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  1. Dot added a post in a topic Caravan thefts from service stations back on the rise   

    I don't leave mine unattended either but I don't thinkk a hitchlock would stop them. A few years back at the M25 bound M40 Oxford services someone drove round casing my van when I was in the services and my son was with the car and van. When I got back to the van, Simon went in to the services and saw the guy that had done the casing at the entrance. Being suspicious, Simon hurried and as he returned he saw the guy walking towards our car but he walked away when he saw it wasn't empty! It looked obvious that he'd intended taking both the car and van!

    I'd not leave it untethered! My van sits 'nose in' at the back of my house behind wooden gates and I thought it'd be quite safe there till I caught someone casing it a couple of months ago! When he saw me he pretended he passed by every second day and he was wondering if I still used my van! I watched where he went as I thought he was just walking but he went to a red transit van with a towbar that was parked further up the road with a driver sitting in it. No-one had seen them about before or since!
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  2. Dot added a post in a topic Punctures and blowouts   

    That happened to me. When I came to a stop in the central reservation after my snaking accident the nearside tyre had shredded and was completely off the rim - I had tyrons too!
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  3. Dot added a post in a topic Best damp meter?   

    What kind did you get and is it any use? I need to get one myself but can't afford to spend much.
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  4. Dot added a post in a topic Camping   

    I used to camp a lot and still have a few tents but haven't used them for years. In fact the latest one I got P Bobby picked up for me (won it on Ebay) and I've not used it yet. It can attach to the back of a car so thought I could use an airbed in the car and the tent would just be living area as I don't know how I'd get up off the floor with my arthritis LOL. I've not been able to afford to use my caravan for 18 months! and if thigs are still as bad next year maybe I'll try out my new tent.
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  5. Dot added a post in a topic glasgow show.   

    I'm going on the Thursday. It's my annual girly day out with a pal I worked with many moons ago. So far I've never seen a caravan I prefer to what I've got but we love having a nosey at the show especially at 5/6 berth vans as my pal hopes that one day her and her partner and their 3 kids can get their own van. I'll be even more interested in 6 berth vans now I've got 3 grandkids. Just as well I can't afford to change my van or I'd be tempted LOL. We always take a packed lunch but buy a coffee.
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  6. Dot added a post in a topic Win tickets to the Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Show   

    Thanks very much for the tickets Mark. They arrived yesterday.
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  7. Dot added a post in a topic Spring Holiday Rally   

    I think it's the Vale of Pickering caravan park that Anne Marie's talking about. At least that's the site that Janice has a seasonal pitch on. It's a really lovely site and in a beautiful part of the country.
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  8. Dot added a post in a topic Spring Holiday Rally   

    I'm definitely still interested but I'll just need to wait till nearer the time to see if I can afford it.
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  9. Dot added a post in a topic New Elddis Xplore 304 to launch at Manchester show   

    I didn't realise that. I'm another that it wouldn't be any use for if I was in the market for a new van. What a shame because it's a wee cracker of a layout. I hope Elddis read threads like this and realise their mistake and do something about it.
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  10. Dot added a post in a topic New Elddis Xplore 304 to launch at Manchester show   

    The 304 looks a little cracker. Quite an innovative layout. It makes a change to have a caravan that a smaller car could tow let alone a 4 berth van! I think it looks to use the same size shell as my Elddis Elusion 362 had and I loved the L shaped seating in that, it made it feel so much bigger than 12 feet.
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  11. Dot added a post in a topic Plymouth - Roscoff / Portsmouth - St Malo   

    Many, many years ago I did Portsmouth to Roscoff when I was going to Carnac. It was a 6 hour crossing and I did an early morning crossing and then it was just a leisurely 2 and a half hour drive to Carnac. Although it was daytime I still took a cabin for a rest. Coming back I had to travel St Malo to Portsmouth as there was only one Plymouth/Roscoff ferry at the time and it had been on fire while we were on holiday so was out of operation! I definitely liked the Plymouth/Roscoff crossing for ease of driving down the west coast of France.
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  12. Dot added a post in a topic Spring Holiday Rally   

    At the moment I couldn't afford it but, if things change, I'd be interested.
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  13. Dot added a post in a topic Win tickets to the Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Show   

    PM sent

    Entry no 7 please
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  14. Dot added an answer to a question Caravan Reseal Project   

    I thought I'd bump this thread as I think it sounds really helpful.

    I was doing a search on how to reseal an awning rail as my van has a bit of damp and I hope it's just the awning rail and/or front rail needing resealed. Having read the above post I'd feel quite happy to have a go at it myself - or at least with my son's help LOL. I knew about Sikaflex as we've used that before but I'll need to look in to the ribbon sealant. That sounds as if it'd be easier to use.
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  15. Dot added a post in a topic Gas Lanterns.   

    It's a couple of years since I last used mine but I think it was about 2 and a half to 3 hours with it at the highest setting. Can't remember how long I got with it slightly dimmer than the brightest light it gives out but I'd say I used 1 canister a night when using it in the summer time.
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