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  1. F1Andy added an answer to a question Carver AR2-1 mover relay?   

    I had two relays fail.  The coils had failed open circuit for no apparent reason - this is an unusual failure in relays, usually the contacts burn...
    I replaced them with relays from RS components: DG85C-7011-75-1012, RS part number 915-6663 £2.90 each plus VAT and post. BUT You do need to be VERY competent to de-solder the faulty relays from the board as the copper area is substantial and you need to clean off the solder near perfectly from 11 pins to ensure the through hole plating of the PCB is not ripped away.  Anything more than a gentle pressure means you are not de-soldered adequately and the board will be rendered unusable.   (Possibly you could chop the top of the relay off (with a Dremel type tool?) and so de-solder one relay leg at a time - but I haven't tried that myself..) 
    To find a faulty relay, use an ohm meter.  Disconnected from battery and motors - ALWAYS isolate the battery first! Take a photo of the wiring before disconnecting! The coils measure around 80 to 100 ohm (really you are checking it is not open circuit - swap the meter connections to ensure it is not open in on direction only (there is a diode across the coil inside the chip that drives them)), and the "NC" (means normally) closed contact should be shorted with no power applied.  The "NO" (means normally open) contact should read open circuit with no power applied.  You can get the pin locations from the data sheet on RS.
    If the radio is deaf, check soldering is still good on the board, check aerial wire is not shorted in the little clamp, and finally try a new receiver module - AM-RRQ3-433P,  RS part number 860-7233.  To de-solder the old receiver, bend it back and forth to snap it off and then de-solder one pin at a time.
    I hope this helps, but if you aren't REALLY good with soldering (I have a hot air station, desoldering station, solder wick/braid de-soldering pump AND a choice of soldering irons and still struggled!), use the repair company mentioned in an earlier reply.  
    As ever - if your repairs go wrong, it's not my fault!! :-)
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