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  1. Tour Britain & Ireland Map added a post in a topic Caravan Problems   

    We really need to upgrade and will do in due course, but we encountered so many problems when we bought our 1990 ABI Marauder from a dealer.
    Electrics caught fire, electrics stopped and the biggest problem was leaks. Looking back we were so green to it all.
    All the problems were eventually sorted with regular services and the dealer putting things right. The lesson for us is to pick wisely in future.
    The bonus side of course was so many good memories as the van has lasted well. Our daughter educated in the benefits of travelling and how this wonderful country pieces together, making new friends and learning to communicate along the way. Our experience in repairs on the job is greatly increased.
    We're confidently taking some new caravanners out for their first adventure in a couple of weeks.
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  2. Tour Britain & Ireland Map added a post in a topic Hilltop Caravan Park, Thrussington, Leic's,   

    We should have a few places listed to visit around and about there when you go, on the Touring Britain and Ireland Map
    Have a great weekend
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  3. Tour Britain & Ireland Map added a post in a topic Storage   

    This has always been a big question for us too. When we first bought the house it was a new build, and there was a clause that said that for the first ten years we weren't allowed to have a caravan at home. Ten years passed and we weren't really sure where we stood until other residents started to store their caravans outside.
    A happy compromise by some of the residents was a caravan cover, which keeps the van clean and less conspicuous.
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  4. Tour Britain & Ireland Map added a topic in Say hello to members   

    Hello all,
    Just stopping by to say a hello.
    We have an ABI Marauder 400 CT Gold and a Suzuki Vitara V6 petrol which drinks the fuel, but has been a great gettaway outfit on weekends.
    We're going to have a look around the forum and explore.
    With very best wishes,
    David, Beccy and Grace
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  5. markf added a topic in Showroom   

    Item: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 V6

    Name: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 V6
    Category: Vehicles
    Date Added: 2016-09-22
    Submitter: Tour Britain & Ireland Map

    Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 V6
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  6. Tour Britain & Ireland Map added item in Vehicles   

    Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 V6
    Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 V6

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