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  1. MicknPat added a topic in For Sale and Wanted   

    Brand New 14" 5 stud Trailer Wheel & Tyre 175R 14C
    Recently purchased as a spare for wheel and tyre that went missing but have since been found so no longer required.

    A brand new wheel and tyre for my Brockmann car transporter trailer but will fit many trailers or caravans.

    Wheel 5½J x14 H2 Off set ET 30 5 stud holes /67/112.

    Tyre: 175R 14C

    For sale on ebay


    Cost over £130 looking at £100 ono.
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  2. MicknPat added a post in a topic Dartford Tunnel crossing - new payment methods   

    Member of the new Dartford Crossing Staff.
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  3. MicknPat added a post in a topic Motorhomers/Campingcarists Why ?   

    Same as those who will drive past a Council tip out into the country to dump a three piece suite or other rubbish.
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  4. MicknPat added a topic in Spain   

    New Camp Site?
    We are currently on Marjal Costa Blanca and the other day visited friends staying on the nearby Lo Monte site, during a conversation they informed us they had been told of a new camp site either in or nearby Javea.

    Now I know of Camping Javea and Camping El Naranjal both in Javea, can anyone shed alight on whether a new site exsists and where it is please?
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  5. MicknPat added a topic in Showroom   

    Vehicle: Jeep Liberty Ltd (2008)
    Name: Jeep Liberty Ltd (2008) Date Added: 01 February 2010 - 03:55 PM Owner: MicknPat Short Description: 3.7L V6 Petrol Automatic. In the UK this vehicle became the 'new shape' Cherokee View Vehicle
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  6. MicknPat added a post in a topic New campsite for 2015 - just 5 miles from Blackpool   

    Like the stay in a Lynx helicopter idea.
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  7. MicknPat added an answer to a question Caravan tyres - Where do you get yours from   

    I just bought two tyres for our car transporter trailer off ebay but where ever you go checkout the DOT code on the tyre wall to see how old the tyre is.
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  8. MicknPat added a post in a topic Awnings over windows?   

    Hi Alan, Off topic but here goes, we bought the RV in order to 'long term tour' around the UK & Europe, yes careful site and route planning is paramount and information from fellow size RV owners and forums is essential
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  9. MicknPat added a post in a topic Awnings over windows?   

    Yea sorry my attention was the threads title........perhaps it should have read, "Awnings that BLOCK windows?"
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  10. MicknPat added a post in a topic Awnings over windows?   

    Our motorhome as awnings over its side windows the difference they make to the interior temperature WHEN the sun shines and its really hot.
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  11. MicknPat added a post in a topic Not a Happy Bunny!   

    Is the caravan a standard build or have you asked for a special build?

    We once ordered a new caravan with different upholstery and carpets, also it was at the time that 'new' Status 550 directional antennt was launched,we further requested the dealer fit a 550 and that the round standard Status 330 antenna wasn't fitted on building our caravan, the dealer said no problem however several weeks later the dealer informed us that the manufacturer in this case Sterling could NOT install the 330 ariel
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  12. MicknPat added a post in a topic how big?   

    Might buy one to garage our RV in?
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  13. MicknPat added a post in a topic C&CC Listed Sites   

    The C&CC offer discounts to their sites for members as well as for members over 55 so surely a site affiliated to the club should respect its rules, if not what's the point of affiliating with the club?

    I have also asked the C&CC, still waiting their answer.
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  14. MicknPat added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    C&CC Listed Sites
    Has any T & T members who are also C&CC members used one of their Listed sites? Listed Sites are commercial camp sites that they include in the Your Big Sites Book.

    Just wondering if you got a discount for being a C&CC member also the "Age Concession" discount?

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  15. MicknPat added a post in a topic Is this what you really want for the weekend?   

    Wouldn't pay that even if it had been owned by the late Fred Dibner
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