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  1. Paige6 added a topic in Movie,T.V and Music Magic   

    Your Favorite Reality Show ?
    Hello All,

    What is your favorite reality show , please share.
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  2. Paige6 added a topic in Computer Corner   

    Which Antivirus are your using in your computer at the moment ?
    • 21 replies
  3. Paige6 added a post in a topic Gravity   

    It is more than a good movie in fact it is probably the best movie of 2013 and that is why it got seven Oscars.
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  4. Paige6 added a post in a topic Top 10 sights in France   

    Eiffel Tower should be at top when it comes to compiling of list of best sights in France. Mont Saint-Michel and Chartres Cathedral are other two that should in every list of top ten sights in France.
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  5. Paige6 added a post in a topic Best place to visit in Ireland?   

    There are plenty of places in Ireland everyone should visit but the one place that I think is at top is "Ring of Kerry". It is the most scenic tourist trail in Ireland which runs 120 miles through some of southwestern Ireland's most beautiful landscapes.
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  6. Paige6 added a post in a topic Best Holiday destinations in Italy?   

    There are plenty of things you can do in Italy and there are plenty of wonderful places you can visit in Italy but you should never miss the following 3 places in Italy on your trip.

    1. Rome
    2. Venice
    3. Milan
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  7. Paige6 added a post in a topic Rain forecast, how do you change your preparations   

    I am also one of those people who don't usually cancel its pre planned plans for weekends but if the situation get too risky and I almost have no option to cancel then I will go ahead with my plan. So far it happened only once when I had to cancel my program about couple of years ago.
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  8. Paige6 added a post in a topic Favorite Pet?   

    My favorite pet is a "yorkie puppy". I have it for more than a year and i would recommend everybody who love to have pets to have one of these.
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  9. Paige6 added a post in a topic X Box/Play Station etc advice   

    If you are asking about the best console today then it has to be PS4. over 2.1 million PlayStation 4 console have been sold within first 3 months of its launch and it hasn't every launched in Asia till date.
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  10. Paige6 added a post in a topic Who fancies one of these Caravans?   

    Wow wow wow. This is really amazing. I wish I could have one like this one :) One of the best Caravans I saw till date.
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  11. Paige6 added a post in a topic Samsung tablet 10.1   

    Yes, AVG is a good choice. I am using it on my desktop and I didn't face any problem. Hopefully you will also not get any virus problem in your tablet :)
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  12. Paige6 added a topic in Movie,T.V and Music Magic   

    Which Movies are you looking for in 2014?
    There are lots of great movies set to release next year and all the movies fans should be waiting for some movies in particular, please share 2-3 movies that you can't wait to see in 2014.
    • 8 replies
  13. Paige6 added a post in a topic Worst tourist places in Europe   

    I am not sure that "Leaning Tower of Pisa" should be in this list, there are surely lots of places in Europe that are worst than this.
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  14. Paige6 added a topic in Say hello to members   

    Hello to All
    This is Paige and i would like to say a quick hello to all the members of this wonderful forum. The reason why I have joined this forum is because it is one of the best forums for people who love to travel different places and I am surely one of them.
    • 1 reply

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