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  1. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Ok, thanks Surfer!
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  2. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    According to the Towsafe report above, my car has a noseweight of 60kg and the 'van target noseweight is 60-75kg. So I understood it to mean that I would be looking to aim for 60kg.
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  3. G4RY.. added an answer to a question Water Pump   

    Thanks Rune Caster!
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  4. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Just going back to the noseweight, as I previously mentioned I have bought a noseweight gauge. Should I be aiming to get as close to 60kg as possible?
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  5. G4RY.. added a question in Workshop   

    Water Pump
    I have just purchased an Elddis Avante 482 (2003), and I'm a little confused as to what equipment I need for running water in the 'van as there wasn't a manual. There's a flap which has 'Truma Crystal Compact' on it, so I'm thinking I require some type of submersible pump to sit inside of my water tank and the other end plugs into the socket under the flap without any filter. There is also a switch inside the 'van which reads 'Pump'. So once the pump is it place and the other end plugged in, would I simply just switch the pump on and relax?

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  6. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    I travelled down to Doncaster on Saturday to pick up the caravan, and I'm happy to say that all went extremely well!. Throughout the 120 mile journey home, there was a 14mph crosswind (according to my phone app), but that didn't have any impact at all. The car handled the weight absolutely fine considering there was another three adults who tagged along for the ride . It was sixth gear all the way home except for a couple of times when I had to drop down to fifth to overtake slow traffic. The fuel consumption dropped from my usual 50mpg to 33mpg, which I thought wasn't to bad.
    So overall, my first experience of towing a caravan was brilliant!! I've already booked up for August bank holiday weekend on a small site just outside of York where we have camped before.
    I'm having a few problems understanding how the electric and water works as there is no manual, but I'll post my questions in the relevant sub forum later.

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  7. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    I'm a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club and have camped at a few CS's and also prefer those to the large commercial sites. I've only just joined the Caravan Club and have spotted a couple of CL's which look great. Obviously I'm checking the routes to make sure the roads aren't tiny, narrow country tracks. haha!!
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  8. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    I really appreciate all of the advice and comments you guys have given me (especially GaryB). Thanks for that!
    With regards to the noseweight, anything heavy such as food, cloths etc will be going in the car/roof box. We don't have an awning yet, but when we do that will also go in the car (depending on noseweight). I have purchased a Milenco noseweight gauge to keep an eye on the weight, extra wide Milenco mirrors (just to make sure that I have good all-round vision) and the caravan is fitted with a stabiliser. So hopefully come August Bank Holiday weekend, the wife, dog and I will have a great first caravanning weekend. Just not sure where yet! 
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  9. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Today, I bought an Elddis Avante 482 2003. I have attached the Towsafe report as I don't quite understand the nose weight comment, and would appreciate some help with it please.

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  10. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    So, the MTPLM has to be lower than my cars legal towing weight of 1200kg, even though the actual laden weight of the caravan may only be 1100kg when weighed at a weighing bridge?
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  11. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    I did ask and the MTPLM was 1340.
    So getting to grips with the weights etc.; if a caravan had an MTPLM of 1225kg and a MIRO of 992kg and the caravan payload was 150kg, and the car has a kerb weight of 1320kg, a towing weight of 1200kg and a MTPLM of 1122kg, that would be considered legal, yes?
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  12. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Thanks for the information guys. I have found what looks like an ideal 'van, a Compass Rallye GTE 460 2 (Registered 2000), but there is conflicting information regarding the MTPLM.
    http://www.clicreports.uwclub.net/vandata/compass.htm#rallye00  show the MTPLM as 1150kg and http://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-specifications/compass/rallye-gte-460-2-l-2000_5312 show it as 1340. I realise that caravantalk.co.uk are quoting for a '460 2L' instead of a '460 2', but looking at clicreport.uwclub.net the info for the '460 2 L' is the same as the '460 2'.
    Are there any other sites out there where I can confirm the MTPLM information?
    *After further research, I found http://www.gocaravanning.com/caravan-specs/2313/Compass-Rallye-4602-2000.html had the following information;
    Mass in Running Order weight: 1034 kgs or 20.3535293886 cwt / hundred weightMaximum allowable weight is: 1150 kgs or 22.6369040589 cwt / hundred weight
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  13. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    We only just decided to look for a caravan last week whilst camping in York. So our budget is only up to a maximum of £3000 as we don't really want to spend anymore than that at first. So.. Ideally we are looking for a 2 berth end washroom circa 1999 with a MTPLM of around 1100kg.
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  14. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Thanks GaryB. I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I've done some trawling through the internet and found quite a few, but the wife doesn't like the upholstery :(
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  15. G4RY.. added a post in a topic Fiat 500X   

    Do you think an MTPLM of 1225kg is pushing it?
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