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  1. maurice added a post in a topic Elddis now Hymer Group purchase   

    Abbey went the way of all GOOD caravans during the crash. I think the group have still kept the brand name so that IF and WHEN they feel able they may start up again
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  2. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Thanks for that I contacted the DVLA after reading an article on the NHS web site and  had a letter -- Part off below :-
    We write to clarify one point in your otherwise excellent review article on Meniere’s disease . We understand that, in contrast to that which is stated in the article, patients have no specific obligation to advise the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) when a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease is made. DVLA guidance for doctors states that patients should not drive if they are liable to “Attacks of unprovoked or unprecipitated disabling giddiness”
    So as it stands the answer is no according to them.
    But like all things - - if I felt particularly poorly I wouldn't drive any way
    Caravan for sale
    Apart from that anyone want to buy a ten year old caravan -- looks and feels like new.--total service history all mod cons etc. - all the extras you would need to set off tomorrow.
    --      me when van has gone
    Googled around and saw them going at around --From £9500 down to notthing -- so I would think  £8,500 is about fair
    So that's a starting price.
    Unless we have a bidding war .
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  3. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    I can quite imagine -- I haven't been without a caravan for 50 years. But as I have now got this Meniere problem that makes you deaf and dizzy. Mary says we had better not carry on. She is saying she wants a rest but I know that she is saying all this to stop me getting stressed out. I think I can do it she says no..
    The photos were taken after Tourershine had finished cleaning it last week. Looks very good!!
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  4. maurice added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Seriously I don't know what to ask for it, there are prices on the web but none are as nice and clean as this one, also from the dealers against a new one at £16000. Mine cost nothing like that, I would just Like it to go to a good caravan family who want a nice van -- ALL offers will be considered - honesty 
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  5. maurice added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS
    Abbey Vogue GTS 215 - 2 berth caravan
    know this seems drastic but it seems that Mary don't want to caravan any more. She wants a holiday where she is waited on and meals cooked etc.
    It will be a shame to finish as I have been doing this for 50 or so years
    You have seen the van in various pics through the site just had it cleaned and it looks and feels like new.
    I have had the Alko system fitted :
    Motor mover :-- Tyron wheel bands --: New battery last year:ko system fitted --:I have had the Alko stabiliser system fitted,
    All the normal things like --  Waste master -- water roll -- pumps and spare pumps. -- gas bottles (if required)
    Large porch awning -- ground sheet -- etc. etc. Full service each year since now -- got the stickers etc.

    I hope you like what you see drop me a line if you are interested
    Photos taken after Paul had finished cleaning it. -- Looks like new -- even better than new...
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  6. maurice added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

     Ian     ------1964 mini countryman 850cc but fitted with a 1100cc engine. SNAP

    Snap.. with the wood bits -- and green..  (However -- you could have either Morris Mini Traveller or Austin Mini Countryman)     
     I think we paid about £250 for it
    Towed a 1970 Sprite Cadet weighed in at 480kg about 8'6" long. Gas bottle on the A frame held on with cramps to the bottom of the bottle and we bought it NEW at the price of £227
    and that was including the fitting of the tow bar!!!
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  7. maurice added a post in a topic Maurice - Your password change   

    OK thanks Mark .. I just signed in with my old password which comes up automatically as it is stored on the computer..
    I then changed it to the new one and stored that instead -- tried twice -- it works
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  8. maurice added a post in a topic Clean or New Caravan   

    Edited just now by Maurice
              To small a font for tired old eyes
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  9. maurice added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Clean or New Caravan
    WOW -- it has happened again -- it looks like I have a new van again -- that's what it feels like after Paul from Tourershine has worked his magic on it.
    I rang him in a great emergency as over Christmas my caravan cover had split on the roof and I had to remove it. I ordered a new cover from Cover Systems of Rushden who make tailor made bespoke covers for you caravan -- car or anything else. They supplied the last one some 8 years ago, and the good thing was that they remembered me, and had my old cover dimentions and patterns, stored in their file, thay said they would normaly be a 6 week lead time - butfor me they said they would start ASAP...believe it or not 6 days later they said it was finished.
    Now I could collect it and get the van covered up again ---- but before that it MUST be cleaned. I cant climb up steps or ladders (SWMBO wont let me -too old she says) to do the roof so I contacted Paul -- I had seen from his postings that there was a six to eight week lead time....GRRRRR. when I rang on Monday and he said can I come on Wednesday making me his second job -- I was gobsmaked
    He turned up dead on the time that he said. He started straight away  and washed it three times and the polished it.-- I cant say any more that the van looks like new!
    I think he made a smashing job and it doesn't look like a 10 year old Abbey
    Well done Paul
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  10. maurice added a post in a topic Give me a list   

