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    Plug-in-systems Pms4 fault
    I have a PMS4 as shown in the pic, it went faulty last night. Lost all 12v and the mains to the fridge.
    No problem I thought, both the fridge and the 12v charger are on a single mcb. Checked and the mcb hasn't tripped.
    The 12V switch on top lights up as it should when the mcb is on and goes off when the mcb is off.
    It this a charger fault? If so then how come the mains to the fridge is faulty too? I've tried to find an on-board fuse but doesn't look like their is one. All the spade fuses are fine. The other two mcbs are supplying mains to the heater and lighting as they should.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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