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  1. maurice added a post in a topic How many of you use an I pad .   

    Great I got a tablet and it was a Samsung and I found it very usefull but I didn't realise that there were two differing systems . I got on very well with my Samsung and it was very solid and worked as I wanted it to. It had differing Apps to the tablet my son had - but they bothed seemed to do the same job.
    However last Christmas Christopher gave me a Apple tablet. 
    They are different ! The Apple feels much 'softer' against the Samsung. But with the Apple I am able to join in with things like face time.
    We have just resurrected the Samsung and Mary is using it and can see no difference between the two.
    So which is the best??
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  2. maurice added a post in a topic Geocaching anybody?   

    I joined some years ago whilst in France after seeing a couple on our site avidly and enthusiastically talking about it. We went with them on a search and our combined efforts took us to the cache . Great fun and taxing the grey matter. We found it in the wall of a castle a small tobacco tin.  The prize Wes in fact nothing!! Apart from signing the small note book in the tin. But the search was worth it and on return to the uk I joined and cot clues to several locations in our area. One in fact was in the Wicksteed Park --- half a mile from home. Surprisingly we spent some weeks trying to unravel the clues. Eventually something clicked and we found it with no trouble - and couldn't understand why we couldn't see the clues --- but that is what is all about. The working out the clues and the chase and then the find.
    We have done about ten now and found but have tried many more.
    We have also placed one which to date hasn't been found.
    Just join and have a go.
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  3. maurice added a post in a topic Sand le Mere - Create First Sensory Playroom   

    I think there is a similar area at The Wicksteed Park in Kettering, we had a non-electric rally there 10 years or so ago.
    Not quite as elaborate but it is described for sensory deprived children. 
    We had a look and it was fantastic -- or scary depending on your feelings.
    Seemed to have kids enjoying themselves though.
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  4. maurice added a post in a topic 70+ towing in France   

    Another reason she will not let me tow in France.     
    No good for us war babies  
     I do love her though
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  5. maurice added a post in a topic Some new ideas needed   

    This is one of the reasons that Mary wants to stop vanning.
    Been there - seen it - done it syndrome.
    Especially in the area of France in the Pyrenees that we went to for many years - there are only so many roads that you can go along. Our map all the roads in the area have been highlighted as visited. Ok - our own fault for going to the area we loved. But having toured around Europe for 40 years or so one does tend to go back to the area you love.
    Now that has bitten us on the bum !  and we have had enough - well she has - and you can't do anything unless you both agree. 
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  6. maurice added a post in a topic Detached caravans   

    I think that fitting chains as a secondary source of security is intrinsically wrong. If the van becomes detached from the tow hook then it should move apart and the brake cable should come into action.
    How can this happen if the van is still attached to the car?
    What we should be looking at is the effectiveness of the brake cable - which I have advocated for years as being inadequate. It possibly be double in size so as to definitely cause the vans brakes to activate. Ok. The van would still go nose down on the road but hopefully if the brakes were fully activated then it should stop.
    Possibly there could be a "skid plate" fitted? 
    There could be electronic breaking when the electrics are disconnected may be through the ABS system.
    But don't try to continue to have the car to be still attached. What happens when the car brakes?  This will be possibly the first immediate reaction  of the driver to emergency brake. The van still semi attached will undoubtedly over run into the back of the car with even more dire consequences.
    No stick with the tried and proven method and see if it can be improved.
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  7. maurice added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    Did any thing happen -- this year ? 
    How many rallies have happened 3 -4 -5 like we used to have - c ontinental rally??
    How about another --- non electric rally-- for a weekend as we had a few years ago at Wicksteed Park in Kettering. Since our rally they ave built  a toilet block with h/c showers etc. and thought about it more.
    We did hav a good time -- and if my van hasn't gone I might be permitted to come
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  8. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Ok this has still not sold - but Mary is adamant that she don't want to do any more caravan in after 37 years! So I will have to sell both the Volvo and the van as we only kept the Volvo to tow the caravan. It is a S69 TD and in totally beautiful condition as I have had it since new and tended it like a baby it has done only 55,000 miles and has been detailed clean since new. 
    So both for £10k and you can use the van to tow it away.
    the van has all the things required for caravaning- water - steps - CD player -
    a couple of awnings - porch and full - ground sheet etc. Van fitted wit ABS.
    had a new fitted cover made last year by Caravan Covers of Rushden, every thing you need to start caravaning tomorrow with a wonderful car and caravan.
    give me a bell and make an offer.
    Maurice  07931310088
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  9. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Can't drive to tow at all now and laid up in bed for most off the day perhaps up for a couple of hours in the afternoon. So this is the end of 50+ years of caravaning. From towing a Cadet with a mini clubman from lands ent to the north of Scotland. Driving fro Kenya to Cape Town.
    South to North Australia. Sydney to Alice Springs Australia.
    And more recently driving around Europe Holand, Germany, Switzerland,France and Spain for three months.
    327 Rallies over that time including four CC European 
    We have had a wonderful time and can't recommend it enough.Some great friends here too not forgetting "Doc" all those years ago.
    Still to get rid of the van -- but have sent a mail to W Arches asking them to tow it away. Virtually giving it to them as it needs to go.
    Also just this morning had my Volvo insurance reminder which is insured extra for towing. ,!!! I won't need that big bill as well.
    Mary fell and broke her arm last week also her jaw she was covered in blood and looked as though she had just do ten rounds with Mohamed Ali. She fell out of the fount door, and I didn't hear any thing as I was comatose having taken sleeping tablets. 
    Eventualy did hear and opened the door to see her kneeling there covered in blood. Any way did the 999 thing and they were very good here within 15 mins and in the fracture clinic half hour later. She is feeling better now but only has one arm and jaw bandaged and stitched. We are a right pair. Got to go to the X-ray every Monday for the next six weeks. Because we are old and your bones don't mend. So no more Zopiclone for me for a while.
    any way nice to have met all
    Maurice and Mary 
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  10. maurice added a topic in Rallies   