    What was that caravan that lasted about five years? I think it was made by a garden shed maker. They showed at the NEC for a couple of years, but got really slated. They were good inside with fitted furnishings -  but not of the "normal "  caravan type. Then just disappeared???
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  11. maurice added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    How do I get the sticker for my Volvo S60 - 10 years old -- diesel?
    How much?
    Do I have to have the car tested?
    This has opened mor questions than answered..
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  12. maurice added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Caravan covers -- whats new??
    Posted 28 Sep 2010·
    I use a tailor made cover from a local manufacturer
    It has the advantage of being tailor made for your caravan
    -- what you want -- zips at locker doors - allows for the flue and the status etc.
    Also being very light weight and easy to fit.
    It can pack away in a large TESCO "Bag for life".
    Look at the web site and you will see the prestige names that use them from aircraft to classic cars -- I have had mine now since purchasing this van -- and it looks like new. I will certainly get another - if and when I change the van.
    My criteria
    Easy to put on and fits the caravan
    light weight - so it will not damage the caravan
    easy to put away -- so it wont damage ME
    reasonable price - value for money
    long lasting  It ticks all those boxes
    You may remember when I first posted this many years ago and was extolling the virtues of Cover Systems!!!
    well I have to report that after some 9 years it has failed -- yes I went to remove my cover last week and it ripped!!    ! 
    And I have to replace it ! Shame as we have used it every time we have left the van unattended -- In France and the UK. It was easy to put on and also easy to take off. When you laid it out it still fitted in a Sainsbury bag (there are other bags available) and took up no space. I have often had comments when picking up my Van from storage that how easy it was to remove and how clean the van was.
    - At £20 per year that wasn't too bad. one of the cheaper parts of caravanning.
    I telephoned Cover Systems in Rushden and they knew my name from the file and my van after all this time and said we have all the details recorded so it is no problem to make a new tailor made for your van -- I did ask that this time could they make a zip access to the front locker as well as the caravan door -- no problem -- also I got a wonderful discount as a returning customer.
    Lead time two weeks -- so I will be off over there (they do deliver at no extra cost) but we only live 10 miles away.
    Please look and see if you are looking for a cover
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  13. maurice added a post in a topic Give me a list   

    Abbey Caravans -- finished at the financial crash -- they closed the factory to save the Swift Group who downsized the other parts.
    I travelled to the factory and had one of the last Abbey Vogue's  from the production line. It was standing just outside the production line in a finished vans area. I took the van my self     and it was PDI'd at the factory and I took my number plates with me. Diddnt have any gas though -- so no cup of tea??  on the way home..  
    It is a big shame as they were a well constructed mid-range van.
    We have had it since then and (touch wood) have not had anything go wrong at all..
    {{ not true I had the push button go wrong on the flush toilet       }} sorry
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  14. maurice added a post in a topic FIRST CARAVAN   

    Towed a 1970 Sprite Cadet weighed in at 480kg about 8'6" long. Gas bottle on the A frame held on with cramps to be bottom of the bottle and we bought it NEW at the price of £227 and that was including the fitting of the tow bar!!!
    Gas light (1) door at the rear - massive domed roof light - which took half the roof. The awning fitted to the back of the van and was longer than the van itself.  Of course glass windows. Had to have a toilet tent with a bucket toilet!!!
      Caravan -- Price new £227 and that was with the tow bar as well 
    We pulled the van with a 850cc mini and a Mini-Clubman - with the wooden bits, all the way to the south of  Cornwall to Fort William in Scotland. Bought this for about £220 I think
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  15. maurice added a post in a topic Our First Caravan   

    Looks nice and glad that you are enjoying it -- looks as if you don't need anything bigger with the big awning -- just the same as ours--
    just one thing though -- what's that funny flag thing?? Not Denmark -- that's different colours?
     well I think this is OURS!! or this...or for my wife this one 
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