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  1. michael butler added an answer to a question harnal door window   

    Well its been a week since the window was refitted and all seems well. The Gorilla glue has set like rock the only hard part of this job was cleaning the backing left from the Gaffer Tape when I removed it . I tried cleaning it off with nail varnish remover but it would not touch it , so ended up at Wilco and purchased some thinners and that did the trick so all done now.
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  2. michael butler added an answer to a question harnal door window   

    Hi ,Have been down to my van today, and refitted the window, quite difficult with the window being in a vertical position had a tendency to slide. Anyway got home a journey of 5 miles and then realised that I hadn't sprayed one of the surfaces with water , you have to do this to start the curing process. So it was back to the storage site to redo , easier said than done as the glue had started to go off. Anyway I was able to push it out from inside the van after failing to pull it off . Anyway I reapplied it and it stuck straight away and also cos it was sticky it did not slide and I was able to apply gaffer tape to bond it . So I will leave till next weekend and hope its cured fully and I will clean up residue left by the tape etc. I keep you informed. Thanks for all the suggestions Cheers Mick
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  3. michael butler added an answer to a question harnal door window   

    Hi Ray Its strange that you say that because when I first looked at the door after the "glass " dropped out I thought that it had been fitted using tape so now that makes sense .Thanks alot Mick
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  4. michael butler added an answer to a question harnal door window   

    thanks alot after a lot of discussion with various people Im giving the Gorilla glue a go .Ill keep you informed
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  5. michael butler added a question in Workshop   

    harnal door window
    Hi im after some advice ,whilst in Yorkshire the wind got up and blew the door out of my hand and it slammed against the door, the result was that the small window dropped out , it is just glued/ bonded in . Has anyone any idea which glue/ adhesive I could use to fix it back on . Im just a little worried that some glues etc can reactwith the plastic ! Your help would be much appreciated hanks Mick
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  6. michael butler added a post in a topic For those with cars without spare wheels.   

    ive just purchased a Korando which is supplied with a spacesaver tyre, evidently SsangYong say you can tow with a spacesaver fitted but even so ive purchased a full sized spare to be on the safe side
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  7. michael butler added a post in a topic ssangyong korando   

    Hi yes deal is for 3 years and im paying £263 a month this is a little higher than list price as I had tow bar and electrics fitted plus rear parking sensors and a full size spare wheel and tyre at the end of the deal I can give it back or trade for another new ssang yong or pay and its mine £7000.00 also my deal included 3 years free services
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  8. michael butler added a post in a topic ssangyong korando   

    Hi you may be right about their value ,but ive got the korando on a 3 year lease so it has a guaranteed value at the end of 3 years then I will make the decision of whether I purchase it , give it back or trade in for a new one . As these cars get more popular and im sure they will , they expect to double sales this year alone their value after 3years will inprove we shall see.
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  9. michael butler added a post in a topic ssangyong korando   

    I used to tow with a galaxy 80 kg tow hitch and my van is pretty near its max weight of 1450kg and I checked nose wt of van and its dead 80kg perfect match and now with the Korando again it has a 80kg tow hitch. I think you are going to be fairly hardpushed to find many tow bars with more than 80kg tow hitch on a family car which leaves you with 4 wheel drives like LR Shoguns etc not every ones cup of tea
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  10. michael butler added a topic in Tow Cars   

    ssangyong korando
    After quite a lot of thought I've replaced the trusty galaxy with a new car. The car in question is a SsangYong Korando.I first read the usual car reviews by the regular car magazines and then I read the owners reviews what a difference. The critics talked about hard plastics noisy engine etc. The owners talked about towing performance great value for money etc. So I did the only option left to me and I booked a test drive and I was blown away by the car It was fast ,a strong engine with a well laid out dashboard and loads of features such as 4 wheel drive when needed 2 wheel drive for normal driving lockable 4 wheel drive ,cruse control, air con power steering ,reclining rear seats and much more all this for £16,500 complete with a 5 yr unlimited mileage warranty The upshot of this is that I purchased a Korando and up to now Im very pleased with it and ive towed our van with this easter and it was very stable towing 1450kg which just shows that you need to try things for yourself rather than always listening to the so called professionals.
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  11. michael butler added an answer to a question Water heater replacement   

    bj leisure in shelford near Nottingham break caravans and also have a e bay shop great bloke give him a try
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  12. michael butler added a post in a topic A aargh, the dreaded damp!   

    Yes my dealer said it was better to find the leak and then fix it He then tested the damp levels 3 months later and they had gone down quite a lot so Im going to have the summer touring and then have the work done through the winter. Now ideally it would be better to have the work done straight away but there are two reasons while im going to wait ,firstly my guy is very busy so there was no guarantee that the work could be done in time for the start of the season plus ive just bought a new car so money is a little tight so I will wait fingers crossed.
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  13. michael butler added a post in a topic satellite systems for caravans?   

    Ive given up on satellites systems I always found it very difficult to get a signal so im selling a complete system on Ebay its just gone on today a maxview dish with tripod cables satfinder and carry bag also a humax digital rec
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  14. michael butler added a post in a topic Vehicle: ssanyong rexton (2004)   

    Hi ive just bitten the bullet and purchased a new SsangYong Korando. I thought I would treat myself this is my first new car and im 66years old so I think I deserve it . So far so good weve had it just over 5 weeks and I like it a lot . I know some people would think im taking a bit of a gamble but the 2 cars I would really like ie Ford Kuga or Volkswagen Tiguun are out of my reach. Weight wise its a great match for my lunar which has a max weight of 1450 kg The Korando is very heavy for its size [over 1700kg] so its towing 85% dead on also its powerful 149 bhp Ive had one outing at Easter and it towed very well the only small issue ive had is with the handbrake which needs a really large pull to get it to hold so its in next week to get it checked out other than that its great you get a lot of car for your money AC.power steering .cruise control heated front screen,alloys.tyre pressure monitoring locked 4 wheel drive for very slippery surfaces all in all excellent
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  15. michael butler added a post in a topic A aargh, the dreaded damp!   

    Ive just had some damp in my 2006 lunar solaris it started in the bathroom anyway it went in and it was entering through the awning rail it seems its a common problem due to the design of the awning rail . the bad bit about this tale is that the rail is bonded to the side and is destroyed removing it so I had to have a new rail and a nice bill Also the van will be going in next year to have any internal damp damage attended to
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