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  1. maurice added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    Yes I had in the original specification bought and paid for “the winter pack” — heated seats front and back - heated steering wheel - windscreen front and back. None of this pac lad been fited approximately £750. I did use the first car until October when I was told that the new one was being delivered. The reason for the long time was that they had to feed all the specifications into the production line. 
    I must say that the service was amazing even got a letter from one of the directors with an apology.
    New car working well - certainly miss the old Volvo and the caravan though,holidays aren’t the same.
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  2. maurice added a post in a topic good speak for car manufacturer   

    We did of course go for the car option but still cant quite believe it. I went in the other day to see the sales manager and he was OK about it all and suggested that I might get the car sooner. I think that he was trying to get the car delivered and to me before the 68 plate came in. Does it make a great deal of difference when you sell the car -- not that we are likely to sell in the near future unless we have to     etc.
    Is there a difference  between the 18 and the 68 plates on resale?
    Is it worth the wait?
    Or is he just trying to get his numbers up for the end of month /year.
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  3. maurice added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    good speak for car manufacturer
    This is a story not often heard..
    We have both had our brand new Vauxhall's  since last December after selling our cars and most upsetingly our caravan after caravaning for over 50 years, we treated ourselves to  a new car each.
    Both cars going well -- to us. However not good enough for Vauxhall !!!!
    mine a Crosslander X and Mary's Corsa.
    In about February I received an email from Vauxhall to say that my car was performing in-correctly. -- how do they know this? Well ! all new Vauxhalls come fitted with an onboard computer monitoring all aspects of the car, everything even down to individual tyre pressures, wind screen washer fluids and every thing transmiting this to Vauxhall.. Our seats and stearing wheel wernt heating corectly and a couple of other things.
    They told us that my car was not preforming to specification, could I take it into the agents - our dealer - we did and were told that our car was being recalled and would be replaced with a brand new - un-registered car, but as ours was an elite specification auttomatic with all the trimmings it was being programmed into the production line and wouldntn't be ready till October 'ish'. In the mean time I could drive this one  - didnt matter about miles etc -- no problem just bring it in when we tell you.
    They did give us an alternative £389 + £500 compensation or the new car ---- what would you have done???
    Couldnt quite believe this  as this was comming from London - so I went to the local dealer and he knew all about it and was looking forward to handing over a new car to us.. It would make his numbers good for that month.
    What do you all think Cash or Car.??????
    Let us know
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  4. maurice added a post in a topic Those were the days 1965   

    I joined the Army Apprentice School at Harrogate  -- any one else there??
    23515171 ish
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  5. maurice added a post in a topic Those were the days 1965   

    Did you see in the film that there were NO fat kids or FAT Mums and Dads?
    Must have been something in the diets in those days !
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  6. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Just popped in to see how things are — love the Crossland X which is an automatic, just love it.
    Mary not to be outdone sold her Renault and bought a Vauxhall Corsa - automatic as well - hers hasn’t got all swings and whistles like mine  but it goes well.
    Havent been away yet but planing SOUTH of France in July. Might see someone we know as we are going next to some of our old caravan sites.
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  7. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    ----------------------------THE END ------------------------------------
    Well that's it --- all gone and dusted..
    Sold it back to its original home - White Arches of Rushden.
    Rang Nick White and told him and he fully understood.
    No hesitation of saying he will have it --AND  - collect it!!
    I have had all my vans over the years from them -my first was the second van they sold -- from Peter Sharp when he was setting up -- from is drive way .... it was a Sprite Cadet -- 8cwt with the door at the back.--      
    towed with a 850 mini from Lands end to Fort William.
    Great holidays. Never had any problems at all.
    So my friends that is the end of an era for us.... but hopefully the start of something new.
    Mary is talking of touring France staying in a gites or holiday home. Proper beds and toilets etc..
    What has also gone is the beloved Volvo S60 SE 5d that went yesterday ---
    Again SAD
    Today we have been out and bought a brand new Vauxhall Crosland  with all the swings and whistles -- every add on -- we had it. --it will even park itself.
    So although we might have finished with the caravan
    We have NOT finished with France and Spain we still have Ireland
    and many other places --- not doing     Australia    or   Africa  again
    might consider   or even 
    Maurice and Mary
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  8. maurice added an answer to a question Dash Cam   