    Dr Maxwell Hooper
    You may remember me talking of my very good friend Max Hooper who I met at collage some 40+ years ago together with David Bellamy.David for a long time inspected caravan site and gave the ecological ratings.Unfortunatly Max has diedI felt you might like to know. It was a sad day for all of his family and friends, with some 200 turning up for the woodland funeral.l had never been to one before and I was very surprised by the way it was conducted.Maurice Max Hooper obituary
    Biologist and historian best known for Hooper’s Law, used to estimate the age of a hedgerow
       In 1983 Max Hooper became head of the Monks Wood research stationApart from his investigative work, Hooper was a teacher on field courses, encouraging schools and universities to take up projects on hedges. He was a good speaker, able to communicate with students and children as much as fellow scientists, and his enthusiasm was infectious. It probably helped that he was a colourful figure with his beard, the woollen smoking cap he often wore and his amusing, self-deprecatory manner. At least one well-known naturalist remembers being inspired to take up a scientific career after Hooper had taught him how to identify grasses. His interests were not confined to botany: he had a passion for collecting silver spoons, for history and genealogy (“any old stuff”, he claimed) and, more surprisingly, driving classic cars.
     Hooper was born in Leytonstone, east London. His father served in the RAF, then  
    based at Biggin Hill. Max attended Sir George Mono us grammar school in Chingford and won a scholarship to read botany at University College London. His doctorate, also at UCL, was on the cytology – the study of cells – of grasses. He became a close lifelong friend of a fellow student, David Bellamy, with whom he went on an expedition to Sierra Leone – returning, it is said, with a young crocodile in the wash basin of their cabin.
    In 1960 Hooper took up a lectureship at Wye College, the agricultural arm of London University, where he met his future wife, Phyllis Waldron,and his other lifelong friend  Maurice Haynes BEM
    In 1963 he was appointed to the team at Monks Wood in Huntingdonshire, which was beginning to study the effects of pesticides on wildlife under Norman Moore. Hooper’s remit was to look at the possible genetic effects, but when those turned out to be minimal, Moore suggested he turn to hedges instead. One outcome of this work was Hedges (1974), in the famous Collins New Naturalist series, written with Ernie Pollard and Moore. Another was his creation of a highly successful Historical Ecology Discussion Group, which brought in national experts for its symposia and encouraged the subject’s development. In 1974 Hooper also co-wrote two bestsellers with the author Richard Adams, Nature Day and Night, and Nature Through the Seasons.
    In 1973, the research station at Monks Wood became part of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology within the Natural Environment Research Council. Hooper became head of the plant ecology section in 1981, and head of station two years later, a post he held until his retirement in 1992.
    Inevitably, promotion meant a preoccupation with administrative matters, but as a Monks Wood old boy he was always ready to support and encourage staff over their difficulties. He spent part of this time on secondment to UCL to teach on its MSc conservation course.
    Hooper was an active member of the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust from its formation in 1968, and served on its council. He was also an honorary fellow of the British Naturalists’ Association and a recipient of its Peter Scott memorial award. He was buried among native trees and wild flowers at the Arbory Trust’sBarton Glebe, near Cambridge.
    He is survived by Phyllis, and their daughter, Rachel, and son, Jeremy, as well as two grandchildren.
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  11. maurice added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    Is this or any thing like it happening --
    Remember the old LMU's    Let's meet up
     only needed a couple two  - three  - four of us and we would meet up somewhere sort of local. 
    Has this concept gone --- one of the founding tenants of the club...
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  12. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Polished the van out-side, Mary said why are you bothering, I think hope springs eternal and we might just do something in the UK- like a T&T rally or something. Any rallies that I can tow it to and convince that we do have good holidays.
    Rally -- Rally -- Rally --
    If I shout loud enough one might just happen...
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  13. maurice added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    there was an article in the Daily Mail (1 April 2017) about this and the guy  next door  brought it to show me... It was all about these penalties etc. I read it and assumed that because of the date it was a hoax -- but maybe it isn't.
    Daily Mail (1 April 2017)
    New rules will ban cars older than 20 driving in three French cities on set days Tourists must buy stickers to show how Eco-friendly their cars are Police can issue on-the-spot fines of €135 (£117) if they see a car without one  RAC already 'inundated' with requests from frantic holidaymakersTourists driving to France this Easter face a £117 fine if they fail to display a car sticker giving the vehicle’s emissions.
