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  1. 2kias added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Maurice, I am not sure if your Merniere problem is something you have to inform the DVLA about but I would certainly check with your doctor. I was advised to inform them and was forced to give up driving  because I couldn't pass their sight test. If you should have an incident or accident and you haven't informed them then you could be in serious trouble not withstanding insurance problems.
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  2. 2kias added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    Good luck with your sale Maurice. We had to sell ours 18 months ago and didn't really get what we wanted for it. I am sure you will sell it but be warned to go and hide when it is towed away, Ever seen a grown man cry????
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  3. 2kias added a post in a topic Storage   

    We moved house 9 years ago and until last year we stored our van on the drive without any problems. We live on a main road. Before we did we asked the neighbours if they minded which we felt was important.
    We had to sell the van last year and now have a large space in the front garden which makes us very sad.
    We are debating getting another van and storing it on a site where we can get the owners to pitch it for us. Due to eyesight problems I am no longer able to drive and other half doesn't feel confident enough to tackle it. Won't help fill the gap on the front though.
    If you have the room and it is easy to get it in and out then store at home is the option I would go for
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  4. 2kias added a post in a topic Look out Brighton !   

    Did you go on the I360 while you were there?
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  5. 2kias added a post in a topic Top gear back on Sunday BBC2 8pm   

    Definitely not for me. I also find Evans irritating and far too hyped up. Reminds me of a silly school kid playing with his dinkey toys.
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  6. 2kias added a post in a topic Caravanner of the Year   

    Loved the Judges!
    Alice in Wonderland, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
    As usual the programme made all caravanners look stupid.
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  7. 2kias added a post in a topic OH says he doesn't want to go away anymore   

    OH hasn't driven much over the years, always relying on me. She took a refresher course last week and the instructor told her she was a good driver but I don't think she is up to driving an M/H. We had a large one 7 years ago and we didn't really like it. It would have to be automatic as she has a hip problem and they aren't that easy to find. Most small ones don't have seperate showers, which is a necessity.
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  8. 2kias added a post in a topic OH says he doesn't want to go away anymore   

    You can take me if you like.
    I have lost my driving license due to poor eye sight and OH wouldn't tow the van so it has gone. We are now relying on cottages which I have to say are extremely good and a lot less hassle. Still miss the van but life moves on.
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  9. 2kias added a post in a topic Driving Licence & Towing Age 70   

    I have had my license revoked by the DVLA as I had to inform them that I had had two ops on my eyes. I took the test and failed on peripheral vision. I think the rules that you have to inform them of any health problems yourself makes it very difficult to fill the form in. Eyesight is the one important one they look for. You are probably o.k. if you only have one defective eye as often the other will compensate. Whilst I accept that I have a problem, I do wonder how many people are driving around with poor eyesight.
    Some people have said to me why did you tell them? I got the impression from my specialist that if I didn't then she would be obliged to. Having a disabilty and not telling the DVLA or your insurance company can void your insurance. Just imagine knocking somebody over or killing your other half in an accident. You would never get over it. It is a life changer but we will get round it somehow.
    My advice is to tell the truth on the form.
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  10. 2kias added a post in a topic Hi all !   

    That's a shame you are coming back and we never did get to see you!!!!
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  11. 2kias added a post in a topic Anyone else struggling with the Caravan Club Website?   

    I think your problem may more to do with Explorer. It is notorious at going wrong particularly if it hasn't been updated regularly. Try Firefox. It is a much easier browser to operate and I have never had any trouble with it.
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  12. 2kias added a post in a topic Anyone else struggling with the Caravan Club Website?   

    I use quick book. Works fine for me although I will admit their site is not the easiest to get round.
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  13. 2kias added a post in a topic Cornwall this is tight   

    But my Satnav told me to go this way!
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  14. 2kias added a post in a topic Why Bother   

    Some people ask a question and if they don't get a quick answer then they don't come back.
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