them !!!!!! 
    one with something going through the floor - looked like white goods 
    though we saw one with smoke coming from the tyres - they were rubbing on the wheelarches  either the suspension had collapsed or it was seriously overloaded - but they just kept on driving - - - felt it safer to be well in front of him 
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  11. Gray added a post in a topic South Lytchett Manor, near Poole   

    Looks good David not been there for a few years although we do tend to go to other places 
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  12. Gray added a post in a topic Catches this week   

    Not had chance to go fishing for a month or so but real soon I'm goingto be wetting a line or two
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  13. Gray added a post in a topic 2018 nights away   

    Home now  so we can add our total as 62 nights covered 2018.3 miles since March 
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  14. Gray added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    Err in 2014 mate ????
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  15. Gray added a post in a topic Is it possible to detect if trailer is connected to 12n universal electrics   

    Why pull the fuse tit a simple switch that lights up when off so you know you've isolated the circuit quicker in the long run than pulling a fuse then loosing it in the cockpit
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