    As of yesterday, all drivers who visit Paris, Lyon and Grenoble must show the certificate on their windscreen, which states the vehicle’s age, engine size and the level of dangerous gases it emits.
    The new environmental rules also mean cars more than 20 years old will be banned from driving through the three French cities altogether on certain days. 
    "New rules: The Crit'Air scheme will see tourists forced to display a sticker, grading how Eco-friendly their cars are while motors more than 20 years old will be banned in some cities altogether : The Crit'Air scheme will see tourists forced to display a sticker, grading how Eco-friendly their cars are while motors more than 20 years old will be banned in some cities altogether The ‘Crit’Air’ scheme issues stickers in six colours, running from a green sticker for hydrogen-powered vehicles to a grey sticker for the most polluting. Twenty-two other towns and cities, including Lille, Cannes and Dunkirk, may roll out the scheme in the future to cut down on harmful exhaust fumes. However, at the moment, the stickers are only required for drivers travelling to Paris, Lyon and Grenoble. Tourists driving elsewhere in France do not need them. The RAC has said it has been inundated with calls from frantic holidaymakers who have struggled to buy a sticker – blaming problems with the French government’s website and administrative delays. Drivers say the official website is difficult to navigate and requires a raft of information about their vehicle. British tourists can only apply on-line, and must supply their vehicle’s identification number, insurance policy number, the vehicle title and registration details. The stickers, which can only be bought from the official French government website, cost €4.80 each – around £4.10 – including postage to the UK. And even after applying, Britons face a -week wait for it to arrive, as the department has been flooded with applications.  link to paste in your message Banned: Tourists driving cars which are more than 20 years old will not be allowed to travel in Paris, pictured above, on certain days of the week between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM"  Banned: Tourists driving cars which are more than 20 years old will not be allowed to travel in Paris, pictured above, on certain days of the week between the hours of 8 AM and 8 pm The French government says anyone whose sticker does not arrive in the post before their holiday should print off a copy of the confirmation email of their purchase to show to police, if stopped. Police can issue on-the-spot fines of up to €135 (£117) if they see a car without one. Vehicles deemed too polluting – including all petrol and diesel cars registered before January 1, 1997 – will be banned from the cities entirely between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday. Others will be barred on days of high air pollution. Reader Jean Phillips, 66, of Worcester Park, Surrey, said she spent 90 minutes trying to get a sticker before giving up. She said: ‘I used to work in IT but we just cannot attach the document because it’s too large. We are completely stuck. I am amazed anyone ever gets to the end of the form. ’Simon Williams, of the RAC, said: ‘The RAC travel team has been dealing with hundreds of calls from members asking for help with their applications. [They] can be quite a challenge, even for anyone who is reasonably IT literate.’  Looked at the web site for getting the sticker and it SEEMED legit but who knows
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  14. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    OK then !!! Anyone want this caravan!
    I have just fitted the new tailored cover - sent the first one back as they had positioned the cover bit on the roof for thr TV aerial mushroom in the wrong place. Put it nearly over the door - but it is about two foot further forward. No problem as I also asked them to put some zips in for the front Locke and battery box.
    Mary said why bother you are selling it you won't need them. Ah-well I suppose that it felt normal to keep it how you yourself would like it.
    Had the "Tarmac" gang around - they were around this time last year but were "Roof cleaners" then. One thought it was a nice van and how much would I be wanting for it "cash -pound notes -in your hand now!!  I told them what I thought and he then was going on about his 16 year old wife having a baby really pulling the sob stuff - living with "my Da" and not enough room etc. I thought it quite a sad story, so asked how much he would give me -  I then got the sobs again - no cash - wife pregnant etc   How much? I said ----  £1,200 he said -- cash pound notes in your hand.
    What do you think I said?
    What would you have said?
    Anyone want to buy a good (very good) caravan? Make me an offer all looked at and considered.
    googled around and saw them going at around --From £9500 down to notthing -- so I would think  £8,500 is about fair
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  15. maurice added a post in a topic Elddis now Hymer Group purchase   

    Abbey went the way of all GOOD caravans during the crash. I think the group have still kept the brand name so that IF and WHEN they feel able they may start up again
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