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  1. Jelvis added an answer to a question Thetford Cassette C-200 CW vs Amateur   

    Hi Everyone. Thank you for all the great advise. I was over thinking the whole issue. I expected to find a hose or filler pipe behind the little door. Didn't realise it was just a case of pouring the water in. Toilet now working wonderfully.

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  2. Jelvis added a question in Workshop   

    Thetford Cassette C-200 CW vs Amateur
    Good day new friends. I bought a caravan last week only to discover I know nothing about them. I have a list of topics I would love to learn more about however I have decided to start with the most important one. The toilet.
    The van has the aforementioned Thetford toilet. It has a plunger for a flush. There must have been some water still in the water tank as the toilet flushed for the first few days. This has now finished. I consulted the manual to find out about refilling. It tells me to open the waterfill door and fill the tank. On opening the door all I have access to is a flue pipe. There is no hose or any opening to pour chemicals or water into. On discovering this I hoped that the main fresh water supply would refill the toilet water tank but this does not appear to be the case.
    Any advise would be hugely appreciated.

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