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    Carver (Truma) mover problems
    Hi all

    stumbled across you when trying to find a solution to my problem, signed up instantly, as you all seem so knowledgeable

    so my problem is

    my motor mover was inherited from a family member a couple of years ago.

    the van has been in storage most of the year.

    getting it out I knew the battery would probably be dead, so brought it home to charge, after charging for a few days its saying full charge

    took battery back to caravan and coupled up, the motor mover didn't work.

    we brought the van home, struggled to get it on the drive, and did some investigating
    we found a lose wire which is now fixed soldered and put back on. so we thought ah that was the problem, silly us for thinking that. the mover will run but only of the handset is right next to the aerial. so yes we changed the batteries even bought lithium ones from Maplin at stupid prices to make sure.

    we have just took the van out or a long weekend before our annual Cornwall trip next week, and the mover is still not working.

    tested our friends battery and it seemed to work ok, but we didn't test it over a long period of time, so took our battery back to shop (less than 12 months old) they tested and load tested it and they say its fine.

    took the battery back to van after they checked and tested it again, it worked for about 10 seconds, and then nothing, unless i went right up to the aerial again. we literally can not use it unless my wife sits in the van with handset on aerial and me directing.

    so the shop is saying there is nothing wrong with battery, and without spending out another £100 for a another 110ah battery, what do I do???

    any carver experts out there? some people mention resetting the handset to the mover?? or is this just bull

    so if anybody could help I would really appreciate it.

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