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  1. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Spain 2017   

    It's been a while.....
    We have booked Playa Joyel, mainly on recommendations from this site, other sites and 2 work colleagues who were there in 2016. Now it's booked I need a list of ideas for exploring the area. We're not picky or fussy about what we see or visit, we have no targets either but I don't want to spend 2 weeks on a beach. I'd be happy dragging my bike up the mountains but the family want to see stuff...and that's fine with me. So, what are the best things to see, the best places to eat, the best markets, any local wine to sample, good days out....the usual stuff. I've been on trip advisor and now want some 'real' advice and feedback.
    Thanks in advance all.
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  2. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Globally and Off line too   

    I think that are some very honest and true words in all the posts in this thread.  People move on, sell up, change hobbies and I very much understand that but just this morning there are less than a handful of people 'on line' and one is the site owner !
    I was by no means a major poster but around the 2005-2010 period I was a daily visitor.  I'm also aware that CT has members too, but have they chosen one over the other?  There are, I'm sure, lots of other reasons but it's a real shame that what I saw on this forum was a vibrant, varied and often colourful discussion and now it has depleted into a handful of posts per day.
    The fact that it's now August, I posted this in February and the comments were in May means I form a part of the problem myself !! 
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  3. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic NEC Show October 2016   

    An hour....?  Is it really worth that kind of wait?  My previous experience of any of the UK shows is that they are poorly facilitated and executed with a host of barriers to get through before you get there and then a poorly delivered show.  Sounds harsh but if you look at the Dusseldorf Salon it's a much better organised event.
    Disappointing wait just for tickets to get into a show to see Caravans (and equipment) that can be viewed on line or at a dealership !
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  4. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic What is the best tow car of the last 10 years   

    To answer Mark's question of "do you agree"....Yes, I do.  As a versatile, capable vehicle I can't see anything from a neutral view that does the job as well, remembering I don't own a D4.
    I do agree with Ian in that I wouldn't really swap my Range Rover for one, however the bigger pic is that the D4 has a bigger boot and 7 seats....it's a better all rounder.
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  5. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Spain 2017   

    Not a case of willing to drive only 100 miles, I am happy to drive a lot further BUT only having 2 weeks holiday and with two younger children I judge travel in time not distance.  The longer P'mouth - Santander/Bilbao ferry is looking favourite and we've narrowed it down to a couple of sites we like the look of.
    Roscoff closest?  Is it not St Malo?
    We really like the area in the north (Cantabria) so we're going to head there.....not all of us are retired and enjoying 12 weeks a year spain (well not yet anyway!)
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  6. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Importing the caravans   

    I sold a caravan on ebay a few years ago, to a chap in Newcastle, Australia and he imported it and uses it all the time now.  He said that the main reason was cost.  He'd looked at the Bailey range in a dealership but they wanted around £40k for a Unicorn Barcelona and he'd decided he would use the UK as his purchasing ground.  I did agree to do some considerable work on the 'van for him though including draining and removing the onboard fresh water.
    They do need to be properly prepared for transit.  I then delivered it to Portsmouth and after a short inspection it was on it's way!
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  7. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Vango Kalari 420 Vs Kampa Rally Ace 400   

    I went for the Kalari in the end.  What a fantastic choice.  Superb quality and we love the extra room the 3.20m depth gives you.
    Not the cheapest but worth it we think.  Been up a few times now and would recommend it to anyone seeking a new air awning.
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  8. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    Any recent updates on the fuel prices please, I leave on Saturday morning.
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  9. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Skoda Superb wins Tow Car Awards title   

    When to look at the overall best in class, Skoda have it sewn up.  for sub £28k you get a 4x4 estate with that 2.0TDI that's putting out 180/190BHP in it's various forms and the build quality that they have put in place over the last 25 years.
    I'd think going back to 2000 may allow some makers to get in on the act, but the high output diesel's these days are just brilliant.  In 2000 I owned a Land Rover Discovery 300tdi.  It had a 2.5 turbo diesel.  It had 112BHP.  It towed OK but on hills I'd be down to 3rd/4th etc....
    I still have a LR product now and it's 10 years old, but I remain fascinated with the technology that is in cars from a towing view; Audi Allroad with 500Nm torque, 4wd and air suspension, Skoda Superb 4x4 plus many more...
    I don't think there is an older car like for like that can live with these. (if my Dad were alive there would now be an argument about the Austin Princess, Maxi, Grananda 2.8 and other 'towcars'!!)
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  10. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Dover queue probems   

    All VERY French though isn't it...they blame the UK for a lot of things.  Last year we were delayed when French Police shot a local traveller so the travelling community took to the roads and there was a fire on the A1. 8 hour delay on the way home.
    There is so little accurate information about the hold up, delays and traffic that I don't know what to believe.  The BBC's version of most things is rarely accurate and in the main 'over the top' as it makes good viewing.
    UK government seeking a 2nd vote... "well if we were still in EU this wouldn't happen"
    French government unhappy "we'll show them, we'll lock the ports down and they'll push for a 2nd vote"
    DFDS tweeted that the port has minimal traffic and Kent Police tweeted that the roads were flowing nicely.
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  11. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Off-grid, anyone do it?   

    The vast majority of our caravanning is off grid.  I rely solely on 12v and gas.  After 20 years of doing such things I actually don't see a need for EHU.  Our caravan happily lights up with LED's everywhere.  It has 2 Safefill 15L gas bottles to power the fridge and BBQ etc.  Our low voltage TV rarely comes out but when it does we don't see a problem.
    It's a choice.  We rally where most venues have no electric hook up.  It suits us.  It wont suit everyone !
    I've had solar panels before and am waiting on the flexible ones to come down in price a bit so I can fit a 150w on the roof.  That will prevernt the need for me to remove batteries to charge.
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  12. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    I am aware of how an exchange rate works. My question was hopeful of a swift (sameday) answer with the chance of a 'good' rate that I could have benefited from.
    This post was about fuel prices so before you reply again, give the OP some thought....
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  13. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic Dover CL's..please don't be annoyed with me !   

    Geoff - Capel Le Ferne - that's one I was thinking of !!  Thanks
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  14. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    No I didn't mean that and that's not the question I asked.  I asked if anyone had secured a decent exchange rate either in the UK or in France.  I'd still like to know if anyone has?
    I rarely use any cards in France, usually only my Bleu for tolls.
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  15. N1CKTD5 added a post in a topic French fuel price update   

    Has anyone had any good exchange rate deals recently either in UK or France?  I bought £500 worth a few weeks back at €1.34/£1.00 but it's dropped a bit since then.  Do I buy here or when I get to France for a better deal ???
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