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  1. LLC added an answer to a question Chassis cracks   

    Here are two pics which locatethe previous 2 pics of the chassis cracks.
    They are behind the axle on both sides of the caravan.

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  2. LLC added an answer to a question Chassis cracks   

    Not sure yet whether it is a design flaw or failure. 
    So many opinions to gather, chassis manufacturer, caravan manufacturer, insurer etc..
    It's happened in the last 6 months so not sure what that counts as...
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  3. LLC added an answer to a question Chassis cracks   

    It's actually a BPW chassis.
    Our service engineer believes that ALKO chassis having 2 parts don't suffer from this problem but that the BPW chassis being one part does.
    Not sure what BPW's reputation is on stuff like this but our service engineer believes it is recent (no sign of it in last service in October).
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  4. LLC added a question in Workshop   

    Chassis cracks
    Just had our caravan serviced and it's thrown up two cracks in the chassis that have arisen since last year's service (photos attached). 
    I've never seen this problem before, has anyone else seen it?
    Has anyone got any advice on what the repair work might entail?
    Our caravan is 10 years old with full service history. Will the manufacturer assist with the repairs?
    Can our insurers be of any use?

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