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    Route to Italy
    Apologies if this has already been asked...

    I'm thinking about a camping holiday, but would like advice on the best route - any advice/recommendations are grately received.

    We'll take the eurotunnel into France, and camp along the way (we have a roof tent on our truck) heading to Italy. I had planned to go through the Mont Blanc tunnel and stay around Turin before heading back but I've read various forums advising against this route.
    The alternative is to come through Switzerland into Italy.
    We'd aim to stay off main roads/motorways as much as we can, and we'd have 2-3 weeks to do it in. I'd aim to find smaller/quiet campsites for us as well (me, husband and 2yr old son).

    What do people recommend? Are there other options that I haven't thought of?
    Any other thoughts!?!?

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