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  1. Kevin Deasy added an answer to a question Water heater   

            I can't find the stat for the gas,it is not outside,I can't find it inside,it's not in any of the presses,not under the seats.there is a gas pipe connected to but no controls.
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  2. Kevin Deasy added a question in Workshop   

    Water heater
    I am new to caravaning,I got a Rialto 480/2  2003 model,
    i can't find the controls for the gas water heater.It is a TRUMA us103, there are no controls under the flap outside just a vent,
    i have traced the gas pie into the tank.All I have is my pump switch on / off and up in the electric control unit it has trip switches (elcb) volt meter & 2 red switches 1) water heater 2) space heater the unit is MK505.There are 4 on/off gas valves in the press beside the fridge for the gas supply.
    i have searched all presses,under the seats,for the unit as shown on the instructions to switch it on /off & the gas stat .
    I only have 1 stat for the heating which is on the unit over the heater to the left .
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