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  1. rxs1407 added a topic in Showroom   

    Vehicle: Audi Q7 (2013)
    Name: Audi Q7 (2013)
    Date Added: 27 October 2013 - 07:17 PM
    Owner: Dodge
    Short Description: None Provided

    View Vehicle
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  2. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Levelling a twin axle caravan.   

    Now i see what you mean.... you drive over one and then level up..
    Thought you meant one fitted between the wheels without cutting it..
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  3. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Levelling a twin axle caravan.   

    I never use both locks, only ever use one.
    Trouble with wood, if the height isn't right you have to come off it to put another on.
    Each to there own!!
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  4. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Levelling a twin axle caravan.   

    quote name='coopey1' date='Jun 23 2007, 09:40 PM' post='300377']
    I use a pair of Fiamma Magnum levelling ramps. These fit between both wheels with a couple of inches to spare.

    Never had a problem with them

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  5. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Levelling a twin axle caravan.   

    I cut down one ramp and it fits between the wheels, works a treat..

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  6. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Who's Who At The Rally   

    Hi to all I'm Rodger 41 and the light of my life is Linda 44, we have 3 young ones..
    Willow is the oldest at 16 and has bad breath at the moment and is white.
    Tess is 9 and is black, both are labs...

    Then there is Ryan who will be 5 next sunday at the Whitsun rally.
    We live in Overton in Hampshire and have been touring for a year, we used to do static vans with the dogs...

    We have the Jeep and the prefect van for us, so no more going around dealers looking at vans...... now i only look for more accessories.....

    Will meet some of you in Somerset..

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  7. rxs1407 added a post in a topic Catches this week   

    Caught this carp this week at Brokerswood Caravan Site.
    Weighed 19lb 2oz floating crust on the surface...

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  8. rxs1407 added a question in Workshop   

    Blue Hose
    I've read a few topic's on the Aquaroll and mains adapters and hoses.

    Does anyone have a view on the hose pipe, as being a ex builder i used to drink from it, shower from it and mix cement all at the same time, and i'm still alive......

    i've made the Aquaroll mains adapter from bit down in the shed, and it works well.
    So thought i would ask if a really really need the expensive blue (food grade) or the garden stuff it fine.

    Thanks for your thought, also if the blue is a must, who knows the cheapest place to get it??
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