    My son is a fleet manager responsible for some 3500 vehicles for all aspects of the vehicles, driver useage, fuel etc, and also speed referencing. He has recently spent thousands in putting in to each vehicle a dash monitor showing red -green and yellow lights.
    These are supposed t show and record if the driver was speeding.
    Needless to say my son received a notification that he was traveling at 76 mph in a 70mph zone. He is pretty pissed off as he got no warning from the device that he had spent £££'s on or his fleet.
    At the end of the day no matter what gadgets you have fitted it still comes down to the driver and what he sees on the road. I do feel for him but at the end of the day HE was driving.
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  9. maurice added a post in a topic Am I alone on this issue?   

    I look on google earth now especially since they have the new programme. It shows "almost" everything that you might need to know - apart from the grumpiness of the owner. I record thes pics and save them for my caravan diary.
    perhaps we could share them here?
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  10. maurice added a post in a topic How many of you use an I pad .   

    Great I got a tablet and it was a Samsung and I found it very usefull but I didn't realise that there were two differing systems . I got on very well with my Samsung and it was very solid and worked as I wanted it to. It had differing Apps to the tablet my son had - but they bothed seemed to do the same job.
    However last Christmas Christopher gave me a Apple tablet. 
    They are different ! The Apple feels much 'softer' against the Samsung. But with the Apple I am able to join in with things like face time.
    We have just resurrected the Samsung and Mary is using it and can see no difference between the two.
    So which is the best??
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  11. maurice added a post in a topic Geocaching anybody?   

    I joined some years ago whilst in France after seeing a couple on our site avidly and enthusiastically talking about it. We went with them on a search and our combined efforts took us to the cache . Great fun and taxing the grey matter. We found it in the wall of a castle a small tobacco tin.  The prize Wes in fact nothing!! Apart from signing the small note book in the tin. But the search was worth it and on return to the uk I joined and cot clues to several locations in our area. One in fact was in the Wicksteed Park --- half a mile from home. Surprisingly we spent some weeks trying to unravel the clues. Eventually something clicked and we found it with no trouble - and couldn't understand why we couldn't see the clues --- but that is what is all about. The working out the clues and the chase and then the find.
    We have done about ten now and found but have tried many more.
    We have also placed one which to date hasn't been found.
    Just join and have a go.
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  12. maurice added a post in a topic Sand le Mere - Create First Sensory Playroom   

    I think there is a similar area at The Wicksteed Park in Kettering, we had a non-electric rally there 10 years or so ago.
    Not quite as elaborate but it is described for sensory deprived children. 
    We had a look and it was fantastic -- or scary depending on your feelings.
    Seemed to have kids enjoying themselves though.
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  13. maurice added a post in a topic 70+ towing in France   

    Another reason she will not let me tow in France.     
    No good for us war babies  
     I do love her though
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  14. maurice added a post in a topic Some new ideas needed   

    This is one of the reasons that Mary wants to stop vanning.
    Been there - seen it - done it syndrome.
    Especially in the area of France in the Pyrenees that we went to for many years - there are only so many roads that you can go along. Our map all the roads in the area have been highlighted as visited. Ok - our own fault for going to the area we loved. But having toured around Europe for 40 years or so one does tend to go back to the area you love.
    Now that has bitten us on the bum !  and we have had enough - well she has - and you can't do anything unless you both agree. 
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  15. maurice added a post in a topic Detached caravans   

    I think that fitting chains as a secondary source of security is intrinsically wrong. If the van becomes detached from the tow hook then it should move apart and the brake cable should come into action.
    How can this happen if the van is still attached to the car?
    What we should be looking at is the effectiveness of the brake cable - which I have advocated for years as being inadequate. It possibly be double in size so as to definitely cause the vans brakes to activate. Ok. The van would still go nose down on the road but hopefully if the brakes were fully activated then it should stop.
    Possibly there could be a "skid plate" fitted? 
    There could be electronic breaking when the electrics are disconnected may be through the ABS system.
    But don't try to continue to have the car to be still attached. What happens when the car brakes?  This will be possibly the first immediate reaction  of the driver to emergency brake. The van still semi attached will undoubtedly over run into the back of the car with even more dire consequences.
    No stick with the tried and proven method and see if it can be improved.
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