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  1. tonio49 added an answer to a question Thetford 250   

    Thanks for all the input. It was definitely the printed circuit board. My NCC approved Mobile Workshop man, Matthew, fixed it yesterday. He told me that this is such a common problem that he carries spare pcb's on his van! Apparently because the pcb is located above the flush water tank in an area subject to condensation, warmer inside the van than outside, it gets condensation on it which leads to corrosion in the very small plug in connections to the pcb and hence it fails.
    I didn't know that Thetford offered a three year warranty , probably a bit late now and I had to disconnect the wiring plug connection to stop the flush pump running dry and I had removed the peel off cover over the press button which probable invalidated any warranty.
    Ho. Hum.
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  2. tonio49 added an answer to a question Thetford 250   

    I did ring Thetford and the technical guy said that it most likely needed a new pcb under the push button, or the wiring was corroded. The latter is most unlikely in a two year old caravan with the interior of the cassette compartment like new.
    I have asked a NCC approved serviceman to look at the problem on Thursday.
    Thanks, Bill, for your input.
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  3. tonio49 added a question in Workshop   

    Thetford 250
    My Thetford 250 toilet, the one with the press button flush, has decided to run flush water into the toilet bowl all on its own without any human influence!
    Sometimes it will cease this activity by pressing the flush button rapidly but a few minutes later off it goes again. The risk here, of course, is that it will fill the bowl and flood the washroom floor.
    I have levered off the self adhesive cover over the press button switch revealing the white plastic cover over the actuating plastic thingies which cover the printed circuit board, but inevitably can see nothing obviously wrong.
    The main pump fuse has blown, replaced it, but no difference made to the phantom flusher.

    Anyone have any ideas or do I call in an exorcist.
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  4. tonio49 added a post in a topic Tell us where you are   

    Salcome Regis, not far from the Donkey Sanctuary, near Sidmouth in (currently) sunny southeast Devon.
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  5. tonio49 added a question in Workshop   

    My Powrtouch needs Superman to engage it
    My Powrtouch motor mover has become incredibly difficult to engage manually even with a long extension spanner.
    A friend with a similar device tried mine and says it's much harder to engage than his. This increasing difficulty has crept up on me over the past year and it's not just because I'm a year older!
    There must be a way of lubricating the system to make life easier.
    Any answers, please ?
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  6. tonio49 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Caravan Covers
    I bought a cover from Pro-tec for my Bailey UInicorn Cadiz two years ago. This Spring, removing the cover using the telescopic poles supplied, I fractured one of the plastic built -in d rings used to lift the cover over the back of the van. Asked Pro-tec if a industrial strength key-ring could be used to replace the d ring. They arranged to have the cover sent back to Bradford and it was returned one day later fully repaired. All free of charge.
    That's exemplary customer service in my book.
    Happy to recommend them.
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  7. tonio49 added a post in a topic Gravity   

    It was super in 3D
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  8. tonio49 added a question in Workshop   

    Approved Mobile Workshop
    I'm searching for an approved mobile workshop in the Bristol area. The only one listed on the approved workshop's scheme list appears no longer to be in operation. The website does not load and the mobile number shown fails.
    Any suggestions, please?
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  9. tonio49 added an answer to a question wardrobe door   

    That should read fewer clothes not "fear".
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  10. tonio49 added a question in Workshop   

    wardrobe door
    Anyone else had the problem of the wardrobe door attachment screws loosening off because the door will not shut against hangers which are at 90 degrees to the hanging rail. Or should I search out non standard shorter width hangers?
    The only way to cure this with existing "normal" width hangers, is to align them at a more acute angle. Trouble ,is with the clothes herself insists on taking, this can be difficult.
    I've just rescrewed the hinges with slightly longer screws in the hope that this will cure it.The real answer comes in two parts. Either fear clothes or shorter hangers.
    On the last journey home, the whole wardrobe door came off. Whoops!

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